They said a world walked with her.

Nobody knew who her eyes were looking for,
The girl with the song kept losing her way,
The more she walked, the greater the distances grew,
Her dreams were her destination and her destination those dreams,
Ways lead to more ways,
And no body knew why the girl with the song kept losing her way.

An old memory stops her and whispers into her ears,
'How long will you walk? How long will you struggle?
Lets sit in the shade of yesteryear's,
Lets talk about the moment when a bud blossomed,
Lets talk about the moment when a melody was ringing in your ears,'
An old memory stops her and whispers into her ears,
'How long will you burn your feet in the sun? How long will you struggle?'

A world perhaps walked with her.
But there was pain inside her. Memories out flowing.

Sometimes the picture fades away on its own.
while some learn to stay happy with the new colors,
others reminisce about the old glory.

The girl with the song realized her guilt,
She dreamt of the swallowing the moon,
Bringing the sky on the land,
She wanted flowers to grow on stones,
She tried finding fragrance in thorns,
Prayed hail to give her warmth,
Tried finding calmness in the raging fire,

Her dreams were but a mirage,
The past is but buried,
The old conversations have to be replaced with new,
The broken thread only lost the pearls,
The beautiful have only learned to illuminate memories on their eyelids.


  1. speechless.!
    and this is beyond any human compliment.!
    i like the rhyming though.

  2. You write beautifully. That's all I will say. :)

  3. Thanks guys. :* You people are super fast.

  4. you're too good with words. I have nothing to say :) especially the part abt finding warmth in hail and calmth in fire.. too intelligent

  5. "The Girl with the song kept losing her way..." Sounds like us, doesn't she??? :D I won't say more, to burst the beautiful bubble your poem has created around me.... :* <3

  6. Gee Farhan bhai, thanks for commenting. <3 Go read others posts too na. :D

    MSM, Totally. She is one hundred percent us. And thank you, I love you. :*

  7. Well Crystal...YOU are a prodigy. Truly brilliant! I have NEVER ever ever seen someone who is so young and at the same time has a great command over the language and the expressions.
    WOW!!! <3

    Beautiful choice of words, choti si jaan meri!
    And miss, you have this strange maturity in your writings that nobody in this whole frigging world could tell that you are just sweet 16. I mean C'mon! Have some mercy on us. I feel so shameful that I stand no where whenever I read your posts. *facepalm*

  8. Loved it baby..such deep meaning..the world walked with her..the memories..ah!!



  9. Only if i was half as good as u with words i cud write some poems too...brilliant!

  10. Mirage, You're my star. You write gorgeously in your own way. Mai toh aise bhi teri fan ho jaan :')
    Ab bas, bahut tareef ho gayi.>_<

    TOSM, Thank you, hon. <3

    Ria, Whatever you write is beautiful too. Thanks. :)

  11. I love you tooooo <3 :* And I strictly believe that "Age is just numbers baby!" You are an example of that... :D :D

  12. You're such a star !:D

    I'm so glued to all your posts !

    love !:)

  13. Wet kisses to you two, Pradeeetaaa and Priyaanka <3

  14. THanks for the comment on by blog
    Please follow me if you want


  15. em loving it - the way you write - i love to read your stuff ...
    this is super fabulous as usual.

    crystal - em feeling very down- can i have your email address please??

    love x


    "She tried finding a fragrance in thorns"

    L O V E !

    The last line totally blew me away!!!
    Much Love, Finny :) x0x

  17. This is lovely. Really. I no longer know what to comment in this space after reading your words. I usually have nothing to say. Except that I LOVED them. And you, who I will always love. :-)

  18. Faraz, Shall give it a thought.

    Fahad, Gee. :D Shukriya, jinab.

    CS, Aw. Thankie :)

    Shama, What's wrong? My mail id is given on my profile- aayushi.singh95@yahoo.in
    And thanks, love. <3

    Finny, You're the undisputed best I will ever have. Mwah.

    Zeba, You're TOO kind. Mwah.

  19. Crystal it brought tears to my eyes..
    no not in a sad melancholy way..
    it was more a sense of overwhelm..
    of belonging in a way i havent felt before..
    you have a gift..you know..
    a gift to connect..to soothe..to make us feel with your words..
    something that reminds me of Mishti..(MSM)
    thanks for this brilliant poem sweetie..
    it feels like you have healed a part of me..
    God Bless you Always..

    Cheers !!

  20. Its a different world you live in don't you ??? Or else how can you write so beautifully when everybody claims to have been struck by writers block..!! And its with such ease you mould words to take the reader there and back...!! Splendid post crystal.. One of my favourites in your blog I must say...!!

    P.S. : what's with the RIP anu at the top..?? :|:| I seriously hope its not what i think it is...!!

