Gone. Too far.

She's still hiding.. she still has her lips sealed.
Her own tale makes her shiver, how on earth is she to face the world.
The colors around her are slowly fading away..

away ..

The hair is all muddled up, the smell of the smoke is persistent.. Who cares, there's a major flame raging inside.

So young and full of running
all the way to the edge of desire.
Steady my breathing, silently screaming
I have to have you now.

Tic toc, the time is just dragging past. She mumbles to herself silently. " End this ruckus as soon as possible, Christ .. "

Don't say a word; just come over and lie here with me
'Cause I'm just about to set fire to everything I see.

His bloodshot eyes and his fierce gaze, everything's fresh in her mind, yeah, even the cynical laughter.
Her own lover, oh no, now killer.
The room is empty, but the window on the left is open. The oxygen's coming in, or is it ? There's a wider emptiness inside, her heart's been made devoid of any love, all by his deed.
A moment of insane lust, and her life was ruined. Gone, her self respect, her prestige, and he was gone as well.
Alone, isolated, she had come to the city, and then, they'd met. Had she known about him back then.. but what's the point, its over.
And she was going to be over in sometime as well, as she turned to the other side, and saw the slit wrist, with dark red blood oozing out, somewhere she felt a weird contentment. She hadn't just been raped, there was more, but who cared about the "more", she was a no one .. "They ll find my decaying corpse and dump me somewhere.. another orphan, does anyone care? " , she reminded herself.

Finally, the moment she desired knocked in. As the moon came up, she passed away ... the torture was finally over.