Lost and found. Or maybe never found.

The gazes towards you turn even more deep. The meagre smiles offered amidst a myriad of sulks and straight faces never looked more false.
You want to hold on, but there comes a point when what you were clinging onto is lost. Who you were holding onto is also lost.
The face that once comforted you in a crowd turns hostile and in a matter of hours, it becomes a part of that crowd which makes you feel all the more uncomfortable.
You will walk into an empty room, and expect someone there, waiting for you with a look in their eyes. A look that sets a bad day right, a look that reassures you that everything is understood even when a word is not shared or spoken. Or wait, maybe the room is just not empty, its just void of people you would want to converse with. Its only a room full of people you only ‘watch’ but never communicate with. They weren’t one of those people you’d call to have the concluding-to-nothing talks, share the headless, tailless, senseless laughter. ‘Cos them with you could stir a conversation on anything, are not there.

The crushes, the dreams, the thoughts, the failures, the aspirations, the sentiments- that one person you poured everything into- is not there.
One day, you held hands, clung onto each other for support and the other day, things turned haywire. And you lost her. Her touch, her smile, her comfort, and most importantly her presence and essence.
Maybe she’s still there, but her way of looking at you is totally altered. Now you ‘just talk’ never ‘communicate’. This, is even worse than her going away. Perhaps, forever.
That really good friend of yours and how you lost him/her. How it pains!
Sometimes the walk-out is for bad, mostly not. But her empty place ..
How you wish her back.
Maybe life turns around, and you get her back. But .. you both know, once a knot in the thread, and things are never the same.


Update : This is off the blog post entirely but I got a friend who writes awesomely and deserves tonnes of readers, Priyanka. Visit Gossamer diaries NOW. Its an order. And yes, we're similar. (Which means, awesome ;) )


  1. How Much I wish her back - How much I Love her- How Much I miss her- How much I care for her - all gone, when she just said a mere "Good Bye". A Lost Friend. A Lost Love. ANd May be a Lost Hope.

  2. Sometimes I feel its wiser to forget some. But then, some are worth remembering.Those we lose by our follies and felonies. Sigh!
    Thanks Mangiyal. :) You're always the first. Sorry for deleting the last post.

  3. Wiser By Mind - Not Wiser By Heart. If it was really that easy to forget everything, my Life would have been a lil better. And 'cos of some technical difficulties, our Brain doesn't have a Delete Button or anything like that. :[

  4. Delete pause and rewind. Yes, I want those too.
    And I dunno. Some are destined to leave. Anyway! No comment discussions here. :)

  5. I just need a Pizza And Coke Button. Nothing more. @_@

  6. And a shut up button. Please.
    I got the highest in English Literature across all sections. Go feed yourself a pizza at that.
    and yes,I brag. ;)

  7. So What is this English Literature thing? And how do you get the highest thing in it?

  8. A subject? And I got the highest score. :P And I need to go to sleep. NOW.
    And how did I ? I don't know. Happened. Are you always online? Bye.

  9. OK I'll Send You a Pizza then. Bye. I hate you. I'm never gonna talk to you again :') (Basic Emotional Atyachar.)

  10. Awwwww!! you did already, I love you!!! MMwwaaahhhh!!!! :D :D
    And i was so engrossed that it took me a moment to get back and realize oh I am Priyanka :P
    You take me by storm all the time! Words, and words are all we have :)

  11. Hmmm i feel like the other friend who left. I left someone. Pure choice of mine. Though her friendship was genuine, i felt like a puppet somehow.

    I hope u and ur frnd reconcile :)

  12. firstly i luv the pix
    secondly i luv the article too..!
    isn't is grt lolz
    :P :)
    khoobsooooooorat..! :)

  13. "You know your life is awesome when the sight of one person makes your entire day worth it all."

  14. Well written .I see it this way. Every relationship has knots,whether u see it or overlook ..But whats a true relationship is making that every knot to grow the relationship stronger.For its with bad we know the good..Its with knots we understand the relationships ..Whats life if its simple,plain and straight ...:)Its not about checking how many knots ..but checking how well we value the remaining string..that makes the difference ..:)

  15. happens! but then if its meant to be,you will find her again :)

  16. So true. It's hard to undo a knot in any relationship.

    P.S: Sorry about the previous deleted comments. My system caused some problem.

  17. Same rules apply here as love. If it's meant to be, you'll find your way back for sure.

    I like how articulate you are:)

  18. Same rules apply here as love. If it's meant to be, you'll find your way back for sure.

    I like how articulate you are:)

  19. Hey Cяystal, another great write, good stuff.. Just how many of us out there have the 'T' shirt so to speak.. and that damn knot!! Maybe its me being a hopeless romatic, but i often sense that parts of modern society tend to adopt the 'grass is greener on the other side' approach to life rather than spending the time to try and unravel the knot. Thanks for a great share, fine words.

    I will check out your friends blog and give her more support.

    Paul :)
    Poetic Sauce - Pauls Poetry, Thoughts and Images

  20. Hmmmm! This brought some memories back....some memories :)

  21. A nice post! Some food for thought!

  22. ". . . once a knot in the thread, and things are never the same."