  21. Meoww, Aw! And that comment brought happy tears in my eyes. Mishti and you are my dolls. :*

    Supernick, Hey there. Its about Anuranjani, the blogger who wrote To Hell with a Name. :|

  22. I was stunned when I found out that you are in school...
    I could never write so brilliantly at your age. Even now I cannot craft such elegant and meaningful lines

  23. I know Anu...i follow her.. What happened to her ?? Dear god... Am so sorry to hear this..!! :(

  24. You bring out emotions so well. Every thing you write is so easy to imagine, to think about..and then when it comes up to feeling, it's sends chills. I don't know what to say about your writing any longer! It's beautiful. You know it :)

  25. P.S: Thank You for the link :) The site is amazing :)

  26. @ Red, Philo- Thank you, loves. :)
    And P, I know. Its the best site for pictures. Flickr too.

    @ Supernick- She was on ventilator. Gave up on 10th. Got to know through a common friend. Its a blow.

  27. I noo longer understand what to comment . I mean u leave me, spellbound with your words. ..
    EVery line talks to me , and how!! Beautiful baby! :*

  28. Wow, it leaves me speechless. So powerful and yet so simple!

    I'm tweeting a link.


  29. The play of words is like a magician engaging the audience! Brilliant!

  30. You have thought too much before writing..
    And it has not been completed in one go but in parts(as in while writing)

    Different from what you write..

    work of simplicity!

  31. I tried emailing you Crystal...@the id you gave...couldn't get through...would it be bad if I ask for your id?? :)

  32. Okay now this was epic!! Something only Roger Waters could write!!

  33. Such a beautifully crafted poem and you have a graceful way of writing that I adore. I love few of the lines... especially the one on dreams and destination. Brilliant piece this post!

  34. The Anu thing is shocking.. seriously. I still cant believe it.

  35. Spellbinding..

    The girl with the song realized her guilt,
    She dreamt of the swallowing the moon,
    Bringing the sky on the land,
    She wanted flowers to grow on stones,
    She tried finding a fragrance in thorns,
    Prayedhail to give her warmth,
    Tried finding calmness in the raging fire,

    You definitely bring the words from a heavenly place..

    Very sad about Anuranjani..

    May she have peace.

  36. Twish, thank you so much honey. <3
    Nas, Oh. :) Do send me a snapshot. Ty.
    Rahul sir, Thank you :)
    Alcina, This piece came in broken bits and pieces. I believe it is different from my other posts too. :)
    MSM, I made a typo, it is aayushi_singh95@yahoo.in
    Hamza, Woohoo! :D Thanks.
    :Dee, Yay :) Thank you so much.
    Ashok :)
    Philo, I know. Similar indiff.
    Kunal, :).
    Yes, the part about Anu is ghastly .. I still don't know how to react.

  37. wonderful... beautifully crafted post.. made me speechless.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  38. Wowwwwwwwwwww so beautifully written :D

  39. awesomeness has been Crystal-lized...:-)

  40. I'm not a big fan of poetry, but I really love the way that you write. You have a great knack for language.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  41. Hawwww....*shit*
    I simply cannot believe this! How did this happen? How did she die? :'(

    God, she'll be missed. Real bad!

    Rest in Peace, Anu! :*

  42. //Her dreams were but a mirage,//

    OMG Crystal, how do you come up with such verse? :) Soulful, yet so lifeless in a weird way....very profound....


  43. May she be in peace.. I still can't believe it :(

  44. Wonderful imagery here! Will return for more,I'm sure. :)

    Keep up the good work...

  45. This was exquisite!

    I don't write poems very well myself - I am envious! :)

  46. Very well written,the plot was poignant and the tears did not cease to flow! Anur, ..she will be missed..

  47. Truly beautiful. Deserves much more appreciation then words can give. :) you write superb.

  48. Dear Crystal,
    You are a breath-taking writer..everytime I read one of your posts,u leave me speechless..as if it can't better...but every new post surpasses your own super-standards..glad I found this blog..ur words transport the reader into the 3rd world..and I am not throwing appreciation casually..you deserve every bit of it!I don't read or blog-walk much but till date you have been the best,simply superb!and no-one comes even remotely close!There are some other good writers(a blogger-Dave King is my 2nd best) who can match the quality of your work for one post but to consistently maintain the same level of quality (if not raising the bar)is stunning!I'm very curious to know what you read,how much you read and how much time you devote to writing a post-it seems you have done your thesis in Literature ..sort of!!
    by Rohit
    to my Rank1 blogger

  49. truly a world walked with her...
    after reading this, I realised that we all walk with a world in our surround.... world of memories, world of actions we took, world of actions we didn't did :P

    Just a super work...
    a treat to your readers.... Fantastically written crystal !!

    Enjoyed each single line !!

  50. Thank you Rachit, Aliza, Rahul, Bonnie, Sh@s, Winter Song, Mirage, Blunt Blogger, Phatichar, Ice Maiden, Tripti and Jyoti :)

    Rohit: Your comment is over whelming. Really! It inspires me to go on writing and writing. And I read, alot lot. I have fed myself a lot of J.K Rowling, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon and Agatha Christie but I found my call in Khaled Hosseini's two books 1) The Kite Runner 2) A thousand splendid suns :) I recommend them heavily in case you've not gone through em.
    Thanks again. That comment made my day and put a huge smile on my face and I look like an idiotic smiling idiot :D

    Philo, Mirage, Priyanka- It is indeed very unfortunate :(


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