Dreaded "D"

I didn't want to give away my life to drugs. I had seen how marijuana had consumed the love of my life. There was a choke in my throat when I thought of Faraz now. His sharp yet tender brown eyes that ended up as darkened and laden with heavy eyelids, always covered in tiredness.
I remember the cigarette burns he gave me. I remember all the times he violently made love with me, leaving me with scars all over. It was as if my body was his source of revenge. I still loved him then. Painful, however it may be.
"You'll always be my hero, even though you've lost your mind." Sigh.
Not all love stories are happy. I ended up losing Faraz. My Faraz now had beer in veins, smoke in his eyes and puked disgust. He in fact, was not mine at all.
I stood next to the window that was once our spot of cuddling and long conversations. There wasn't any Faraz to cuddle up or converse with him any more.
There wasn't much purpose left. I had no where to 'belong' and I only bit my lip and shed a tear.


  1. OK This is not related to the article.

    But for some reason when you added the name Faraz I thought "Becharay Faraz ko pehle SMS ke zariye badnaam kiya jaata tha aur yahan bhi..."

    And the background is awesome @_@

    And The Article: very well written . Well done.

    Keep writing.

  2. P.S: I suggest that you Stretch The Banner In Width - NEarly Double the Width. It'll look better. I think Blogger uses 900Px or 1000Px in width.

  3. You should get an award for making the funniest comments, Mangiyal !
    And that was superfast.
    And I don't know about this Faraz who got insulted through SMSs. Kaun bechaara hai? And yea vaala Faraz bahut special tha yaar. Its just a story. :)
    Yes, have to work on the header.

  4. you should get an award for extreme awesomeness love.. once when ithink m done with the awesomeness more comes up to beat it! uf remember the proposal right? hahah..ok i wont irritate u like i always do..bas, i dont want this to be about who i think it is abt..even if it is..drugs are unfortunate.. most addictions suck..but well, its abt addictions u know..they grip u so fucking tightly tht its too fucking tough to get out.. ultimately leads to ur own loss ! and u put it up brilliantly!
    this picture of urs however compels me to say WHHHYY SO SERIOUSSS :P
    and ur awesome fraaand :D

  5. If You Called Me Mangiyal one more time I'll Roll on the floor and jump from the 5th floor - even though my house has only4 floor but I will just jump from whichever floor came first.

    And Ahmad Faraz is a Poet. One of the greatest modern Urdu poets.


  6. Also The Unclicked links in this layout are in black and the background of widgets is also Black so You can't see the links. The |Burst| one looks like there are numbers bursting from the bottom :P

  7. hahaahahaha! why so serious indeed. ^this guy makes funny comments.:D

  8. Okay stop flooding my comments, you two or Mangiyal I will start calling you Mangiyal again and Tariq you're going to have it in person very soon. And I changed the link colors. Now LET SOMEONE ELSE COMMENT!

  9. "Daniyal's Special Emotional Atyachar Start =

    OK :[ I hate you. I am going to cry in a corner may be eat some Pizza and drink some coke :[

  10. This is good stuff...left me wanting for more :)

  11. This was beautifully poignant.

  12. Posts like these should come with screaming headers that they are nothing but fiction......It felt so damn real,I almost wished if I could tear into this reality through my laptop screen,go back into time,and prevent Faraz from giving into drugs in the first place....... U're good!!!!!!Damn soooooper goood....

  13. @ Daniyal,
    Hahahahaha. Chill bro. I love you bro. I won't call that-guy-Mangiyal Mangiyal anymore. :D
    and I want some peeeza. I'm having chicken sandwich right now though. Bliss.

    @ Aliza,
    Hello and welcome here. :)
    Thank you.

    @ Siddhartha,
    Eh .. I wish! This is just one sad-dead-end. Next story is after Faraz and I reincarnate. -.-
    Thank you so muchh much. You need to update btw. :]

  14. @ Soumya,
    Hey. Thanks and welcome here.
    I just left a comment on your blog. Its good an amazing template.

    @ Rahul,
    Your comment made me ecstatic! That is JUST the kind of pounding feeling I want a reader to feel, buddy ! And its a reality-inspired fiction if i can call it that. Be glad its not fiction, I'd hate to be in the place of the protagonist. Won't anyone else? :(
    And WELCOME HERE! and thanks for the comment and follow-up.

  15. dark. damp. rustic. loved it.

  16. Ohh wow!! Dark and so poignant.. :))
    Loved it!
    Keep writing such beauties :))

  17. This post was so serious in nature that i was goin to give a gloomy comment but the conversation above cracked me up! :P

  18. @ Raj,
    Welcome here, bud.
    and thank you so.much!

    @ Pavitra,
    Thank you and welcome here. :)
    Cheers to you too! Keep writing.

    Shall visit your blogs in a while.

    @ Ria,
    Hahah those are two retarded friends of mine. :D

  19. aah! the words and the photographs...

    i hated it when amy winehouse died. i so wanted to hunt down the drug dealers and burn them to death....

