The ex-love.
The first kiss.
The insane night.
The knock on the door.

The kick on the floor.
The futile fight.
The unspoken bliss.
The imprisoned dove.


  1. i have read this earlier.... u posted it earlier accidentally i think

  2. This is a great poetry... two different situations within a poem and in just few lines....Lovely!!

  3. you have the right list to be remembered..and the right list to forget/neglect. it's in carrying happy memories that one stays happy.

    Stay happy:)

  4. First time on ur blog and woaah..i loved it!
    Ur header is so creative in itself..i forgot to pay much attention to these verses :P

    PS : following u :)


  5. Memories... some are remembered, some are neglected .
    Nice words..!!

  6. As the definition states "good things come in small packages".. I need say no more..

    Another great post, detailed in so few words.. perfect :))

  7. I love this. Absolutely love this :)

  8. why remember. forget. make new.

  9. @ Rahul,
    I did did. Deleted it cos it needed amendments! How do you think it is?

    @ Hamza,
    And it ain't new, Hamzie, but thanks.

    @ Rahul sir,
    Thank you so much. :)

    @ Richa,
    How you doinggggg, love?

    @ Supernick,
    Welcome here, and thanks a lot lot.

    @ Grain of sand,
    You speak the truth .. Memories are a way of coming back to what was, and gave us joy!
    Thanks hon.

    @ Subtlescribbler,
    Heeeey! Welcome here :)
    Thanks a lot lot. Compliments make me blush, whatever they may come for :D

    @ Confused Soul,
    Thanks ya.

    @ Reicha,
    The ones worth remembering must always be cherished and remembered!

    @ Paul,
    Aw thank you so much!
    When it comes from such a good writer, it means a lot!

    @ Soumya,
    Thanks a lottt. :)

    @ Raj,
    'Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. '
    Forget when it ain't worth remembering!

  10. only you can say so much in such few words! i love reading youu. :D

  11. memories is a way of never getting over anything at all good or bad.

    why keep wounds? let them heal :)

  12. You are too fucking good! this was mind blowing ..

  13. Rhyming in interesting order...The first line of the first verse with the last line of the 2nd Verse.. :)

    Even if you are neglecting something...doesn't it mean that you remember them too? :)

    Sorry...if it sounds confusing.

  14. How can you say so much with such little words? I can never do that :s
    I love it how you put up two different sides :)

  15. awwley sorry baiebeyyeee :) em LATE :(( but mera sabse achcha comment hoga :))
    i love love love love the poem :P okay jokes apart
    no srsly
    10 lines and aapne to dhamaal macha diya tussi to great ho
    meaow meaow :)

  16. Love the words you chose! So apt! :)

  17. Awesome! Like the simplicity of the post as also the selection of images :)

  18. wat u produce is always first class..:-)

  19. @ Tariq,
    I love you bey. Thanks :D

    @ Red,
    Small? Heh. Thanks re.

    @ Kunal,
    Yea .. wanted to try a different order of rhyming from the usual abab or something!
    and neglecting something is not paying adequate attention to something which requires it, no? That's what I meant. I kinda agree with your point too though.

    @ Raj,
    Ask the one whose been hit as to how much it hurts. Ask the one whose lost his/her lover as to how much the void sucks. And you know what, wounds keep coming back to you. To put them at the back of your mind is NOT as easy as it seems. Yes, we should leave them to heal with time, but remember, times heals slowly, gradually, and until you've been healed fully, the pain only grows. Rarely reduces.

  20. @ Philo,
    I guess I like putting it short. Less effort goes into typing. :P
    Thanks re.

    @ Suvaiba,
    Meow matt bolo bey. Mere blog par nai. Me hates hates cats. You know na? :O
    And only I can judge whether its a good comment or not. Self-proclaimed aacha comment kya. :P
    Thanks though. ILY.

    @ Loony,
    Thanks a lottt. :)

    @ Siddhartha,
    Thank you thank you!

    @ Rahul,
    Arey .. yea toh zyada tareef ho gayi re. Thanks though!

  21. Crystal literally loved it..
    So much in so less words :)
    now u got one more in ur fan's list :)

  22. PS: Been away from blogosphere in past few days, hope u doing fine !!

  23. Less effort for you :) If I would try writing short stuff, my mind will go bonkers :P

  24. But the remembrance of good things hurt too ..

  25. simple yet beautiful and captivating!

  26. I LOVE your blog background :O and the header is uber cool <3

    The poetry..now,it really aint my thing,but yours..it`s awesome. Long poems discourage me -_-

    This is my first time on your blog and Im` glad i dropped by. Following you now! (:


  27. Jyoti : OMG that's one compliment.
    Thanks a lott.
    I've been okayish, you say? :)

    Haha I'm sure it won't! Try!

    If they're good things, they wont bring back nasty memories!

    Thanks, love. :)

    Awww, you're SO sweet! Thanks a lot. I rarely compose lengthy poetry ya. Its short most of the time.
    Thanks a lott for your follow and those amazing compliments! I shall get back to you soon!

    Thanks. :)

    Ooooomg Ghosty, you're still around ? Well, hello? :D


  28. Deep! I write paragraphs and paragraphs and paragraphs :) and you nail it in few words :)


  29. I so want to get into a relationship and then have a break up :D :D

    See there, you made me say something a girl would dread to even think of :D

  30. :)

    Well, life is all about what we choose to pay attention to and what we choose to ignore :)

    Simple and fantastic.
    Just like you :D

    ok the last line was cheesy, but wht d hell :P

  31. All u have to do is twist a few words and Voila!!! A wonderful piece of art :D You have a way with words :D

  32. Love is what you shall remember though no matter how much the inflicting surround of immense pain.

    Neglect seems more like ignore :)

    You have jammed the flow!



  33. you just know it right how to nail it with a few lines.. :)

  34. @ TBB,
    You say it in paragraphs .. and you say it way too beautifully, so you dont have to go the me way :D
    Thanks ree

    @ Serendipity,
    Well .. like they say, "Nothing inspires you like pain does." ;)
    So maybe a break up aint the baddest of ideas..

    @ Express,
    What the hell. Seriously!
    I love the Cheesy you. <3

    @ Aliza,
    Hahaha! Try it yaa, I'm sure you'll churn up sane stuff. :D
    Thanks anyway. :)

    @ Alcina,
    Ah.. Kinda agree!
    Thanks so much. :*

    @ Priyanka,
    Aw.. thanks re :)

  35. so profound! terse writing is the best form... just stumbled upon your blog and found it very impressive. Blogrolling you!

  36. I love your writing.. the contrasting way it strikes a chord.. conflicting yet real. I love the 'About me' bit too.. so honest and you! Interesting blog... :)

  37. @ Purva @ :Dee - Thank you SO muchhhhh girls. And welcome here =)

  38. loved this one for its quick beat...

  39. I came across your blog and I have now fallen in love with it completely.
    Your writing and imagination is beyond words.
    Its crisp and perfect. :-)

    Good going. All the very best :-)


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