She cleared the wooden table and carefully kept the washed glass vase besides the wall.
They were lying near the table, smiling up to her, all packed in brown paper.

She put them inside the vase with contrast to the flower, and whispered to herself.
"There isn't much color in life, but I know how to fill in some."

And yes, the red gerberas did glisten in glory, and filled color.


  1. Awhh the prose was short, and amazing! you kill it.. once and for all ! :P
    and many happy returns of the day to Imad.. thats a nice pic!

  2. ur frnd's b'day in 2 dys so i'll better pray for him :P whai Genelia waala thingie :P
    tera b'day feb mei na so then I'll see abt tat :P enuff no? :P

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  4. aww that was beautifuuuuuul

    && happy birthday to your friend =)

  5. Short and brilliant piece. We all need colors in our life!

  6. Aw thanks guys! :) <3

    @ PJ,
    Yayie you remember. :* I seriously waant Ali , okay? Pray hardddd.

  7. Red Flower on White Background. Looks Awesome :).

    And Happy Birthday to your friend. And May you get what you wish for :D

  8. oh my gOD
    hope u knw its not 30th n wheres my name..!
    ahem ahem ahem..!
    i thnk everythng i cooked b/w u an ALI n achcha rahan do.. ! :P
    anywayz tareef to karni padegy warna class me sunaogy.! :P
    gr8 post as usual and give me sum good wrds jisse mai aapki tameez se tareef kar saku..! :P :P :P :)

  9. happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day...now where is the cake? :P suvaiba :P

  10. Sure all Birthday wishes to your friend and lots of luck for ur exams :)

  11. @ Daniyal,
    Gee I do like the picture too :)
    And hahaha thanks. I really DO want to meet Ali Zafar :D

    @ Suvaiba,
    I know. That's precisely why I've written "two days" in advance, you clown. :P
    ANDD I wish anything for the sake ANYTHING cooks between Ali and me. Hahaha :D
    And yay yay. I really like the words "behtereen" "Khoobsurat" "exemplary" "stunning" "flawless" :P

    @ Mohd Israr,
    Ahh you tell me .. What d'ya like, chocolate or vanilla? -_-

    @ Siddhartha,
    Thank you, thank you so much, bud!

    @ Mishi,
    Thank you, hun <3

  12. @crystal- oh to tum intelligent nikli..??
    plz pardon me em gng mad..! i dunnow y..!
    actually xzams ka asar ae.! :P
    ALI U N someone else too..! :P triple love story..!
    achcha thenchu fr da wrds il use dem nxt tym.! :P

    @muhammad israr- khud khareed lo..! :)

  13. Well Well Crystal I am HELL surprised to see all this :D

    I mean you have already made my Birthday Special before its ON.

    Have actually no words to describe how i am feeling rite now.

    But i Must say I LOVEEDD ITTTT ! <3



  14. And Suvaiba Thanks a bunch to you too :)

    May be you both will get the cake now :p

    Loved all this :)

  15. Thankyou Shariq :D

    @Priya joyce :

    hahaha yea yea pray for me first :p Urgently needed genelia :p hahaha THANKYOU FOR THE WISH AND PRAYERS :)

    Fatima : Thankyou :)

  16. Thankyou Israr and daniyal :)

    Siddhartha joshi Thankyou :)

  17. @Crystal...
    vanilla would be fantastic :)

  18. @suvaiba...
    thats very miser of a lioness...how can i khareed on my own? you should do it ...come on... :P

  19. @ Suvaiba,
    I am any day smarter than you, Ele meri jaan :D And and I want want something to brew between Ali and me. Pleaaaaaaaaaaase ! :P

    And @Israr- You're riiiight! She's a kanjoos sherni. Grrah :(

    @ Imadi,
    Uffoo don't mention it :D
    Lots of love. :D

    @ Jyoti- Thanks a tonnnnnne :)

  20. Ali Zafar?? Haha :D Hope you get to meet him some day :)

    Good luck for your exams :)
    Come back soon!

  21. I come back and u take off? no fair!

    but but, happy b'dat imad :)

    and You study and meet ali zafar and write awesome posts and keep us entertained, ok?

