The I in India

Where we worship Goddess Lakshmi, but innumerous Lakshmis are killed before they see light.
Where women adorn their hands with bangles of a thousand hues, but the colors of someone's soul are tortured till they lay as few.
Where we boast of ourselves on our rich culture, but millions are stripped off their love through the terror of the past and the future ;
Where birds are free to soar high and calculate the altitude of the sky; but someone is held back by chains till they can no more survive.
Where a Black President's election is glorified upon, but the thin line between love and hatred is ignored.
Where the chirping of birds and the sound of autumn leaves is music; but artists beyond conservative thinking are fugitives.
Where the treasures of the past are adorned "only" on walls; but a fighter's privileges are raped away.
Where even the moon is not the limit, but the same independance and freedom no one's face can any longer emit.
Is this the India dreamt of? An India led by self-centered prisoners who live on Money?

A small life to live and reflect upon;
Why not make the reflection crystal clear,
And somewhere where truly the 'mind is led without fear?'

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  1. brilliant!!!

    a very worthy post!

    kudos girl :)

    and btw thanks a ton for the template... its rather cool :d thanks a lot!


  2. hmm so many thngs there ..and so true :)
    matured thinking ..gud !

  3. this holds true for both India and Pakistan i guess.... after all, some years back, they were 1.... thoughtful.... it made me think.... good to see our youth feels the pain for its country.... a good sign indeed!


  4. UN report 2008

    out of every 100 abondened children 73 are boys...

    things are changing men

  5. lovely words!
    I do have very high hopes for a bright future for India!

  6. sissy its so beautiful :)...so mature thinking :)...


  7. Yes Absolutely...

    This is not the India we dreamt of.. Double standards, corruption, apathy(social, moral) and many more heinous propagandas....

    I actually got the spark here and could have gone on and on, but time does not permit..

    take care ...

  8. ur way beyond ur age gal!! brilliantly put..!

  9. the last line were ghazab ..

  10. simple thought can make great changes
    simple issues can turn very serious
    simple problem become big and worst
    simple seems everything, but it is never so

    simple are your lines but make can make miracles
    simple are your thoughts, but can make lives better
    simple is the shine of your crystal
    but the thoughts you wrote today are never simple....!!!

    nice post dear...!!!!

  11. this happens only in india..

    super good buddy and realistic.. dunno ur browser wasnt allowing me to post comment earlier..

  12. Touching words! Theye left a great impression:) Loved reading them for they were straight from the heart, stark and to the point:)

  13. beautiful!
    india is really an oxymoron!

  14. whataver u say.. India is best.. if it is not. someday it will be... It's high time we start doing something for our country rather than making posts just prior to Republic day.. this could have come out on nay day but we will post it just a day b4..!

  15. @ Phoenix,
    Awley..don't thank me!
    I love doin' them! :P

    And gratias,milady!

  16. @ Peter,
    I think think and overthinK! =D

  17. @ WarmSunshine,
    Yep..you're so right..this holds equal meaning for India as well as Pakistan!..I hope things get better.
    And what else can we do except hoping,lady?

    Thankyou! :)

  18. @ Chriz,
    No Indian will believe that..only 37 our of 100 in India can be boys abandoned..

  19. @ Aneri,
    Yez..hopes are all that make a country survive! :)..

  20. @ Indrajit,
    Maybe its not the India dreamt of by our leaders..but the power of fulfilling our dreams lies in no one but US!..
    so keep the faith..


  21. bachee..we are moving towards the 60th year as a republic..yes we need to go a long way..but lets be positive. Lets keep the spirit and endurance together. the I in India has to make a difference! Yes..there's a lotta shit out there..I refuse to take in more! I resolve to be positive. Lets make it happen :)

  22. @ Yamini,
    Oh Devil..i got confused with so many simples! :P :D..
    Thanks dear..glad you liked it!

  23. Gratias Mithe!
    And the words were from my heart indeeed!

  24. @ Abhinav,
    I never say that India's progress is retarded or anything!..but its just that we need to live the dreams of the past!..:)

  25. @ Swati,
    Et al!..we need to look forward to a better India with full hope! :)

  26. realistic , insightful and honest!!

