The lesser known feelings.

I like going back to Delhi. I love the way it is a beautiful amalgamation of different cultures. And also because Delhi is where I fell in love. And for once falling in love was not synonymous with falling into a bitter nothingness.
He gave me incessant, carefree laughter and brought me close to myself. The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.

Our trip was planned. We were sure we wouldn't fall for each other, but today when I've worked so hard and finally pushed Farhan at the back of my mind, I have other things to say. I realized remembrance is a form of meeting and forgetfulness a sweet freedom. Not clinging onto something has been comforting, and has given me a weird sense of security.
Solitude used to be beautiful, and I cherish every bit of it. Then, I didn't quite remember the story of the pure, white paper who appreciated its own beauty and said that it'd better be burnt to ashes than touched by one so unclean. The ink bottle heard the paper and laughed in its dark heart, so did the multi-colored pencils, but neither dared to move close to the sheet of paper. Ofcourse, the paper remained pure and chaste forever, pure, chaste and empty.

He filled me. With himself. With myself. And instilled a new me in me.

While it lasted, it was a different world.


  1. Beautiful yet again! Ahh Crysty. HOW I WISH I HAD THE POWER OF WORDS LIKE YOU DO!! <3

  2. I never want to be the pure chaste empty one. I'd rather get touched by insanity.

    I missed you. Terribly. :*

  3. Thanks, loves.
    I missed you and love you ridiculously much too :*

  4. Aayushi,

    i can vouch for this, to me it is your The Best. but then i am sure the benchmark would soon attain new levels. :)

  5. Aayushi, it is good to see you return with a bang in the New Year! Such lovely play of words, an art you seem to be perfecting with passing of each day! Hope you continue to excel in the New Year in all your endeavors

  6. Yayyyyyyyy ur back =D *hugs hugs*

    Solitude is beautiful and safe, but whats the point in living ur life so carefully and well-planned. I dont like living like that. :/

  7. @ MNET, Thanks :)

    @ Preeti, You're great in your own way too. Thanks hon <3

    @ Rahul sir, Thank you so much. You are so kind :)

    @ Aliza, Hurray :D Thanks re. :D

    And a very happy new year to all of you. Keep shining. :*

  8. WELL.. i wish i could visit delhi and its rich culture one day :)

    and i dont know how it feels like being in love? i mean being loved... otherwise i have been in love for about 17 times now and counting...but being loved would be different i guess... anyhow welcome back after long long time ...have a nice year ahead :)

  9. Insha'Allah, Israr, we'll take you around Delhi sometime :)
    and a very happy new year to you! :D
    Being in love is well, being in love.

  10. I so agree with Preeti...u weave magic with ur words! The last line was so u. Beautiful.

  11. I love Delhi too. May be because I live here.. :P

    And I LOVED the second para. The realizations were thought stricken and that paper-ink connection was splendid.

    P.S: I actually had a big smile when I saw your update on my dashboard. ^_^

  12. Such is love. <3

    PS I'm glad you're back!

    PPS And I discovered your name is Aayushi! :) Nice.. suits you.

  13. where were you????:-( MIssed u..

  14. Wow... beautifully written! Touched the chords of my heart..

  15. deep and beautiful! Missed ur posts!!!!!
    U know how to play with words!!!

  16. Glad you're back :) Some people can just not be forgotten :)
    "The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space." I loved this :)

  17. Beautiful! Your words are so magical....and yes, i love delhi too!

  18. ~While it lasted, it was a different world~

    Classic lines.. and i loved it completely..!!

  19. Such a SWEET surprise to see you back! Have missed you MUCH! Such a beautiful post and image! The line that Phil0 quoted was one of my favs!

    Happy New Year, brilliant one :-)
    Love, Finny :*

  20. i loved the last para.. so much is conveyed through those lines ....

    He filled me. with himself. with myself. and instilled a new me in me ..... FABULOUS LINES .....

    i loved them .. gonna keep that one :)

  21. The last para steals the show. Completely. Its like a film developing with precision speed and the climax which leaves you overwhelmed! :-)

    Welcome back and a great start to the new year.. Best Wishes!

  22. Incredible again!and again I say you weave magic thorough your words..you don't speak ,your make your words do!

  23. Love is such a pure emotion...
    This was beautiful and I could so relate to this..
    and the paper and ink relation..........beautifully put!
    Sorry for commenting late

  24. This is one of your most beautiful post :)

    Welcome back.

  25. I read it,and I felt like WOW..you never disappoint me with your words..love the white paper and the ink description..and in that case..I would like to see the paper filled with colors..more colors

    Beautiful words..missed your words and I read your previous post..amazing..you just getting better by time :)

    Write more

  26. Another Beautiful piece ov writing- Solitude used to be beautiful, and i cherish every bit of it...

    i missed you - love x

  27. That was beautiful!

    And loved the part about the paper being white forever!

  28. Lovely piece of writing! :)

  29. Hola!!! Crystyyyy...Its been so loong!!! lots of love to you..and now this beautiful story, when I first began reading it I thought u were telling me ur own story, and then I relaised..'it is a short story'...loved it..are the words of pen and paper from Gibran? Dunno but I rmbr reading them somewhere?
    Oh! Man....tum star banogi...Take my word. Ur writing is so rich, evocative and spell-bounding!!

    PS: I haven't seen u come at my place for a while? What do u want me to treat u with?;)

  30. // And for once falling in love was not synonymous with falling into a bitter nothingness. - That is..umm..deep ! It really is difficult to distinguish your imaginary world from the real one. You live both, to the extent that ordinary people can't.

    P.S. Your last paragraph is the answer I was searching so long for my unanswered questions and my conscience. You dont even have an idea how much it helped ! The paper shall remain pure and empty. Amen !

  31. This is one of your bestest posts! I totally am in love with this one! :) I think you reflect my thoughts in matters of love! wow :)

    You lead me into following ya! :) Have a lovely day ,sweets! :)


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