Real bliss.

"No, no, no. I can't let the girl share the bill while I take her out for dinner!", he quipped.
"That is for women you have to impress. Not me!", she laughed.
He joined in the laughter and said, "So you don't want to get impressed by me? Agh! Sadness!?"
"I won't. Don't even try", she said with a straight face.
His smile dropped a little.
"Haha. Gotcha. Brighten up, boy", she comforted with the smile and a light laughter, again.

He'd finally got his school crush out. Though, he hadn't confessed what he felt. He hadn't asked her how she viewed him either. What if the question ruins the sanctity of the moment. Well..

"Stop thinking about me. Concentrate on the mojito. Its divine" She broke his reverie.

He smiled. And thought, let the confession be for some other day. He'd wait. Perhaps, forever.
Today, lets just concentrate.

On that beautiful smile.


  1. MANNNNNNNNN i am a fan. *renews proposal*
    every work compels me to comment, though you know how i much i hate it :P and dude this was cute. its not a guy thing to aw but seriously ! :D

  2. awwwwww! i have paid the bill when i really loved this guy! :)

  3. Awwwww.. that was just so cute!
    I have gone through this phase. I have been that girl :D

  4. We're romantics. Our names do that to our heart. I think I'm your soul sister III :P:P We have much much more in common. I love that :) I want to catch up on your blog more, but your blog archive is set in such a complicated way. Uncomplicate it pretty please and then my words are all yours :)

    Love :*

  5. AWESOME :D *Clapping*
    impressionnant :D *Applaudir*
    Alaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D *TALIAN*

  6. Aw! Pehle toh tum *hug* le lo iss post k liye!

    And seriously? This post is gonna be on my mind for a long time bacche! :)

    and I simple LOVE your new template! awesomeeee maxxxx!!!

  7. short but wonderfully crafted post...


  8. Hmm...reminds me of my courtship days. :)

  9. You captured a moment that will leave an impression forever ~ loved it! I had to laugh because I do the same thing with wanting to either pick up half of the bill or pay the whole thing :D I love to be romanced and treated 100% but I always insist on reciprocating later on, in the form of a surprise :) ♥

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  11. hahaha..kya likha hai! all the guys must be smiling to them by now (remembering their high school)..and the girls , well smiling too...their beautiful smile :)..
    story of our lives, it is :)

  12. concentrate is too hard a word. try bask. or rejuvenation.

  13. OK NOW TEMME FOR ONCE...where on ur blog can I write SUPER DUPER BIG SIZE MEIN...."UR EVERY..NOT EVEN ONE, NOT EVEN TWO..BUT EVERY SINGLE POST IS AWESOME"!!! PHEW....dudette.. u are "the writer" of the coming years!!!!and when u do write a book..I'll say to myself" Ah! this girl made it!! I'm, glad I read her personally thru her blog"!!

  14. Sweet simply or simply sweet :)
    I have landed on your blog here for the first time.
    1.Your name crystal caught me so well
    2.Could not stop myself from reading ahead cause your blog template and presentation is magnificent :)..
    3.This post is soo sweet :D ...

    Now i can always land on this beautiful page now that i am acquainted with it :)


  15. Imagination takes us to some quite interesting places. Love it.

  16. Can I steal this scene and use it in my story?Can I,can I pleaase???:-D
    It was fantastic..

  17. wow !! divine ...
    comfortable mature relation between two people makes the journey beautiful.

    Really appreciate your creativity.

  18. @ Tariq,
    Uf aap toh kehar dhaa dete hai. Waapaas aaiyae zara aapki khabar lete hai. -_- And jee shukriya jaan! See you.

    @ TBB,
    Now that was seriously aaaaw :)
    Lets see if I do it for someone. EVER. (very thin chances) ;)

    @ Red,
    And you have thought of footing half the bill? Awe :D
    Thanks baby!

    @ Priyanka,
    Hehe thanks love. :)

    @ Serendipity,
    Aww yes we are. Though I'm not a romantic, AT ALL! Irrespective of how much I write about love, I've never been hopelessly romantic. I suck that way :(
    And I have changed my archive to a li'l uncomplicated way. Check, honey :) And thanks so much.

    @ Pri,
    Thanks hun :)

  19. @ Aliza,
    Aaaarey aapne toh zyada hi tareef kar dee :D
    Jee shukriya. <3

    @ Express,
    Aw my cutie pie. I love your comments and above all I love you. Get your bum back on Facebook or wait till I get a number :( I miss you and I loveee youu and thank you honeyyy <3

    @ Soumyadeep,
    Thank you SO much!