    P.S. i came looking for the new award that you got on your slideshow.. didnt find it there...put it up sooon :D

  27. okay!! that's India for you!

    That's the real harsh truth that India is! It hit me hard in the first line itself :(

    but as you commented earlier, 'what else can we do bout it but hope??'

    @ Chriz, maybe the sex ratio in India is pretty much in favour of the males and so, the figures you've given is bloated up in favour of guys.. I'm totally against abandoning kids in the first place, guy or girl..

  28. bang on...sad state of affairs but tht unfortunately is the bare truth of out part of the land...yet hope is always everlasting....maybe, maybe someday...

  29. Beautiful..this has got to be my top read for the week blog.....absolutely loved it. Every frikking word was touching....brilliantly written. Consider sending this for a magazine or newspaper, needs a lot more reads....thousands...

  30. It's India afterall......

    Really nice post :)

  31. maturity at its supreme best..I ll take ur thinking shoes on a transfer/loan/rent??wadya say?? :P

    Take care..


  32. @ Tpo,
    Aye aye captain!
    Added the award to my slideshow..

  33. @ Shrav,
    Yez. Thats India. But still..I find it beautiful..and in no way can I leave it!

    You telll me now..can I agree more with your reply to Chriz?
    Abandoning your own part is a sin..a sin no one can forgive, not even the Devil.

  34. @ Smriti,

    Thanks..I have no words.
    Gratias for makin it the top read of your blog..

  35. Thanks Anurag..happy tht you likd it!
    Its for Indians afterall..

  36. @ MultiMenon,
    Thinking CAPS? :P
    Sure..you can have them!
    They're too heavy for me :D

  37. each single word speaks volumes in your post. In todays world we put the wrong accents, instead of concentrating on people, the world is driven by money. Thats sad. We only can hope those whose responsibility it is and in whose power it is to change things, will reconcider their values.

  38. its sure is a small life to reflect upon. but the reflections are simply too vast...we have consummated ourselves with hate, ignorance and greed...

    ...still this is the country we love! i do not know what the future holds for India, but considering that i am keeping my butt and my heart firmly planted here, the prospects certainly are bright!


  39. Aayushi, i agree to ur words, but tell me, do u believe that this is India? Do you seriously think that this post portrays todays India in every sense or does it only show the negative shades of India? todays media had ruined the sense of millions of Indians. I am sure there is a black shade to be drawn when we draw India, but are we forgetting the brighter shades? or are we ignoring them? I am sure India today has a lot of colors as well. We could make it better, not by cursing the presence or by highlighting the gutters but by acknowledging that we are very much a part of it.

    Your words tell nothing but truth. but on this glorified day, let it bring out some positive thoughts as well cos our next generation are already suffocated with the negative vibes gifted by our media :( let ur words bring a smile in them, let your words make them proud to be an Indian and let your words help them rebuild the nation, the way you and I dream about it.

  40. well written...

    but the sad part is, some other writer would be writing the same thing 100 years from now :(

    62 years on... this country needs a wake up call...

  41. What an apt post to read on republic day....especially when I watched video of women being assualted for being in a pub in Mangalore.

    ..... makes me wonder when will it really be a ' true' democracy after all? perhaps the "I" in India needs to be replaced by a "We"

  42. Exceptionally brilliant, I'd say! Publish this somewhere...


  43. I agree with Kartz.
    I'm so happy to know a person with such brilliant thoughts..

    Take Care

  44. Oh Oh
    now that's a question to ponder.
    Good that you raised it.
    But sweety sumtimes I feel that though we all r aware of this degrade still we let it exist. Can we bring it 2 an end 4ever.

    May be it vil help if v all contribute our bit....

    Anywaz Well written AAyu.

  45. Hey this was mind-boggling!!

    It leaves you with questions swirling in your head!! And all the answers come from your conscience!!

    Loved the poem...and the most apposite day to post it!!