  22. No no. Too short. I was left wanting more. I could see you molding it into something really beautiful and then you STOP. How dare you? :-) And good luck with those exams. 17th October.. Seems like a long time to go. And I did update. And then junked it to drafts. Didn't think that one was ready to be read just yet. :-) Soon though. I promise. Much love and luck. Do good you. :-)

  23. @ Philo,
    Gee yes. :D Does it sound too immature. BAH! I still louuuuuuuurve him. :D
    And thank you thank you hun! :)

    @ Express,
    Aarey I will be back na pyaaru <3
    Anddd, yes, this time over if I try making updates in the midst of exams, Mother India is going to give me the killlls ;)
    And yaaay you are back. :*

    @ HBL, :)

    @ Zeba,
    You're the bestestest. AND and I wanted to tell you, you should listen to Agnee too. It is a beautiful band. :') Also Jal and Strings.
    And thanks a lot lot. Update whenever you feel like, love. <3
    Take care. <3

  24. Will do Hun. Thanks for sharing. Take care you. Now go study! Aaj kal ke bache.. :-P

  25. @crystal... yes sherni shouldnt be a kanjoos naw... should be brave :)

  26. @muhamad israr- G em a tigress not a lioness..! :P

  27. @muhammad and crystal- beta hudd ae tum dono meri buraiyeeeeeeee kar rhe ho..! ?? hawwwwwwwwwwww
    so bad..!

    @IMAD- shukriya and have a blast..! :)) yes i am desperately waitng fr the cake..! :P :)

  28. @suvaiba...but you said you are lioness... so now you are tigress/???
    and we are not doing burayiaan... its just that i wanted a cake and crystal supports me in my stance :P

  29. @muhammad- my name means tigress but if u wanna call .. so bula lo ..! :P
    and hudd ae... it is burayeeee only
    bhukkad mat bano..! :P

  30. @suvaiba... mujhe kia...tigress he kahunga :P
    and its not burayee...its a b.day and it calls for a cake...so kanjoos mat bano...tigress should generous :)

  31. @muhhamd- haan tigress to aapky chuddy buddy ae na :P lolz
    achhca kha lo lekin khud khareed ke ..! :P
    its a budday wo b ek frnd ki..! :P

  32. hahahah...yes tigress is my buddy :P i hope :P

    nahi khud kharid k kia karna hai phir :(
    muft me khane ka apna maza hai ...come on dont be kanjos :P

  33. @muhammad- g hu ofcorse ..! :P
    khud kareed k kahan..!
    muft :P
    ahem ahem achcha kha lo
    bill crystal pay kar degy :P
    mai to paidayeshi kanjoos hu..! :P

  34. @suvaiba...
    crystals said k tigress is very very genorous..Hattim Taai ki jansheen hai...so come one...its only a few rupees :P

  35. Hatim Tai ki jansheen hahahahahah!
    Bhaiyon behenon, decide karlo kaun cake khila raha hai. Mujhe bula liyo bas -__-
    PS: I like chocolate..

  36. @crystal...
    its of course the tigress... she would be giving cakes...me ne already vanilla ka bataya hai...now you want chocolates...so 2 cakes kuch nahi i know suvaiba is very generous :)

  37. Do dil mil rae hai. *sweet melody continues*

    *entry of Villain*
    meShouts: Nahiiiii, yea nahi ho sakta. -_-

  38. hadd hai... kitna scene banaya hai crystal ne :P

    chalow koi nahi entry villain ki :)

  39. Hum janm se filmi hai bhaaai! >_<
    Inshallah, dil mil jaengae. Hum kuch nahi karengae :D

  40. Oohho
    Mai scene se gum kya huii tum log to
    An miss crystal – dil to aapki mil chuke ae.. :P
    Ab meko na phasaooo
    And mr mohd- wads hatim tai ki jaannassshen pahle aap iska matlab samjhaiiiyega..! :P and theek hae de dugy one choc and 2nd vanilla and il ask HUGH to pay the bill
    Fyn na..??
    Haan crystal ko bachpan me kas k thappad pada tha tab se acting zada karne lagy ae
    Ab ek thappad mai maruuugy
    And beta tum to bachpan se hi VILLIAN ho
    And publicaly zada bakwas nakaro abt dil wil..!:P

  41. @suvaiba...

    bus dekh le gum na hua karo naw scene se... phir to hum burayan karenge naw :P

    haatim tai ka jansheen matlb intehaai generous person :)

    koi nahi fine...hugh can pay the bill..but me n crystal will take the cake from you :)

    chalow private bakwas allowed hai? :P

  42. @mohd- hudd ae.... to zindagy bhar scene pe chipki rahuu
    fevicol gyft kar do meko :P
    and ohh thenchu fr the meaning
    achcha ae
    par mai nhi hu
    em a warrior n fighter typs
    haan private bakwas allowed
    and thooooooooooooos lo tum dono cake..! :P

