यह धुआ

पहली बार इस मदिरा ने ऐसा प्रेम फैलाया था
दिल में तूफ़ान सा उठ कर आया था
एक तमन्ना हमारे भी मन में सहसी आई थी
लेकिन शायद वोह दर्द के धुएं में गुमनाम होने आई थी

कितनी यादें इसी धुएं में खो गई
कितनी तुम्हारे नाम पर सदियों तक रो चली
शायद तुमने प्रेम को मेरी नज़र से देखा ही नही
या शायद तुम भी उसी धुएं में कही थी हो चली ....


  1. Sorry Keshi..I don't think can translate this =(
    also to anyone who doesn't understand Hindi.. my first attempt at Hindi poetry..bear wimme!

  2. nice, i guess u should write more...dont think too much , just vent it out !


  3. Okay 2 questions :P

    1.What does "Sah si" mean..Direct Mann mein hee keh diyaa hotaa..:D

    2."Shayad tum bhi ussi dhueein mein ...Kaheen thi ho chali....Kaheen thi ho chali matlab ...Matlab kaheen toh thii ...Aur phir ho chali ?? Aur kahaan ho chali :D :D ??

    Ye do cheez bas samjhaa diyo ..other than that ..Just fab :)
    Lovely starting verses....Me liked it :)

  4. You won't believe it but I'm actually wiping tears! Even I cannot believe that

    I'm not a very big fan of hindi poetry.. but this one just touched me at the right place! (':

    Good wishes are all that come from my heart!
    Take care

  5. wow, ur gud with hindi too

    loved the usage ... and if u say this is ur first attempt, it is too gud..seriusly!

  6. pehli baar madira ne aisa prem failaya tha
    dil mein tufaan sa uthkar aaya tha..

    reminds me of kabhi kabhi..

    seen that film?

    amazing it is.

    and so are u :)

  7. no worries n ty for thinking abt me there :)


  8. mere browser mei probs hei re..can se juss those boxes there..I got the decoded english version
    I loved it..

    but i know..translation cannot bring the same feeling sweets:(


  9. aare waah!!!

    बहुत मुत्दत के बाद किसिने इस कद्र अप्ने अल्फाझ के गुल्फाम से हुम्को है मुतहय्यिर किया | के धुएं मे छिपे इस गुलसितान से एक गुन्चा आज इस अंन्धे को भि झाहीर किया!

    ...keep on writing girl. the beauty of words at your disposal with this language is unparalleled.


  10. bahut acche. Aur likhiye...

    hamein pasand aaya... :p

  11. masha-allah!! masha-allah!!!

  12. i don't know this much hindi :(

  13. Hi,Crystal-just dropped in here,via your link in Keshi's blog..so glad u liked the flatmate post we put up.:)
    And,wow-Hindi poetry-that's really nice..never really thought that dhuaan could be so mysterious.
    Will be back later to read some more...do drop by my blog sometime.:)

  14. @ Hopeless,
    Surely! Gonna do that.

  15. @ Anurag,
    Pehli cheez..its sehsi..not "sahsi" :P..IDO! Sehsi means achaanak or suddenly, and sahsi is courageous!
    And tumhe "usse" jahaan bhi le jaane ka ya "ho chalaane" ka mann kare..utthe le chalo..theek hai? See..I'm giving you a free date! =)
    You did? THANKS! ..try maaro..its goood!

  16. @ Shruti,
    Neither am I..don't even read it much.except some inspirational stuff by Harivansh Rai Bachchan..n so on!..bt seriously?.you cried? It was kinda on a friend..whose I lost.its okay..Period.


  17. @ Gypsy,
    Seriously? Gee..thanks a lot. :)

  18. @ Pretty Me,
    Thanks a lot,girl :)

  19. # Express,
    Haven't.. will ask mommie..=)
    Thankyou baby!

  20. @ PJ,
    Agreed..but its okay..as you did make an attempt to read =)

  21. @ Nachi,
    Thanks a lot..
    But Apne is poora "P"..and humko..is poora 'm"..:D..andhe mei do do bindi nahi hoti..annndhe nai hota na..aur bhi is bheee..:)
    sorrry..bt aiwai mann kia !!

  22. lmao!! aab spelling mein hi toh hum maat kha gaye...for a second there i thought it was Mrs Bhavna from school replying to my comment there. i think that i owe her a decent amount of moolaah for what she spent on red ink!

    but you get the point. so big deal!


  23. @ AmitL,
    Heyy! Thankyou so much..and I surely did like that post..actually all of those flatmate posts are fun..
    will cme down on your blog soon! :)

  24. @ AmitL,
    Heyy! Thankyou so much..and I surely did like that post..actually all of those flatmate posts are fun..
    will cme down on your blog soon! :)

  25. @ AmitL,
    Heyy! Thankyou so much..and I surely did like that post..actually all of those flatmate posts are fun..
    will cme down on your blog soon! :)

  26. @ nachi,
    Mere mann mei bhi correction ki 'bhaavna' uthi thi :D..and poor thing!>...bechari ko paisa dena tha jaane ke phle.."thanks for bearing wimme, ma'am " =P

  27. the last para is too good ji

  28. aayu dear... i bow to u. does that explain how much i loved them? .. :)

  29. Read your first comment. I want to know what it means.... Can anyone help meeeeee??? :(

  30. @ Preetilata,
    Bow to me? Thankyou so much!
    Love you.

  31. @ Warm,
    So sorry! =(
    Bt I thought you understand Hindi?

    Someone has a translator?


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