Sometimes ..
You should settle with the complications,
Not mend the broken glass,
Not kick the tit bits of magic,
Learn to dance in a puddle.

Sometimes ..
You should give up the unnecessary malice,
Not fret over the lost memories,
Not kiss the roses of the past,
Learn to swim with the flow!


  1. "Sometimes I feel like Crying -
    Sometimes I feel like Dying -

    I think these emotions make me Human..."

    I'm not good with Poetry but you write good. :)
    Keep writing.

  2. By Not Good I meant- Like - Writing it and Judging what other people have written.

    May be some other time. ;)

  3. my baby writes awesomely..!
    and i knw it..!
    and dnt be sad na u knw i HATE lyk HATE it lyk srsly hate it
    if u dnt be happy wappy il irritate u wid my DEADLY LAME JOKES>.! :P
    and coz u sed u lyk the wrd
    KHOOBSOOORAT so yes it is ..! :)
    tc and strt studying..! :)

  4. Yay Daniyal, you made me laugh there. -_-
    And I guess sorrow makes us nothing but human.
    And thank you thank you. *bows*

    @ Suvaiba,
    Uff you should read the poem again. It is paasitive ! :D
    And I didn't study a w.o.r.d today. I studied Motivation yesterday though ;) I'm going to screw screw History, I know it inside. :D
    And and and, khoobsurat beinteehaan khoobsurat shabd hai. Whateverthatmeant.
    Byebye. :D

  5. @crystal- look at the silly picture
    il kill u srsly
    and i did not study a LETTER today..! :P
    lyk L>E>T>T>E>R
    history meri history likhegy..! i knw dat..! :(
    i knw khoobsurat is srsly khoobsurat..! :)

  6. @Suvaiba - During The Exam Hours - Even History BEcomes A Mystery - Whether it is yours or someone else's :P

    @Crystal - Your title reminded me of this - http://lastrhyme.blogspot.com/2011/05/sometimes.html

    Just saying :D

  7. @daniyal - yep thats myn and u made me smile so congrats go buy urself a chocolate..! :)) thats an achievment coz em feeling very LOW..!:P :) and thnks..!

  8. @suvaiba May be - Someday I'll buy Ice Cream with my own Money + My OWn Will :P.

  9. @daniyal- sounds fyn...!and the own money sounds very THE INDEPENDENT MAN kind ... n i lyk it ..! :) and dnt frget to share..! :)

  10. @daniyal- that sounds fyn and with my own money gives sort of THE INDEPENDENT MAN kind thots and i like it..! :)
    and dnt frget to share it..! :) :)

  11. sometimes u shud just let life take its course...and soon everything becomes ok

  12. hey crystal :) thank you for dropping a word in my mailbox after reading mannequin :) feels good :), I've discovered we have the same names sweetie, but I have a single 'a' :)

  13. yup I agree! and it does pay you good..GOING WITH THE FLOW..there comes time in your life when you are left with no other option..so its best then to just move on, bury the past behind and Go with the Flow! nice one:-)

  14. I really *love* this Crystal and you penned it wonderfully! It's about having the wisdom to know when to wait or move on ~

    "If we spend time dwelling on the bridges we burned, we limit our discovery of the new ones we can build" :)

  15. Sometimes things can b bad
    but we should always keep one thing in our head tht...
    days shall pass
    No point of repenting on situations or harass.
    Make ur heart of steel, nt of fragile glass !!!

    Lovely read !!!

  16. Well put.
    Realizations as such don't come to evy1 at ur age...
    and so i found it even more wonderful...:)

  17. Kia baat ha bhai aapki...Loved it...

  18. @Suvaiba @Daniyal -__-
    My comment box is NOT a chat box, you foools! And such a dumb dumb conversation. Tch tch :P

    @ Maverick,
    Ditto! If only it were THAT easy to let go .. :)

    @ Serendipity,
    Gee that is good :) I wanted to post something lengthier but I did give it up. :/ AND yay , you're the only blogger with who I share my name yay :D

  19. @ Mishi, *Firstly, I love thy name :D
    And you are totaally right! The past, deserves to be buried, specially if it only and only brings back a bitter taste! Sometimes its difficult to give up though because as they say, "the thorns of the past shalt return to haunt you today!" :)

    @ Lady Fiona,
    I loved loved the quote and aye aye, I love you, Finny Minny! :D Thanks.

    @ Jyoti,
    Hie hie :)
    You're riiiight. We need to strengthen our heart not let it get weakened under circumstances.

  20. @ PJ,
    Uff aap khush kar deti hai :)

    @ Imad,
    Kya baat hai aapke comment ki bhi haha :D Thanks re.

  21. crystal - skooooL aaao iL shw u whuuuz da foooL..! :P :P :P DOUBLE WAT..! :P

  22. yes sometimes you just have to live at the moment :)

    Very nice :)

  23. Mahnoor, :)

    Aman, Yay thankie .

    The other side of me,
    Aye welcome hither :)
    and thank youu.


