To the lost lover.

I don't want your fears,
Or your inhibitions,
Or your nightmares.

I can't tolerate your intervention,
Or your lies,
Or your hypocrisy.

I don't accept your ambiguity,
Or your confusion,
Or your muddled theories.

I can't believe you,
Or your fraudulence,
Or your make-believe.

I can't take your love,
Or your admiration,
Or your happy endings.

Because you're not you. Anymore.


  1. I was Confused -
    Breaking Bit by Bit -
    Turned Into a Shadow -
    Lurking Within my Fears.

    I Suggest you hold tight the ones you hold dear.

  2. :(
    people change all the time and they are not the same anymore..

    I love the way you've written..and I hope im the first one to comment :)

  3. Thoughtful words. Only if he could be whom he meant to be!!

  4. We have to let go off a lot of people because they are not themselves anymore. and the wounds don't hurt after some time. I haven't been hurt in love, because I've never been in it, but I have lost a very dear friend in this 'you're-not-yourself-anymore' game and I hate playing it.

    Only if we were still on talking terms, would I have customized these lines and sent them to her, they're that good Crystal :) Your words remind me of her and that, there itself, lies the magic :)

    Love :) Mwah :*

  5. This is so painful...saying the words like it don't mean nothing to you if you don't get them but the reality is you are crumbling beneath with each word..
    Beautiful penning!

  6. At times its best to let go.

    If you are not you anymore, how can you let me be me. That's the truth.

    Lovely read :)


  7. as a peice of art baby its khoobsooorat, refined and pure just the way you write and as the state of mind- every body changes baby , no one remains the same till eternity you have changed and yes even i have... it happens sometimes there is a reason and sometimes you are the reason.... just hold on as daniyal says..! :)
    and i love you

  8. But sometimes we refuse to see them right in the bad light,
    Sometimes we are too blind in love,
    And it takes time for the mist to lift,
    But when it does, we realize it was all wrong.

    Oh k I know that was horrible, but you get the gist:P

  9. Sad but true!
    But then whats the charm when "you're not you. Anymore.
    Nice read.

    I also happened to read the quotes in your blog template today. They are awesome, some of them are my favourites too!

  10. @ Daniyal,
    And that's precisely the reason separations hurt. :)

    @ TOSM,
    I know. How I hate changes, ones of this kind I mean.
    And oh, you're not first. :( I clang and scuffle for that position too. I'm miserable most of the times. :P

    @ Vyankatesh,
    Then, things would be different. This post wouldn't be here at all! :)

    @ Serendipity,
    Hey, Soul sister :)
    I know. Its not just a lover, it can hold truth for anyone, a friend for your sake. I'm glad you connected hun. I feel my mission is accomplished when someone sees a hint of themselves in my posts. :) hug.

    @ Alcina,
    You got the crux, sweetheart. *Hug* Thanks for understanding.

    @ Soumya,
    Those two words- "letting go" Always easier said than done, girl. :) Sometimes people are meant to walk away from your life. Destiny.
    Thanks anyway. <3

  11. @ Suvaiba,
    I hate changes, when they're for bad that is. Such few people that we know have changed for good. Only for bad, or for worse. I abhor such changes. but then, the only thing constant is change. Sigh.
    Thank you, honeybum. I love you too.

    @ PeeVee,
    aw it made sense. Perfect sense. I understand all those words of the broken heart. And you know what, a broken heart only signifies you've tried for something. :)
    Thanks hun. Tc.

    @ Rahul,
    Thank you, bud.

    @ A grain of sand,
    Thank you , love.
    And oh, which ones do you like? I'm raving insane about some by Gibran. He's my God. :)

  12. If you think..you can't, then Don't :)

    Finding someone does NOT mean losing himself/herself! :)

    Sorry..about being late..I know...you have been coming to my place regularly....I meant to come earlier...but...sometimes...right time comes at the right times! :D

    Best Wishes!

  13. People who change for worse are the one's one has to watch for!! So thoughtful!

  14. OMG ! You seems to be in a hyper mood, a little annoyed and hurt too :(

    Time changes, people changes and we need to accept it. Its life and in 3 words "IT GOES ON" :)
    Take care !!

  15. Such beautiful words. You are so good with projecting images in my imagination without using too many words. Such talent! Wah. :-)

  16. I suggest you hold tight the ones you hold dear -
    Or Suffer The Pain when they Leave You.
    Then there'll be no denying - That they are gone forever.

  17. And this piece gives me flashes of a friend.. People change all the time and sometimes it gets so hard to accept that! This was well-written :)

  18. And when you changed to someone unknown
    The 'I' died after waiting forlorn
    I buried the corpse with these hands alone
    And Now its a changed me, to you an unknown.

    I so loved it, i was all the time wondering why is the love not being accepted and then i realized, it no more was supposed to. Loved it :)

  19. Very beautifully written. I think we've all been in this emotional space at least once in our lives. It can be cathartic to speak the words, get them on paper and address that person. That's the first, strongest step towards healing and moving forward. :)

    - Dawn

  20. People change and think that it is the other person that changed. Or sometimes blame the person for being too stagnant, for being the old self while they moved on ...

    Loved what you wrote down. Loved it coz i relate to this.

  21. People do change with time. It's up to us. We can either let go off them else we have to accept them with the change.

    Well written :)
    I love the picture!

  22. Gibran, Khalead Hossini, Dark Night, Zindagi na milegi na dobara,HR Bacchan,Bob Marley.
    m glad you have most of them there!

    in addition to them I love some quotes from kung fu panda! :)

  23. I can't take your pain,
    I can't be a shield,
    Before you;
    But, love, I can,
    I will,
    Hold you strong in my embrace,
    When the time comes;
    And you can cry on my shoulders,
    Into the night.

