No Name Face.

Oh, you don't know who I am.
Because I put my name in the sand.

They have asked me about my nationality. Indian or Pakistani, does it change your love for me? Few even asked about the religion, would it matter if I was called Razia, Rachael or Rani? Is it relevant to you, a cut on my brother's body? Does it make you hate me if I tell you I condemn the cross? Do you fall in love with me more deeply if I were a Hindu? Does it increase respect for me in your eyes if I tell you I wear a hijab? Or does it make you loathe me like never before?
Will you stop reading me, believing in me, if I am an Atheist?
How relevant is my destination and location to you ? It maybe the city of blinding lights, or the city with machines, or them with hearts?
Does my not having a name bother you ? I like my namelessness, my supposed 'anonymity'. Because I can be anyone I want to. Those who matter already know that behind the facade, the charade, the masks is one person. I would like to Margaret for a day, and change to Benazir the other. And be all those women I revere, does it matter to you?
They asked me if I've been in love, and if not why'd I write about it? No, never, I haven't ever been touched by love. Its a bug, its a tranquilizer, I have no idea. Once more, I have imagined. Been somewhere I always wanted to be, headed somewhere I'd hate to be stuck in. I've sang a melody I didn't even know, and got the lyrics of a favorite song messed up.
They asked me about how young I was. Sixteen. And alive, breathing to be 17 in February.
But again, does it matter to you if I were a sixty year old woman in a 16 year old's body? Does it make me write any worse, think a little more futile? I would be Anne Frank for my life. Would it matter? Because I would still believe. In you, and in me.

Going off till Mid January or so. This year was good, and '12 will be better, Insha'Allah. Be good.


  1. A nice one ! For me you are a sweet sixteen year old! Best Wishes for zMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  2. Nothing changes the fact that you're my favorite writer.
    :) :*

  3. I am with you on this, once I wanted to get rid off my name, my religion, the sense of belonging and what not! Having seen what is happening in the world today, anonymity can be a blessing...

    Merry Christmas...wish you a happy new year...

  4. I can completely relate to this.
    My religion, language, nationality are all important to me, but that is not how I want to be remembered or based on what I should be judged.

    Will miss you Crystal!
    Be back soon!!

  5. sorry .. jst dnt get enuf tym 2 even ryt was i was actually goin thru...
    umm ryting hurridly agan
    well 2 knw the core - the prb is coz of my ex BFF - u get it,, the calls and msgs and blah. :(

    well mery xams- i hope u enjoy hell lot. :)
    and i believe in u and i believe in US
    nd u should believe in what ur heart says without even ur brain knowing.
    take care
    i love u.. <3

  6. It doesn't matter for those who care. It never did. And I'm gonna miss you...I so mean it.

    Happy New year in advance choti! :)


  7. lovely thoughts..( I was initially puzzled..where this was heading!)
    I too like to put on different faces,different masks!horses for courses or a mask for every occasion.

  8. You have an amazing way with words :D
    You are you. Regardless of age, caste, color, or creed.

    There are people around the world who go through similar experiences even though they live thousands on miles apart.

    you sound much more mature than I do, honestly.

  9. Will miss seeing your brilliance until the middle of January :'(

    You have left us with an *amazing* 'departure' post that everyone should read! Executed and penned beautifully ... the 'theme' of this writing has been running through my head a bit more than the average, lately ...

    In my country we are in the process of deciding who will be the Republican nominee to vie against President Obama in the 2012 elections.

    The size of some people's minds truly annoy me, especially around campaign time. The sector of religion our government leader belongs to seems to hold a greater significance than the the candidates resume for governing and leadership.

    Candidates who are not of the Christian faith always have a lesser chance of winning. This should not even factor into the picture. Why can't an atheist run for president?

