Because faith has wings.

The call from the minaret.

Our eyes meet.
We smile.
Its never condescending.
Many a strangers.
Today, I know all of them.
For they all smile back.

I see him praying.
Alone. Solitary.
He is in black.
His face, has lines.
His face, tells me stories.
They say he is mad.
I think he plays on a different note.

There are devotees.
Some complain.
Some seek blessings.
Some, like me, just stay.
Immerse in the divinity.
Perhaps, they too soak in it.
Soak in the serenity.
Yes, there's plenty.

Nomads, I see in abundance.
Here, they find solace.
Here, nobody shuns them.

I stand by the window.
There is music.
A lot of it.
The music of a city calling back at me.

The music a city aches to play.
One not marred by fear.
One that is not full of gore.

The sky is a sharp blue.
The women look more charming.
The men a little more august.
The children have but grown in innocence.
The surroundings are a beautiful blur.
A translucent, peaceful blur.

I see pigeons.
I see flights.
Of freedom, of liberty.
For once, no one is tied down.
For once, they all breathe the same air.

@Jamia Masjid, Srinagar.


  1. if someone gets the depth of this one, this is an example of Literature.. its TOO freaking good. The flow of words is like a beautiful song! i feel teary eyed .. Kashmir <3

  2. Thank you so much, Daniyal and Shamia. Your comments are valuable. :)

  3. and what about someone like me who does not comprehend poetry at all? :(

  4. This is hardly poetry, Israr, plus, you only need emotions to understand a piece of writing, nothing sho sha about it. All said and done, it only requires a pair of eyes to read and a heart/mind to comprehend :)

  5. Lovely words and vivid description!

  6. Awesome one,, a move towards freedom, same air ,, really good.

  7. Thank you, thank you :) And welcome to my blog.

  8. What brilliant imagery!! I imagined all of it in front of my eyes. Like I too have been there.

    "For once, they all breathe the same air."

    Excellent choti!!! :)

  9. crys,
    em in hurry so writing a very disgusting wala commnt
    lyfs messed up
    il call u and tell bt can't promise
    blah and blah
    read ya pending posts
    felt bad fr D
    say a HIE to him frm my syd..
    cant cum on the net... and blah
    i hope u can decipher my situation
    mmmm jst posted some stuff coz of prior commitments.
    ____________dnt dig in for the real you...
    just see your reflection and try and fall in love. ___________
    and if i have to comment on thy rytng style em gonna say its superb..! :)

  10. Wow. Beautifully written!
    I love the emotions you brought out!!
    The bad times aren't that bad after all. The silver lining is that is makes you write beautiful poetry :)

  11. Lovely. So calm:) I thought its Jama Masjid in Delhi! ...kahin bhi ho...the serenity and tranquility speaks louder than voices and words, for it is nothing but to be felt!

    PS: U've been to Srinagar!!! How awesome can that be!!!:O!!!I've been wanting to go there since more than 10 years!!

  12. wowwwwwww exquisite !!

    lova ya my lil girl :)

  13. wowwwwwww exquisite !!

    lova ya my lil girl :)

  14. You feel, and I love how you put it into words. :)

  15. Absolutely B E A U T I F U L ! ♥ !

    Stellar last line!!! :*

    I LOVE when you write prose like this!

  16. @ Mirage,
    You MUST visit Kashmir. Its beaaaautiful. I have no words :')
    And thank you :*

    @ Suvaiba,
    I'll call you. Can I? Hua kya? :O
    And D is okay, nothing great.
    Thanks re. :)

    @ Happy Go Lucky,
    Can't hang on to the sad days, can I? That wouldn't be fair.
    Thank you so much. :)

    I felt similar when I visited Jama Masjid . Its just that in Kashmir, I think everything becomes a little more gorgeous. Its quite a place.
    You have to visit it. With me, maybe? :D

  17. @ Shama,
    Thank you meri jaan. :*

    @ Amna,
    Thank you, thank you! :)

    @ Finny,
    I love it when you make those comments. <3

    @ Izdiher,
    Hello :) Haven't seen you since a while. Thank you.

  18. You know what your poetry makes me want to do? It makes me want to write some too. Perhaps a reply, perhaps some praise. Cause a prose reply to words weaved so magically seems a little annoying, a lot unworthy.

    Thus, if you will indulge me:

    Beautiful, immensely.
    She walked in,
    The huge gates.

    The gates, he knew,
    Will always be open for him-
    And not shut
    When he needed
    To be inside,
    Enveloped in the warmth.

    Warmth, he thought,
    Of a stranger's smile:
    The curve telling stories,
    the ghost of love,
    The ghost of life, of loss.

    Loss, he saw,
    In those aquamarine eyes,
    That, which then, met his.
    Deja vu, familiarity-
    The filling pleasure
    Of unsaid tales,
    Of unspoken love.

    Love, he believed,
    As she walked on-
    And adjusting her hijab,
    Walked on,
    Not inside
    But today, towards where he sat.

    Scattered cuz just typed it out within 3 minutes. Let's connect out of the blogosphere, if you will.

  19. EZAAAAZYEEEE. You're too good. This is worth some bucks considering its a 3 minute tale. Salute :D
    And yes, I left you my mail id. Its on my profile too.

    I do, I do: Thank you :)


    I just adore your poetry. You know that, don't you? And I'm gonna post it on my facebook, share it around.

    No wayy, it wasn't anything compared to what you penned.

    I'll mail you. You're terrifically-awesomistically gorgeous, woman.


  21. You can write about anything and everything :)Your composition is just so beautiful.. I love reading your work..
    Every line tells a story :)
    I loved this!
    Merry Christmas :)

  22. @ Ezazi,
    Please do. Asap. :*

    @ Khadeeja,
    Thank youu. :)

    @ Philo,
    Thank you so much! I think you're a beautiful writer yourself. xx
    And Merry Christmas to you too :*

  23. I am so stupid.... :(
    I am blank :(
    Sounds beautiful though!

  24. I can just imagine all of it.
    Like, right in front of me.
    Including what Ezazi wrote.

    You two should start a new joint blog!

  25. the way u express, Aayu, you are just amazing! i am glad i met you here.

  26. Amazing. I'm going to give up writing and just spend my time reading.. You churn out your posts in an effortless fashion that continually reel in the reader. Fine piece of work.. again ;)

  27. @ Red,
    Aww :( Thanks though.

    @ Ovais,
    Wah. Thanks for the idea re, insha'Allah, aisa hoega ek din. :D

    @ Sawan,
    I am equally proud of knowing you :)
    Thank youuuu.

    @ Paul,
    Paaaaaul, Where've you been?
    Thank you so much! Finny and you make the best comments, ever. xox
    And a very Merry Christmas to you. How's the day going ?

  28. Crysty....sure..would love to..Any case I have thought that I have to visit this paradise on earth before I die...and then they say 2012 is here:P When are we going?;)

  29. Wow.. you blew me away with this one!! So ethereal and heavenly... the moment lingers on.. leaving a smile on my face and peace inside my soul!! Bravo!! :)

  30. Amazing!!! Heavenly indeed!!!

    Btw, here's something I wrote...check it out when you get the time.



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