    Take Care

  46. there is something for u on our joint blog, shit for tat...shhh cant reveal more..come and check it out ;-)

  47. very touching girl! u are always here with mature thoughts to make us remember...thanks

  48. wow..shona... that was so thotful..I just can't get why...people hurt the god's most beautiful creation.. a entity so perfect...so beautiful...

  49. well the i in india stands for the pride we hold for our glorious past
    for the simplicity in the lives of people
    for the values bestowed in every indian

    its our job to make it best and love it anyhow

    no offences

  50. @ Lena,
    The worst part is people are concerned about nothing but MONEY! and as they say "money makes the world go round! "


  51. @ Nachi,
    Exactly..whatever virtues or vices this country has, it doesn't lessen our love for her.
    And thats pperhaps the most enigmatic thing! :)

  52. @ Sawan,
    India doesn't just have the negative shades innit, but ..this poem of mine had the first part as a shade of India which is b'ful!..and how much will we blame the media? why not face the reality that every country has its vices..but why do people have to blame the media or the government for it? BUT..this is the India we love..even if it maybe the worst country to some masses..but to the intellectual batch..India IS and will always be our love..so even if it has its negative shades..we cannot ignore it!
    And definitely India is culturally more b'ful that countries who call us "Niggers"..


  53. @ Arv,
    We've been reading where the mind is without fear in school..and THAT'S what made me write this..and this is the precise point which made me feel tht when he wrote this ages back..he was asking for a wake up call..and when we've reached 62 years of being a republic..we still need it...

  54. Thanks for appreciating my work btw :)

  55. @ ShoeGirl,
    Gratias! :)
    And yea..so true!..we need to replace the i with a we! ..

  56. @ Kartz,
    Now if everyone's saying that.okay..will...

    Gratias btw! :)

  57. @ Shruti,
    I'm equally pleased!


  58. @ Arunima,
    Easy to criticize it..tough to change it! :)


  59. @ Akshat,
    yez..you said it right.
    Conscience is what offers the answers to such questions..


  60. @ Mads,
    Wooopieee!..i looouve surprises!

  61. Brilliant post!!
    It's sp true and ironic in India!!


  62. @ The Poet Manque,
    Hey..you're kinda right.
    But the simplicity so disappears with people continuously blaming the media or the government for the vices in the country..now THAT is insane..and impractical!

    And no offence taken..chiill! :D

  63. Thanks a lot,Ankita..
    Will visit your space for sure! :)

  64. i luvd ur reply the way i luvd ur post :)

    why shudn i blame the media? in the name of right to speech, they are showing insane articles. a few weeks back when pak govt moved their troops towards the border, there was a program in [i guess cnn - ibn or ndtv] a special documentary which shows the military strength of India. They showed a list of our artillery, the list of machines we have, how old they are, which aircrafts needed maintenances and what we have and what we need for the war.. i wonder was that show for India or the rest of the world!! i bet, if it was in any of the so called developed nation, the channel would have lost its license!

  65. brilliant work.

    it reflects ur thinking and mature personality. kudos to u.

    n have u disabled the commnts in ur latest post ? so i am commnting here, it is beautifully dark but so very much mature and deep. reading ur post i can say that it really hurts a lot. i wonder if i can feel d pain then wat the person in reality goes thru?

    another brilliant post :)

  66. @ Sawan,
    Mate..I'll tell you what to do..
    Are you or me stupid enough to believe crazy channels which show stuff like a woman without a body and damn knows what?
    Lol! NO!
    So just cheeeeeeeeeel!

  67. whoever it is and watever it is its among us

    lets do our job first and play the blame game later

  68. @ The Poet,
    Uuh..thats pretty much what I said!

  69. its something to think about aayush......kudos to u for writing it in a brilliant way......coz its a question to be raised....dont u think yaaa...ur too young and so matured :)

    i guess i am pretty late to comment ....but its not late than ever :)

    hope one day such things change forever .......and we get to live in a better place where our leaders r non voracious and who wud work for their people.......... good

  70. That was very thought provoking Babes!


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