I have only ..

I am not a liar, I have only hidden many truths.
I am not scared from my past, it only bears too many scars.
I don't hate the rain, I only cannot control my tears then.
I haven't been in love, I have only lost him.
I haven't been a ditcher, I have only left a friend's hand.
I am not scared of screaming, I have only lost my voice.
I have not a committed a sin, only seen too many and kept mum.
I have never felt for him again, I have only missed his presence in my life.
I haven't abandoned vibrant colors, I have only taken up the ones that are unassuming.
I haven't separated from the crowd, I have only started being scared of addressing it.
I haven't given anyone hatred, I have only received abhorrence time and again.
I still stop to smell the flowers, I have only stopped devouring their beauty now.
I haven't been two faced, I have only deserted the ugly.
I didn't want to be a complicated, I have only lost the simplicity.
I don't believe in paradoxes, I have only fallen in love with them, again!


  1. this is sooo beautiful! we'd all find a part of us here and there.. im so so happy Fara asked me to read your blog :D you my love are a gem! i dont know anyone quite at vibrant, funloving insane and cute as you. remain the same and only grow more beautiful! * i know this is too sweet a comment to be written by me, but well, take it ;)

  2. Nice piece of art..makes me to write something like this too :)

    I have never felt for him again, I have only missed his presence in my life.
    Loved these lines the most

  3. @ Tariq,
    Uf! Out of all people amongst a population of 1.2 billion, look WHO comments on my blog. :D
    And yes yes, your sister is a smartass, unlike you ;) And YESSSS, you don't have to be good to me. Doesn't suit you bro. Not at all bro. Haha :D I love you my Kashmiri chuhaaa. Your comment made me all ":D" like you do otherwise when you're around. :D

    @ OSOM ,
    Please do! :D Would love to read.
    And, love lost is beautiful love too. Sigh :)

  4. If I tried to make a Picture while reading this - The result will be a Mango.
    and Mangoes are Lovely :P.

    So this is Lovely. May be Someday I will be able to write like this. Someday..(in 2030 - TEEHE).

    oh I have a RHYME!!!.

    I am scared of doing......stuff.
    And I'm not afraid of fish - In fact I like Dolphins.

    Welcome Back @_@ I didn't miss ya.

  5. I am going to share this on my Facebook wall!
    I am just soooo awed by these lines!
    Paradoxial life!

  6. I love it. I really, really do.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. why a disclaimer in the end? do you care if someone interprets this piece as a state of mind?

    i liked the verses, but the disclaimer totally killed it....

    The Blunt Blog

  8. i dont judge people according to their posts,
    I just run out of words when I read some excellent work.

    :D ok i suck at this.
    but i love u.
    so lets call it even :P

  9. Oh My God! This is one brilliant piece of work. Every single is so, so beautiful!

  10. Finny missed you!!! WoW! This is *brilliant*!!! I've read it several times now because it's soooo good and I wish to absorb all of it's contents. The last line ties it all together! Absolutely LOVED every line! You're AhhhMAZING and I'm missin' your face from my Google friend connect :( Sending you love & *hugs* ♥ ♥ P.S. ~ Agree with everything Tariq said about you :-)

  11. @ Daniyal,
    Because of your love for mangoes that Suvaiba and I have noticed, I hence christen you Mangiyal! :) Hello, Mangiyal, I wish you write a mangolicious post soon so that people go mangoes after reading it because it will be mangofreakingly awesome. :D And don't you fret, Mangiyal, the-one-who-gave-you-the-name didn't miss you either. But haaayyy, i will throw mangoes at you rather than blowing kisses now. Bye bye, Mangiyal :)

    @ Red-Handed,
    Ahhhhhh! That will be a treat. Thanks a ton ton ton. Love.

    @ Bonnie,
    Thank you SO muchhhh hun!

    @ TheBluntBlogger,
    Yes I do. I get flooded with mails and comments about how I should take care and how I should take things calmly and I DO NOT want those even though they only mark concern. Its just a piece of art and that's all all it is. :)
    I know! I kind of understand whatever you mean .. Thank you anyway!

  12. @ Express,
    Yaay yaaay old blaagger frands are the BEST on Planet Earth! :*
    *flying kisses*

    @ Ovais,
    Glad.you.thought.I.can! :D
    Yes, more later. Got two papers left!

    @ Anuranjini,
    Yay. Thank you thank you :)

    @ Lady Fiona,
    Crystal missed Finny too. Rather, Crissie missed Finny too ! :*
    I am rather glad glad you thought it was worth being absorbed.
    And oh, you do? :( I shall change it to my fugly little face soon love.
    Mwahhhh! :*

    @ Rahul,
    Thank you, Sir. :)

  13. Thats a good one to let us all know how to take a positive view of things :)

    have a nice day...