    Oh, so true :'( but I really like what Mystic said about 'valuing the remaining string' :)

    Wonderful writing again and a topic that everyone can relate to at one time in their lives. Awesome pic! I'm off to visit Gossamer Diaries unless I get sidetracked which happens ALOT :D

    P.S. ~ Instead of a "No Soliciting" sign on your blog, I think you need a "No Chat Box Forum Allowed" :P :D

    ♥ U, my ~*Soul Daughter*~ :)

  23. Dark themes are the in-thing these days,it seems.Hell,I will post one too shortly..:-D

  24. Thanks guys.

    And I'm over the lost friends. Miss some, forgot some. Moved on, basically!

    Much love, all!

    Priyanka, Don't mention it, mitthi. :P Lots of pyaar to you! <3

    Ovais and Mystic Ray, Well said!

    Paul, Thanks bud. That would be kind, she deserves a fair share of readers.

    Finny, Thanks SO much love! I saw your comments there. yay! :D And haha, I'd link yours as that soon. ;)

  25. aye haye XD Lost or never found :p <3

    Haha I loved reading it :)

  26. woww that brilliantly expressed... a lovely write.

  27. Stirs a thought in my mind and makes me think of the people i might have lost this way..but after sometime you get a reason as to why it might have had happened you know..you know what i mean to say?

    and thanks a ton for that so lovely comment of yours back there on my blog :)
    Hugs and kisses :)

    Keep smiling always

  28. I have experienced this. and I don't want anyone else to experience this. ever.

  29. Does your name also have a single 'A' ?

  30. @ Imad,
    Thanks reee. :D

    @ Rajlakshmi,
    Just visited you back :) Welcome here and thank you!

    @ Alcina,
    Lose some, win some, forget some and move on! Yeah, that's the policy. :D
    You're welcome honey! Anything for a friend :)

    @ Serendipity,
    I know. Sucks.
    And no, it got two. :)

  31. Will read this post of urs soon Crystal..and well the time has come for the awards to be presented.....chk out Yarn of ~ Words sweetheart!!:)

  32. Sometimes I need to hold on to something. Sometimes I need to let go, but sometimes its harder to decide what to do... !

    Faced a lot from past an year... Losing friends(close ones) and later behaving like strangers...

    I hope you do justice to your friendship.
    Well nice post gal :)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. *thinks of something to say, which is as awesome as this post*
    *slaps her head*
    P.S. I agree. Both of you are totally awesome!
    Lots of love! :*

  35. you know Crystle I just love the way you write..wish I could write like this someday..You are one of my THE most fav bloggers here..it was so well written..and know wot.I can relate a lot with it right now in my life,and I can understand what are you talking about..being so sensitive about relationship these days, its easy for me...well written,,
    Love you:-*

  36. So beautiful. I know that I can relate. For sure.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  37. Damn! This is so super true and in a way, really depressing.
    I really loved the way you wrote it :)

  38. Aw. This is saddening. A loss always is. Especially more when it is a friend.. :-( The picture! THE PICTURES! Amazingly beautiful..

    I love you! Check Yahoo. <3

  39. I stole your 'я' :P See that ;) and I love you for what you write :)

  40. @ Aakriti,
    I SAW I SAW! Thank you! *tight hug*

    @ Reicha,
    Thanks honey :) It ended and I'm pretty grateful it did, now. I see how that set of friends has changed drastically and I don't feel SO bad.
    Thanks for the concern. <3 Time you updated by the way.

    @ Anuranjani,
    And both of us think you are the BEST commentator. ;) Like no one before. We're elated to have you as readers. <3 Mwahh.

    @ Mishi,
    Something happened? Mind emailing? :)
    And when compliments come from literary stalwarts like you, I feel filled with pride, happiness and boastfulness :P
    Thanks SO much! I'm glad you connect. Just hope things turn out positively for you. :)

    @ Bonnie,
    Thanks hun. :)

  41. @ Vyankatesh,
    Welcome here, firstly :) and thank you, bud.

    @ Shagun,
    Thank you SO much, Shagun. Its kinda an everybody-experience.

    @ Zeba,
    I know. Once, you're so connected to a person, then, not at all!
    And Hehe :) Deviantart.com -- the beautifulest images!
    Thank you SO much, love. I replied :*

    @ Izdiher,
    Its mutual, honey. <3

    @ ~Seяendipity~ with the я,
    OMG! Yay! So now we're Soul sisteяs :D

  42. I know it sounds kinda philosophical, but Everything that happens, happens for good :) God Bless :)

    Love, ~Moonlight~

    P.S: From the fiery template to the blog description to the post titles to the images, I seem to love all it all! Darn, you're so expressive :)

  43. always great as ever.... i so missed your posts... glad im back.

  44. when we feel that a particular person will never leave, that is when the person leaves.
    And yes, it is sad to see how times change, and how time changes people.

    Your post is something that everyone will be able to relate to. We all lose a good friend at a point, and the absence is deeply felt.

    Your writing is very mature :)
    I loved this piece!

    Take Care :)

  45. This is just so well written :'(
    I could relate to a few parts.
    You write SO well. :O :D

  46. yay ur awsm.... I'm ur a huge fan bolae tou bht bara phanka of ur writings :P

  47. Thanks a LOT, girlfriends, Moonlight, Kharren, Philo, Ishiyeeta, and Aliza :D

  48. I know the feeling, and no matter how much treasure it, it can be lost so easily...

    I used call my blog 'Lost and Found. And Lost Again'...life moved on and thankfully the name changed too...

  49. Those pics.... Smiling.. I was remembering the fun n masti I do wid my friends.

    though lil poignant but a lovely read.

  50. I have a lump in my throat.
    You write beautifully:)

  51. Thank you SO much Siddhartha, Jyoti and Aishwarya. <3


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