  20. dude??
    ahem ahem
    mmmmmmm achcha ae u knw that baby dnt u?? and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE uu...!! ye b pata ae na..!!...!
    and wads wid the FARAZ thingy??
    i dnt knw?? :O
    or do I?? i hn no CLUE
    my mind is filled with MACBETH ryt now...!
    and whads wid ur pic?? pahle wali lagao na..! :) and il take time to adjust 2 this background..! :) but i lyk it ..!

  21. This reminded me of my past. My ex was caught by me rolling marijuana blunt and smoking. I dumped him the next day. I was so scared to tell him the reason, that i made up some other reason for the breakup.
    Loved this post!

  22. @ TBB,
    It happened with me when I read about Kurt Cobain's death. Winehouse too. Such beautiful musicians , and such sad deaths. :(

    @ Suvaiba,
    OOOEMMJEE! Aapne exams ke beech mei post kia? I thought I was the only one who was besharam.
    Faraz.. I ll tell you the story on Saturday when we meet.
    And I like thiss picture. Is it TOO bad ? :S And I like this background better than the older now. :D

    @ Red,
    Argh! Must have been a nasty shock. But maybe you could try to get him out of the addiction. Sigh!
    Thank you so much, love. :]

  23. awwww that is veryyyyyy well written-
    you can make us feeeeeeeeeeeel it =o

  24. Sad, but it is so much part of reality! Your words bring it to life in the reader's eyes!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  25. queen of bete noire>> as usual.. rockks.

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  27. A big WoW! to the awesome new background and colours! Very classy and I can't believe I'm saying this but I love it more than the purple ha ha!

    An even larger !WoW! to this story ~ It was so real to me that the 'fiction' label surprised me in the end!!

    "It was as if my body was his source of revenge." ~ Excellente!!

    P.S. ~ Your comment thread has turned into a chat box again :p ♥

  28. P.S. ~ I deleted one of me because it was a duplicate ~ don't know how that happened :D

  29. I was a teen, got scared. Nd he luked so not him when he was using it. I escaped.

  30. @ Fatima,
    Aw that's JUST the intention. Thank you, love.

    @ Leo,
    Aye I didn't know you still blogged.
    Thank you so much. :)

    @ Indrajit,
    Hello. Bete noire ' d mean precisely what? Google didn't work hither.

  31. @ Finny,
    Oh you do? Yay. I guess I like it more than the checks too. :D And i totally needed a change.
    Thank you thank you THANK you honey! YOu make my day. :*
    And yes, these people I tell you. *shakes head in dismay*

    PS : I love you! You make my day. :D

    @ Red,
    Aw. :O I do understand.

    Much love, all.

  32. Aap ne bulaya... aur hum chaley aaye.. :-P

    This is so dark and saddening. Such powerful sentences. You gifted woman. Much much love to you. <3 <3

  33. @ Fiona,
    I SAW! I LOVED ! Thank youuuuuu. :*

    @ Zeba,
    Humari baat koi taal kaha sakta hai. :D
    And thank youu , lovey. <3

    @ Izdiher,
    They are blatantly ridiculous.

  34. that, was a very sweet comment on my blog :)

  35. Moving stuff CЯYSTAL and very visual, i like that so much in writing (the accompanying images are incredible and makes the story even more powerful) Yet again very well written and a fab read, thanks for sharing..


    P.S Loving the deep red background colour. Also thank you very much for visiting and following my blog, it is much appreciated :)

    Poetic Sauce

  36. Dropping by from Rahul's place.."Monumental Crankiness"...Crystal ur blog is serenity, disparity, clarity, chaos, love, poetry...its in one word "soulful"...this story was short and indeed painful...beautifully crafted!

    from Yarn of ~ Words
    PS: I share my love for poetry like thee...:)

  37. You can easily write a novel . No kidding, I don't say this to everyone :) I never thought such a short post can make so powerful effect. More than the topic, it's your way of expressing that made me think ! And yes, Brilliant theme, considering your posts :D Keep it up.

  38. @ Raj,
    Oh. Don't mention it.

    @ Mariyam,
    Aw! :(

    @ Paul,
    Oh, you got the R right this time haha :)
    and thank you so so much! Your appreciation bout everything is much much loved.
    I shall keep dropping by. Take care!

  39. @ Rahul,
    Gratias! :]

    @ Aakriti,
    Wooow. That comment made my day. I'm coming to your blog NOW.
    *hug* Thanks a lot of a lot.

    @ Stranger,
    HAHHHH! I love you! Thank you so much. Now that even strangers are marvelling at my writing skills, I should seriously write a book. Topic suggestions, eh ? :D

  40. You are smart ! You know can find out an apt topic ;) And Make no mistakes Girl ! Everyone is a stranger. I am just a stranger among the strangers :D

  41. How painful yet sweet feelings you get from this :p

  42. @ Stranger,
    Not everyone is a stranger. Think again.
    And yes yes, I shall give you a teenie weenie token of thanks when I get my book out.

    @ Imad,
    Sweet ? Haha. Achaw :P

  43. powerful message to those who have strayed :)

  44. Could this get any more painful Crys, you have a gift with words and I love you for nurturing it here on blogger :) You are so talented, and Red, I never knew something like that happened to you, Guess, theres a lot to know about each other yet :)

    Lovely write-up, absolutely lovely :)


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