    @ Ria,
    Hehe. That was the intention :)

    @ Lady Fiona,
    Here, we don't know whether the girl reciprocated, but maybe she was simply like me, too full of herself to let the boy pay ;)
    And thank you SO Much, honey! Your comments make me joyous WITHOUT FAIL. <3

  20. @ PJ,
    Aw thanks ! :D

    @ A grain of sand,
    So cute your comment was. :D
    And the girl can be courting around too .. we never know!
    Thanks. :)

    @ Rahul ji,
    Thank you :)

    @ Raj,
    Bask would be too huge.
    Rejuvenation, nah, concentrate is subtle ;)
    And what about the post sir?

  21. @ Aakriti,
    You tell me from where I can find an option of framing your comments and posting them on my wall. Guess you'll have to send them to me as letters :D
    Thank you SO SO much! *hug*

    @ Alcina,
    And since you have left such an INCREDIBLY cute comment there is no way I can NOT get about you. Thank you SO Much ! I'm glad people are liking the template.
    And lots of love to you. :)

    @ Daniyal,
    Some very intriguing indeed. :)
    Thanks bud.

    @ Reicha,
    I'll have to mind the "e" in your name but thanks so much, hun. :) Much appreciated.

  22. lol. no.
    when you were being oh so nice, how dare i be a moron? :P

  23. smile is all what you need to change the world - they say
    i dnt know maybe what they say is right..!

  24. OMG OMG. This is beautiful. :O

    Following the blog. :D


  25. Smiled while reading it. Smiled after finishing. And still smiling :)

    Do I need to say anything more? :)

  26. @ Raj,
    Well you could. Moronic is good. Duh I'm just being too nice. come on, you can be a bitch :)

    @ Suvaiba,

    @ Poulomi,
    Aw thanks so much :D
    Welcome hither.

    @ Devo,
    :) xx

    @ Philo,
    That was the best comment :D

  27. Aww this is so Cute <3
    loved it . *Smiles*

  28. U deserve it- each and every word of praise :D

  29. @ Raj,

    @ Aman,
    Aw thanks hun. <3

    @ Aliza,

    @ Anuranjani,
    Tum best ho.
    And I got the name right :D
    *tightest tight hug*

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  31. Yes. Yes. Yes. You got the name right. Yay!!
    *Hugs back* <3

  32. I think we can all relate to this post in one way or another.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  33. Though things have changed over years. People have accepted expressions over dilemma, such thing still take place.. Should I tell her or should i not? Will saying this words take me away from her or bring me more closer??
    A big Risk to lose something and achieve something

  34. There isn't much to say. The beauty in your words leaves me speechless. As always. :-)

  35. cute..it made me :)

    btw WTF did u start Writing :-o :-o

    P.S:-> WTF where W= When :P

  36. @ Anuranjani,
    Now I shall. Always :D

    @ Bonnie,
    Nice to know that. :)

    @ Nidz,
    Mighty surprise, always :D
    And yes indeed. Its a HUGE dilemma.
    Coming back at you in a moment. Love

    @ Zeba,
    Its mutual. <3

    @ Ed Pilolla,

    @ Anurag,
    I had no idea your blog STILL exists. :O All the buddhe log have disappeared. :O
    I came back like ... 2 months pehle.
    Kaisa hai tuuuuuuu? :D

  37. This post seems like its dipped in chocolate. Sweet!

  38. So short, so simple. Yet the sweetest thing ever.

    And it's when he's content with her smile that she needs to hold on tight and never let him go.

  39. @ Aishwarya,
    Aw cute. Thanks :D

    @ Maryam. haha :D

    @ PeeVee, True. Thanks hun :)

  40. there's so much tenderness in this write... so beautifully written...

  41. enjoyed reading this sweet piece ...

  42. Thank you , Rajlakshmi and Celestial Dreamz. :)

  43. Awwww this is really cure crystal darling and yeah cute things happens all the time when you're in love ;)

    take care and hugs

  44. Thanks so much, Iz and TOSM! <3

  45. oops.. your crafting skills..please teach me ! And you are 16? :-O I don't believe it ! Mail me a proof ! Again, You are 16 years old? :S Did I read that right or am I drunk? You are way too matured for your age girl !
    :Stranger adores Crystal even more: :D


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