  24. very beautifully written and very interesting lines :) keep it up aayushi :)

  25. Sometimes, its better to let go...

  26. u deleted my com ..! :X :(( i hate u n i dnt luv u..! :(

  27. u deleted my com ..! :X :(( i hate u n i dnt luv u..! :(

  28. @ Israr, Shukriya jinab :)
    @ Chintan, True.
    @ Suvaiba, NO NO. Which comment?

  29. Ah. I will try to remember. So difficult otherwise. But you have written it so beautifully it is doing to be difficult to forget it anytime soon anyway.

  30. I love the way you phrased this. I feel like I can relate.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  31. * learn to swim with the flow...
    i love it..

    hats off. great one=)

  32. true that--
    true that
    nicely conveyed

  33. Zeba- Your comments always make me smile. :D

    Bonnie- I guess we all can. :) Thanks.

    Kharren-Thank you hun!

    Fatima- :)

  34. This is so beautiful.

    You are invited for tea party at my blog.

  35. This is beautiful.

    You are invited for my virtual tea party at my blog and been tagged.

  36. 'Learn to swim with the flow'
    A dead fish doesn't need to learn how to swim with the flow. Does it?

    Nice post, though! :)

  37. Izdiher,
    Saw! Incredibly cute. Invitation accepted. ;)

    Ufo! Maar hi dalengae? :P

    A dead wish reincarnates? :/

  38. When the heck did you start writing again!?!

    And this frequently?!

    Glad to see this up and running!

  39. Love the wordings...u write fab gurl!!

  40. Don't connect it to the theory of re-incarnation. :D
    What I meant was that only a dead fish swims with the flow. Struggle is a part of life and an alive being going with the flow is no better than a dead fish.

  41. the very simple plain truth. sometimes, we just need to swim with the flow.. who know what awaits next..
    loved it :)

  42. @ Cinderella,
    Just a couple of weeks back, hun!
    And I am gladder to be back. :)
    How've you been? Not seen you on Facebook. :(

    @ Ria,
    Gee :)

    @ Vinati,
    I was just being cynical gee :D
    And by going with the flow, I didn't mean keeping mum when challenges are thrown at our face, being defenseless when provoked. I only meant, not questioning and struggling unnecessarily when there is actually no requirement of it. And don't forget, a dead fish has no option BUT to swim with the flow, a one that is alive and kicking can always choose between going with the flow and not, as and when required!

    @ Shravan,
    Who knows what awaits us! True.
    Thank you, and welcome here bud

  43. Hey! I came across your blog for the first time. It's great! I loved it. Keep the words flowin'...:-)

  44. hey crystal.. may i ask why you were laughing while looking at my header?? haha coz im puzzled!

    PS- my header has been changed... template too..


  45. @ Vyankatesh,

    @ Ayushi,
    Hello. We have the same name, only mine has one more A. :D
    And welcome. :)

    @ Kharren,
    I thought it was irresistibly cute. I liked the way you gave an ":O" expression to the reader.
    This one though is more intellectual. I love your templates and love you tooo hun. *blows kisses*

    @ Express,

  46. so true... sometimes, its best to accept what we get :)

    have a lovely day...


  47. You've a positive energy around you -- or that's what I deciphered from this post of yours. Read it a couple of times coz I loved it !!!

  48. hi, am here aftr a long time. you might not remember! Loved th last 2 lines that summed up the thoughts sooo wel. :)

  49. Great bit of writing, i like it a lot. Moving forward is difficult, its so hard to stop yourself from falling, but letting go as hard as it may be is often the only way. It helps you retain your own sanity and enables you to push forward with an existence that is against lifes great clock.. I'll be back. Thanks for sharing.

    Paul :o) poeticsauce.blogspot.com

  50. @ Arv,
    Ditto !

    @ Dhanya,
    Indeed. Much, much positiveness.
    Thank you SO much. :)

    @ Indrajit,
    I DO remember. Very distinctly. I didn't know you still blogged. Shall drop by in a moment. xx
    And thank you SO much.

    @ Paul,
    That was a beautiful conclusion.
    I just visited you. :)

    Much love, all.

  51. Now this is what I would say simple, short and sweet...I would like to share my short poem with u...http://aakritimalik.blogspot.com/2010/07/reason-for-everything.html

    And hey Crystal..u are ball full of talent and magic yaar!! I mean what all on earth do u have in u...u knw hw to weave yarns with words, u knw hoe to listen to a reader and a poet and that that not 'read'..listen thru and now I see ur fab clicks..which have a story of their own! Gosh..u'll see moi more often;) Kudos!!!.....

  52. A nicely expressed post. Yes we should strike the right balance on our act and think when to hold and when to move on.. nice read :)

  53. Sometimes we need to go gently with the flow...
    Love thy post..!!

  54. Thank you SO much Aakriti, Anand and Reicha! Wonderful people, all of you. <3

  55. Words so little, convey meanings so big :)


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