For the last time.

Lets immerse into one.
This moment.
Let it stay.
As we merge.
The souls meet.
The stars on your body, consumed.
The smell of it, devoured.
This moment.
Please, let it stay.

The sharp noise.
Was it your blood?
Or maybe mine.
But we continue to merge.
Into one.
As our spirits roll.

And come closer than before.
This moment.
All I have.

The happiness.
The satisfaction.
It lingers.
The room sings today.
With you and me.
The rain too dances.


The angst, the fury.
They also return today.
We come together.
For the last time.
The pain.
The blood.
It flows.
The dagger.
Comes down.

We merged.
And parted.
Perhaps, forever.


(How a lover is killed)


  1. You are a romantic baby, deny it a million times, I won't stop ranting :) Love and you merge into one. One :D, when you compose such write-ups :)

  2. so u write easily about blood and murder,yet the suicides in my story made you queasy??:-D He he....dark poem...any particular reason???

  3. Serendipity:
    *pokes tongue out*
    One, loud, stiff NO. -_-
    And this was more about a sadistic lover. ;)

    Haha .. kya bataya jayei !
    And naa, no reasons at all. :)

    How did you two like the post?

  4. One of your bests! I so loved it.. The imagery, awesome!

    "And come closer than before.
    This moment.
    All I have."

    These lines got me glued. My head spun and i was somewhere else for a brief moment.. :)

  5. Wow, the pain, the angst and the moment....I was reading like anything! Beautiful Crystal :D :D

  6. Only if you feel love, can you express sadistic angst like this so well :P

  7. I liked the crispiness of the poetry. It was sharp, clear and passionate with a tinge of pain.
    You are very good, crystal! =)

  8. OMG!!! This is absolutely BRILLIANT! I'm speechless (yeah, happens occasionally :P) I LOVED every verse and OH, you are just SO talented far beyond your years, my precious dear! WoW! (: ~x*♥*x~ :)

  9. This was an icing on the cake! Sadism and love depicted in equal measure!! Great work, Aayushi!

  10. How do you do this aayu? How?
    Take a topic as sensitive as this and make such a beautiful thing out of it! awesome stuff :)

  11. wow...!! nothing much is coming out. just WOW. Period. :)

  12. it's difficult not to like ur writings..:-)

  13. " Today.
    We merged.
    And parted.
    Perhaps, forever." the real dessert of your post... :)
    Like the way how a lover is killed.
    Simply awesome !

  14. I liked the flow of the poetry, but It shows the writer's pessimism in love.. She shouldn't be like that !

  15. @ Priyanka,
    Ah! My purpose feels complete ..
    Thaanks re

    @ MSM,
    Thaaanks a lotttt! I really really like your current post btw. :)

    @ Serendipity,
    Now get your heart broken and start writing. :P

    @ Vinati,
    Nothing inspires like pain, they say.
    Thanks you, love. :)

    @ Lady Fiona,
    FINNNNNNY! Thanks a lot. Your comments are the brightest. :*

    @ Rahul jee,
    Thank you so much! I'm honoured!

  16. @ Express,
    Imagination! That is IT. :D
    and you toh dont talk, you wrote such a beautiful piece yourself. :*

    @ Supernick,
    OMG! Thanks. :D

    @ Grain of sand,
    Oh God, that's quite a compliment. Thanks. :)

    @ Rahul,
    *bows down*

    @ Reicha,
    Those are my favourite lines. :)
    Thank you SO much!

    @ Amna,
    Thanks a lot . :)

    @ Fahad,
    and it isn't pessimism or loss of belief in the concept of love, this work is an outcome of pure imagination.

  17. DEEP and Beautiful! So much pain and anger awesomely captured!!

  18. I did comment on the one which you deleted :P
    Sweet and pinching merger to be apart once again..the longing never ends it seems and it leaves fresh memories always..

    Hopefully it aint anything personal..

    And you tell me i write dark..then with this what about you? :)


  19. how old are you again? ;)
    sorry for pestering you again :D

  20. Cold and haunting!
    I'm in love with the picture :)

  21. write a proper comment on my post :X you fool.... ish...... chuddhu..!

    mmmm em in very zabardast hindi tareef types wala mood...! so bare the coming words....


    aur picture to bilkul PALANGTOD ae :P

    waiting for a proper comment on my post..!