    Governing credentials are more important than religious preferences. The two should be separate entities and I know many would throw stones at me for saying this ~ go ahead, hit me with your best shot :D

    Sorry for my blabbering. You make us all think ... think about what should matter the most! Excellent post, m'dear! Happy 2012 to you in advance :) ♥

  10. It doesn't matter who you are..it matters what you feel and live each day..whatever you may write may not be you but a wish or partly yours..
    I haven't asked all of these questions yet though :P
    a very introspective,shrugging and bluntly written piece..liked it!!

    A belated merry christmas and a advance in hand happy new year 2012 to you dear Crystal!

  11. Don't tell me, are you 16?!!!
    You sound older.. your writings, whatever you have to say.. EVERYTHING, it doesn't sound like 16! Really great work.. throughout! Makes me respect you n admire you even more!
    You're amazing! :) <3

  12. May the new year live up to your expectations.

  13. offcourse there is not in a name...it depends on what u r ...u r still the thirteen yr old cutie whom i met years ago. God bless you Ayush :) good luck

  14. well - em gonna miss your writings till mid ov January -
    lovely write up - people who care don`t consider these things -- coherence with words and thoughts - awesome :)

    happy sweet sixteen my lil angel.

    love x

  15. You are loved.. It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, what you wear, your religion...

    You're loved for the person that you are and that love & respect will always remain.

    God bless you Crystal... And you'll be missed :)

  16. For all the anonymous facelessness, I could fall in love with you.

    For that sixty year old who never aged, I would want to be you.

    Behind the murky reds, behind the worlds divided, behind a mere facade, its your soul that sings.
    Songs of untainted purity, honesty and songs that lead us to serenity.

  17. off till Mid Jan?? Same here :)
    Happy New Year to you! Hope to see you soon :)

    I love the post. Religion, age..nothing matters. It's just us, our inner self that counts!
    Take Care :)

  18. Dude. You're amazing. This post left me all :O <3

    Whoever you are, whatever is your religion..doesn't define the kind of person you are. You're awesome either way :)

    Happy New Year, btw :*


  19. Anonymity is always a blessing!

    I don't even know your name, but I love and respect you for what you are. And will continue to do so.

    Be back soon, you'll be missed.

    Happy 2012.

  20. No Name No Face. For belief sees the heart. Yours. Mine. I love you and your words. AND I will MISS YOU.... :'( Take care and be safe!!! Happy Sojourn!! And yes, 2012...will be remarkable! :D <3

  21. Too much love I have for you. Too much. :-)

  22. See..it really does not matter but nationality you have .But it is one's identity . Which is not to hide.God made us in this way . On the other hand ,religion is one's personal matter and no one should poke.

    Love is blessing!

    Amazing post .

  23. I like that you are anonymous. It adds a cool layer of mystery to you. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. Awesome poet and your words are ..wonderful. nothing matters else..:)

  25. Hey left sumthing for you at my blog..http://randomrahul.blogspot.com/2011/12/something-for-you-guys.html :-)

  26. It was an awesome post :)

    Exactly How you are and what you wear and things like these should not matter.

  27. You are all of us. And more. :-)
    One in all. All in one.

    See you around soon here.

  28. sry for late commenting , came on blog after a long break....these distinctions that you are talking about is created by some who want to control and manipulate the masses...but soon it will get fade away...few decades may be .

  29. Awesome post :) I enjoyed reading this


  30. well... i guess for blogging or for friendship these things does not matter, but for a relationship much deeper and closer, these things usually change our opinion... i may or may not believe in it, but most of the times, humans are biased. like in a far away country, one is alone and suddenly one hears there is somebody from the same country, one get excited... these differences are for millennia and i dont think these are going to fade away anytime sooner... sad reality :(

  31. Crystal ! How are you dudette? Long time, No see :( Anyway, I am back :D Ahh ! Religion. The less said about it, the better. Man, I know you are tired of hearing this again and again, but you rock ! Indeed a thought provoking post. And yes, you are no other than Anne Frank of your life <3


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