Sweep the streets.

I will live my life as it flies off in a whiff with the smoke of my cigarette. Today, I just don't have the strength to run after it and face it and challenge it on equal terms. Its been a while since I let things be, let them take their own course of action and not try to change them, not try too hard to turn them in a direction that suits me. Because every dawn isn't mine. Because every dawn isn't meant to support my faith. Support my belief. In you and in me.
You will work so hard to mend the frame which contained a picture of us. I will work very hard too. We will look at the clothes left in our respective wardrobes and sulk a little. Because they will smell of the other one. And the other one will continue to live on in them. We will still shy away when a third person mentions the name of the other, and still imagine the beautiful picture our bodies painted together. But the distances will double themselves, and the faith will be reduced to half.
There are still a lot of dreams my eyes have kept, most of them still half realized. But when I touch these dreams in the oblivion of my past, they tell me, nobody will respect a dream that has taken a small, little unsuccessful flight already.
But both of us will keep a little secret immersed inside the depths of the shores of our heart. The secret that we will remain in the corner of each other smiles, and we will roll out with the tears we shed. Because in the tears and smiles, we will still be safe. We will still be together.
And we will also be together in the pain that our eyes will hide, in the laughter that will flow out carelessly and callously. That shrill, hollow laughter.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

And I sweep them alone. Alone, in a bittersweet isolation. Alone, without you holding onto me.
Alone, but happy. Because you and I, my love, are meant to meet in a different world.


  1. I like this. :) And the poetic style, the sadness, the reference to oceans and dreams and tears and shores: ah.

  2. A very soulful narration! I thought the end would be for the remaining half unrealized dreams to be fulfilled!

  3. Thank you , Khadeeja love. :*

    Rahul jee, Sometimes its better to leave something to the reader's imagination. Gratias =)

  4. you are a writer BEYOND COMPARE. i mean,the way you talk about the smallest of things and weave them in a way tht is SO surreal SO beautiful,i am totally awestruck.:*

  5. i liked the lines in the end most..

  6. Shamia, I am so glad you take the time out to read AND comment on my trash, baby. :* I really miss you around. Thank you so , soo much.

    Sumukh, Glad you do =]

  7. Sniff sniff (literally) ... Loved the way your words just fit perfectly.. in my mind, just like water does in every container it holds (i love being dramatic)

    Crystal, i simply loved the post, esp the bit about "feeling shy when a third person talks about our significant other, and how memories rush by, of the smell that remains with us..." ...uuuufffff .... mashalllahhh ... totally loved it ... BIG HUGGGGG

  8. I LOVE being dramatic too. =D And I get a secret pleasure in being overly dramatic and annoying people around me too. Gee =D
    And thank you SO MUCH! When someone relates to my words like that, I feel my purpose is fulfilled =)

  9. Nice work!!! Great post....they way emotions are portrayed...I like the poetry the most... :)

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  10. Soulful.

    Drilled to my core :)

  11. Not only happiness, joy and fun bind or keep two souls together. Sometimes the pain connects them more than anything else.
    Loved this post :)

  12. So deep! Just the way you are. And that part of mending the picture frame...SIGH!!! And then you say that I twirl your head. Silly.. :-*

    I loved the poetic expressions. It is simply beyond words sweetheart. AND I SO MEAN IT. Period.

  13. beautifully penned as usual!

  14. You. And Coldplay. Awesomeness.

  15. this is so beautiful..
    sorry for having been so irregular out here..thankyou for this post..

  16. The last line just covered everything beautifully.Sometimes it's not just the right place for the right you and me :)

    You have your own set of play with words which keeps me stuck till the end :)

  17. How many times will you make me say it?You are freaaaakiing awesome!!!!!

  18. Aaaah !!! Such profound beauty your words have created here :)

  19. the outlook of your blog is so "suvaibish" and then there is no name at the end of the post, i thought i am reading her blog...

    as always, your post is awesome... the philosophy of life in your four line poem... amazing...