  22. Ah! No wonder Suvaiba and you are such great friends, and talented ones at that! How the hell do you manage to nail it every single time? And so well!!!!!

    Maar dala <3

    Sigh! for the photograph as I attempted a similar portrait and failed miserably.

  23. @ Red,
    Thanks ree! :)

    @ Alcina,
    Oh! That got re posted, weirdly. :S
    and thanks a lot lot!
    This is fictitious, nothing like it happened and shan't happen either, inshallah!
    and I guess, the darkness connects our blogs ;)

    @ Richa,
    You know I louuuuu you too. Mwahhh!

    @ Philo,
    Deviantart! ahhh :D Too bad I can't take credit for the image. -__-

    @ Suvaiba,
    Bwahahaha. :D

    @ TBB,
    Aye haye! Thank you SO much, C. Love you. :*
    And oh, I loved this image the moment I saw it. Thou shalt succeed ! :D


  24. Gorgeous. I love the romance and the darkness that is present.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  25. Wicked stuff oh talented one.. I love it.. passion, intensity, darkness, bring it on! I kept feeling like it belonged in a poetically edged European/ French underground drama.. You did it again selecting an amazing visual to go with the words.. its a stunning package deal.. a fantastic piece.. Best wishes Paul :))

  26. maaf kardo mujhe pls???:(:(...I hardly get time to read nay blogs..really..anyway no excuses...as for this post..here it goes:
    dark.gothic. drugs- morphine, cocaine, heroin-all mixed up. complete high. senses losing, senses coming. masochism. love to destroy each other completely. This kinda reminds me one of ur earlier posts( guess it was urs or Ayushi...dunno..but i m confusing:P) it was abt a lover dying and giving his life for substance abuse! this is sad love..

    will read ur other posts soon..wokay?? khafa mat hona!!??

  27. That was surely dark...scary too!!

  28. @ Bonnie,
    Thank you SO much. <3

    @ Paul,
    **European/ French underground drama.
    Jeez! Really? Haha I am flattered. Totally!
    Thanks a lot. :)

    @ Aakriti,
    Chalo maaf kiaa! :D
    And oh, college sounds really bad. :O
    and that was me. Its under the name "Dreaded D" and it is about substance abuse.
    Thanks ree.. nai nai, maaf kar dia gaya aapko :D

    @ Ria,

  29. wow...wonderful ... super duper hit...blockbuster :)

    sorry i missed your recent posts due to unavailablity of net :( ....

  30. Awwww....thank you! :D :D It was meant for you, to be like that, sweetheart! :D :D

  31. @ Israr,
    Arey thank you SO much.
    and not a problem, not at all :)

    @ MSM,
    EEEE :D
    You definitely made me ridiculously happy. :*

  32. :* You know, I feel blessed that I made you so happy! :D :D *Hugs*

  33. And I feel blessed to be around such people. Though it was a minuscule mention, it made me insanely happy. Gee. Lots of love.*tight bear hug*

  34. If I had known you even for a week...believe me...I could have written a page for you... :D :D But, in two days...I felt such a pull to you...it would have been a sin, not to mention you... :D :D *Tight Bear Hug back* Hehheheh....wow we are talking here... people must be wondering! ;)

  35. Okay,now i can never write something like this..:) very deep one and where do you the inspirations from? tell me tell me

  36. @ MSM,
    Ain't you the cutest? and I have felt that pull for a few bloggers too. I am SO glad you're part of the few now. :* And you can always write a page on me ;)
    And don't you worry, my comment forum is a bit of a chat forum. People do talk here, MUCHHHH! :D

    @ TOSM,
    ofcourse you can. Just what you're worth. :*
    And the inspiration is drawn from the awesome people around me, like you. :D

  37. That was love and hate together in one go, and they were just sop perfect together, dnt seem out of place at all .. awesome poem, one helluva good read..

  38. Thank you for leaving so many lovely comments, Menachery ! Its super nice of you. :D Much love. Thank you!

  39. intense yet smooth...well written!

  40. Need i say i love it?! It ran in my head like a symphony and i love the paradoxes you use :) mmwah!


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