  43. @suvaiba...

    scene fit ho to chipakne me koi hirj nahi ...and welcome...and yes we both want to eat cake if you buy :P

  44. @mohd- lolz lolz lolz..!
    haan theek ae
    de dunga..! :P

  45. Ufo! Apni guftguu band kariyay mohterma aur jinaab!

  46. @crystal- aap chup rahiye sab aapke zalim pet ki wajah se hi hua ae
    badi aayi ae
    cake khane wali ..1

  47. @suvaiba...

    yes sure de do naw...we are waiting :p

  48. @crystal...

    abi guftgoo ka koi result to aney de :P

  49. @Suvaiba...

    hahahaha..apne hi blog p kisi ko chup karana ..wow...waqai tigress :P

  50. The birthday may be over but the party is still going on here lol!! Carry on, sometimes it sucks not to be tri-lingual :p Anyhow, I just stopped by to say hello to you, Crystal, and wish you all the best on your exams! :)

    Hello to Israr & Suvaiba as well :)

  51. @Lady Fiona...

    thanks and hello to you :)

  52. Hello hello. Hello everyone :D
    We're having quite a celebration here. :D
    And what language is this ? Me doesn't know :(

  53. @Crystal...its spanish...hello hello every one.... :)

  54. Ooh! And the name is Aayushi. :)
    Hello Finny (Lady Fiona) Tigress- Suvaiba and Israarr !
    Tell me tell me, what does the name mean?

  55. @crystal...

    ayushi is whose name?
    and meaning of which name you asking?

  56. My name is Aayushi with a double A and I asking you your name's meaning.

  57. @Crystal..

    ok Aayushi with double A.. meaning is Mystery :) Misterio :)
    and what does Aayushi means?

  58. The root is an Indian blessing- "Ayushmann bhava" - Long life ! :)
    And ohh, no wonder. Misterio Vida!

  59. ah yes...when you take aashirvad from somebody like touch their feet so they will say.. aayushman bhava :)

    yes misterio vida... life of mystery :)

  60. @lady fiona- hIEEEEEEEEEEEEE frm my syd ttooo..!
    @mohd- yes i said i was a tigress blog chahe kisi ka b ho lekin mai chup kara skta hu..! :P
    and i like the meaning of ur name mr misterio vida..! :P :)
    and aayushi wid a double A..! :P lolz hudd ae..!
    haan tum roz mera ashirvad lety ho tabhi aaj jake 16 saal ki hui ho..! :P

  61. @suvaiba...
    bus i think aayushi dar k bhag gyi apne blog se :P
    and yes ashirvad dia karo naw... :)
    yes it is with a double A.
    and thanks for liking my name :)

  62. Hello Party People!!! :p

    @Crystal ~ Oooh, Finny!! I liiike and I've never been called that before ha ha! It reminds me of the coined phrase of 'skinny minny' :D I'm not sure if it's a British creation but my mother has always used this phrase to describe thin people. Now I can precede it with my new name: Finny is a skinny minny :p lol!

    Have fun! ;)

  63. I'm totally hooked on to Paul Walker :D :D

    Thank you for the comment :)
    Your comment box has become a chat box :P

  64. @mohd- mmmmmm aisa kaise ho skta ki tigress kahe or aayushi na sune :P and thanks
    @fiona- hieeeeeeeeeeee
    @philo- i thnk aayushi shud thank me..! :P

  65. @suvaiba...

    yes sure tigress kahe to har koi sunta hai phir :P

  66. @mohd - ofcorse ab crystal k blog se nikaliye or mere post pe cmmnt kijiye..! :P

  67. @Suvaiba...
    crystal khud ghayb hai so hum hi chala rahe hai is blog ko :P

  68. Dafa ho jao tum dono! -__-
    I stopped commenting cos I got bored. :S
    Tigress se daregi meri jooti. :/
    Ab bas, apne apne blogs par baat kariyae ab dono!

  69. Wow! You are one awesome writer! :O
    And, well, Happy Birthday Imad! :)
    May you get the love of your life..! ;) :P

  70. omg lol rf http://p2.freepicshare.com/m.php?2h1x8i4-Picture43.JPG

  71. @ Anuranjini,
    And your comments make me RIDICULOUSLY happy :D

    @ Izdiher,
    Whaaat was the link ? It didn't open. :/


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