  20. @ Manju,
    Thank you. I did pay a visit to your blog. You're good :)

    @ Soumya,
    Thank you, love. <3

    @ Mirage,
    Its mutual then. We don't need no drugs. We simply twirl each other's heads. Heehee. <3 Thank you baby. :*

    @ I do, I do,
    Aw, you're kind.

    @ Zeba,
    You=awesome. No strings attached ;)

    @ Priyanca,
    Thanks a lot :)

  21. @ Meoww,
    Not an issue. I haven't been regular on my own blog, forget anybody else's :) Thanks anyway.

    @ Alcina,
    Exactly. Sometimes it just isn't the right moment either. BTW you should hear Secondhand Serenade :) Beautiful stuff.

    @ Rahul,
    And you are SO freaaaakaaaying kind :D

    @ Serendipity and Phatichar,
    Thanks a LOT LOT! Love.

    @ Israr,
    I sounded like Suvaiba here? Strange observation. I believe we write really diversely. Maybe after 318 tweets to her, you see her everywhere. xD
    And those are the lyrics of a song by Coldplay-Viva la Vida :)

  22. naw naw..i did not say your writing...off course you both are diverse..i meant the theme of the blog..means the colour scheme etc... hhahahaha...yes the 318 tweets. :P what can we do if you do not come to twitter :P

  23. Woah!
    Amazing. Very very well written. You explained the pain among two souls beautifully. Greaaat work, Crystal! :)

  24. yes this is really wow..love the way your words flow..agree with the last line some ppl are meant to meet in a different world :|

    Take care :)

  25. This is so poetic ! And beautiful. :)
    Loved the way you described, could connect to it every bit :)
    The end was epic
    " Because you and I, my love, are meant to meet in a different world."

  26. beautiful narration flow
    like it

  27. This was poignant and contained a depth unmatched! You are one outstanding writer.. :)
    Love you!

  28. You have...such beauty in your words.
    I don't know how to compliment! :)

  29. @ Israr,
    Kaam chalao ek doosre se, mai aane bhi nahi vaali . -_-

    @ Hypocrite,
    Thank you so much, love =)

    @ TOSM,
    Aww. Why the ":|" in the end ? You're meant to meet all the amazing people you lost in this world with a smile . :)

    @ Razi,
    Hey there, welcome here :) and thank you so much. Separation is quite a theme.

    @ SM, Thanks.

    @ Priyankuu,
    And I always loved you. :*

    @ Amna,
    The best things are often left unsaid ;) Thanks anyway.

    @ Izdiher,
    Thank you.

  30. https://www.facebook.com/K.deeJA

    Add me, woman! :-)
    You have high privacy settings! :-P

  31. i loved the note, but i din like it when u addressed it as trash in the reply to Shamia. tht wasnt fun.

  32. I dont have words for your post. So many things were easy to relate to. The writing just flowed, drawing a picture in my mind :)

  33. One of my fav song of coldplay...
    and your writeup narrates all of it fantastically..
    flow of emotions and the way u knitted them together is worth a read Gal !!!

    Awesome :)

  34. I so hate you for being so mature :S Awesome one! I wonder how you give directions to your feeling and convert them in words, that too so easily! :)

  35. @ Ashok,

    @ Khadeeja,
    Hahaa. Done =D

    @ Sawan,
    I can't be humble right? I'm not that great ;) And don't take it too heart, I generally perceive my work to be worthless . Hmph.

    @ Jyoti,
    i love this whole album . Coldplay's latest albums have been disappointing especially Mylo Xyloto. Phbtt. Anyway, thank you so much =)

    @ Stranger,
    Well, hello? where've you been? Thanks a lott re.

  36. Ruling the world, like it seems
    in her own reins & veins
    as it crash like an art
    she actually has been sweeping it all
    street,corridor,potholes of her heart

  37. Which particular song you want me to hear from them?..Do you mean all are equally good? :)
    Though I am right now listening to Why? and it's pretty soothing.. :)

  38. isolation is a gift at times, and a lot of times- GRief

  39. i thought i read somewhere that you are a teenager. what in the world did make you write something like this !!!!!!!! man,i am completely blown out by this piece !!! kudos to you.


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