    I read your poem and this is what came out. Self-explanatory. Stay beautiful.

  24. @ Kunal,
    Oh, that's totally not an issue. Don't bother.
    And, I know. Losing someone sucks , still. Takes time to get over it, no?

    @ Rahul ji,
    True. :) Thank you, sir.

    @ Reicha,
    I was. Not anymore I guess. Still a little hurt maybe.
    Thanks honey. You take good care of yourself. <3

    @ Zeba,
    When the mistress of conjuring images says it, I feel honoured.
    Thank you, lovey. :]

    @ Daniyal,
    Maybe love lost is beautiful in a way then. And well, as I said in an older comment, a broken heart only means you tried for something. So be it. Thanks ya.

    @ Confused soul,
    It wasn't all that good ya. And yes, I know. We do see ourselves and people around us in the words .. People change fast and change all the time, no?
    Thanks. I'm kinda glad we're on cordial terms now.

  25. @ Priyanka,
    Aw! Those were the prettiest words put together. Ain't you awesome?
    And yes, sometimes our love is simply not accepted. So be it.
    Thanks hon. :)

    @ Healing morning,
    Well. That'd be a good idea, but maybe only if we want to put the pieces together. Sometimes its okay to leave things as they are, innit?
    And welcome here. Hope to see you again.

    @ Red,
    I know. They're like, the world moves on, and so did I. Balls. Stagnation of good things can't be bad, can it ?
    Thank you so much, love. I'm glad you see a part of you in this. :)

    @ Philo,
    Acceptance .. Difficult. Very. :)
    Thanks a lot though, P.

    @ Grain of sand,
    OMG Hi five mann! I love them flicks. I love how it starts, "I'm not a big fat Panda, I'm THE BIG FAT panda." :D
    So cute, Po, no? :D

    @ Ezazi,
    It came out. Like flowed? You're beautiful then! I mean, I really liked those words.
    Thanks so much. You should write oftener by the way. :)

  26. nahin nahin..Main toh abhi bhi waisa hee hoon :D

  27. I love this poem!

    Also, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. It means a lot and you are absolutely right. :)

    p.s. I am following you now! :-D

  28. :(

    HOW do u do this aayu? HOW?

    khali feeli rula diya nah :(

  29. Loved it. your writing hasn't changed one bit. And I love that about you...

    Personal favorite - 'I can't tolerate your intervention,'

  30. Cяystal.. a great poem filled with meaning.. the sad truth of losing that special person in your heart.. You sum it all up perfectly in one of your replies to a comment by saying "you know what, a broken heart only signifies you've tried for something :)" Very wise words..

    Thank you for sharing :))

  31. loved every word of it..gonna save it in my fb notes if you dont mind!

  32. The choice of words. The way you put them totally takes my heart away.
    I will never get tired of telling you this: You are Awesome! :*

  33. You do possess the ability to speak powerfully and deliver a message with so few words and so much *beauty* :)

    Maybe the 'lover' in this poem never changed, it was simply someone that didn't exist ... now that the mask has been lifted, we see the 'stranger' behind the facade ~

    I had fun voting on your new blog name and yay! my first choice has the largest percentage of votes! Woohoo!! :D

    Have a beautiful week!
    Finny :) ♥

  34. Also also...' :there are no accidents"

    and in the end when the father says.." there is no secret ingrediant" :D..and many more

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  36. @ Anurag,
    Ha haaa! Tu kabhi nai sudhrega.

    @ Khadeeja,
    Means a lot of a lot to me tooo honey! Thank you SO much for being so sweet :D
    I like your name by the way.

    @ Express,
    Aisa matt kahoooo.

    @ Anindita,
    OMG are you back to blogging? seriously? Anotherr old frand! :D Makes me happy.
    And oh it hasn't? Maybe cos I'm the same too. :)
    Thanks ree

    @ Paul,
    Thank you SO much .. thank you..

  37. tu ladki hai ya koyi jadoooo hahaha :D
    give a chunk of your talent to me woomann! paleez.

  38. @ Mishi,
    Not at all. Why would I?
    Thanks hun! And you need to update AASAAAPPPPP.

    @ Anuranjani,
    And have I told you your comments always make me insanely happy? If there was a Bestest best commentator award- you'd have the sole right over it. <3
    Stay awesome. :*

    @ Lady Fiona,
    I just returned from your blog and realized how prettily this thought has struck me.
    And oh you did ? :D Hahaha. I suddenly don't like any of the names though :S Weird me.
    You have an amazing week too. Mwahh!

    @ AGOS,
    Hiee! I replied to your mail. x :)
    And aahahaa I know, the whole film actually! Pure awesomeness.

    @ Tariq,
    Your stupid jokes crack me up :D Stop stalking me everywhere naaaa.

  39. Wow! :O
    I can SO relate to this :/
    I loved the way you projected what you felt in such few words :)

  40. my heart has been with you for so long, its surprising how its still so strong.

  41. I lost someone who I thought was the love of my life, but it turns out that he was just a practice run until I met Mr. A. Sometimes, people change, but it can work out for the best. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  42. Well I'm glad too that things are better :)

  43. :) .. love , all!

    Bonnie, Happy for you. seriously.

    Raj, Elaborate.

  44. Simple, yet effective! Could be a very candid goodbye song for many...


  45. He wasn't 'he' though. We normally underestimate those with them we love !


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