  14. eh. I'm going to kill Mangoes from now on then.
    And I think I won't post anywhere in near future. @_@ I don't feel good. may be some other day.

  15. @Arv,
    Having you back is amazing :D
    and geez, thank you.

    You have a great day too, bud.

    @ Daniyal,
    Did i out-wit you rather out-mango you today? Hahaha.
    Write soon, Mangiyal. Tc.

  16. i was enjoying reading this until you said dont see it as a state of mind :(

    nice work girl...keep it up :) i wish you get 7.2billions comments on this (i dont know what is the limit on blogger)

  17. lovely !!!!
    post more often- l;ove radin your work, awesome =)

  18. This is beautiful ,Fatima.

    And thanks for your lovely comment .It means a lot to me.

  19. I have shared it on Fb page.hope you wont mind!:) it was beautiful..!

  20. @ Israr,
    Well .. :)
    and whoa, I didn't know that many comments EXIST for real. :P
    Thank you thank you!

    @ Fatima,
    I will love. Got exams on right now! :@
    Thanks a lot lot.

    @ Izdiher,
    You sure you made the comment on the right blog? My name is Aayushi :D
    And thanks.

    @ Mishi,
    Ofcourse I don't, its more of an honour gee :)
    Thank you SO much!

  21. tht was a beautiful read! and its hard to view this only as a piece of art - the words are too deep to be creative :)

    i like the photograph used.

    suggestion: try and give more space to ur words and less for the background. The violet checks are some how distracting the attention.

  22. Yes i totally agree with Chintan...the disclaimer wasnt needed at all.

  23. @ Sawan,
    Thank you, thank you SO much, bud.
    Its always good to be back.
    And oh, I shall work on the background.

    @ Ria,
    It isn't a state of mind, you know? No depression, aggression, denial that's stemming inside me. But since you two say so, I shall look into that.

  24. An intelligent, thoughtful-provoking and wonderful piece of writing! Very well done :o)

  25. Girl, I loved it. Beautifully written.
    Tum bahut acha likhti ho sakhi.. :)

  26. @ Deborah,

    Thank you! When it comes from a good writer, it means a lot! :]

    @ Vinati,
    Jee shukriya, sakhi. <3 :]

  27. Crystallll! :D
    This is so well written, and just so true! :)

  28. hai dear, well just read ur msg in my blog, just like ur poem, I write the below lines:
    I read your blog often,its just I don't comment.

    but shall see to that, I would comment in future. :)

    No hard feelings, All smiles and yes liked two lines a lot from this poem "I am not scared of my past, it only bears too many scars". And
    "I didnt want to be a complicated, I have only lost the simplicity".

    Very Nice And I think it can still have more lines.t.c cya and keep blogging and commenting as well.luv u.

  29. @ Shagun,
    SHANGUNNN thanks :D
    Thanks for following too. :]

    @ Moi,
    Aye comments don't matter, just post a little oftener on your blog too. That would be nice :]
    and thanks a lot! Love you too hun.

  30. and now when i read it again w/o disclaimer, it has so much meaning <3


  31. those contrasting statements in each line.... Brilliantly written.
    Clearly depicting the complexity with which our life is woven !!

    Lovely read crystal !!

  32. @ Chintan,
    Yaay thanks. :)
    Much love to you too.

    @ Jyoti,
    Indeed paradoxes are embedded in some parts of our lives.
    Gratias, miss. Keep writing.

  33. yeyeiiii...! :)) mai kya likhooooooooooooooooooooo???
    KHooooooooooooooooobsoooooooooooooorat..........1 :)
    haaan ye sai ae...! :)
    biscut khaaaya kya?? :P
    lolz mmmm i knw this is turning out 2 b a gross n weird comment but thats okay..! :)
    tum hi to ho meri Chudhdhu..! :P

  34. 'I am not a liar, I have only hidden many truths' - Yeah, more than hiding truths from others, we hide truths from ourselves! Nicely written, BTW.

  35. This is so beautiful. This one right here. Paradoxes. And excuses. It becomes difficult to detest this person in spite of everything that has been done at her hands..

  36. I don't say its infinitly beautiful I only say it's a wild flower
    I don't say it was soulful, I'll only say it was eternity when it seemed an hour!

    terrific: m awed...

  37. Suvaiba, How on Earth do you comment? :/ But thanks so much, idiot. :P

    Zeba, True true.

    Grain of sand, Aw! That's SO sweet.:)

  38. You are remarkable. Not following you, would be a mistake :)

  39. haha :D Suvaiba's comments are the best on my posts :) :D Here, she just adds on to the insanity :D and how I wish I still was on Facebook so that I could share this there and make it reach more people :)

    Awesome :)

    How come I never found you earlier ?


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