To someone..with sealed love

We met in the psychology class, and wildly he was a fresher. (one of the most rowdy..I assure you!) It was just bang-and-we-met situation. We were having this drill where you're paired with.
Supposedly we were the worst pair which could be made.. he was one person who was like the most outspoken (read: brat)..someone who was continuously into singing hoarsely, not doing any assignments, and later poking people like me to help him. (Okay,okay!..I ain't trying to showcase myself as the biggest devotee of studies..but whatever!) So lets get back to the drill part..its supposed to be something embarassing, but now it seems like the best memories now..but time! I so hate this thing which is so damn stationery and is perhaps the biggest cheater you can have. No, I don't want any saints' view on this! I miss those moments..
Oh yeah..the drill!
Professor- So everybody, you've been paired, and whether you're happy or not! I'm done with my job, and for your job, read the details of the sheets which you've been given.
I cursed softly, and grumbled. To my dismay, Mr.Partner noticed it and laughed-"Boohoo! You don't like me, but I don't love you either, so lets not sulk, and get to know each other!"
I don't show off my sarcasm in front of people that easy, but come on, nobody speaks like THAT in the very first instance! So here's what I did..picked up the paper, and hogged down the details->
"Get to know your partner intently. Make him./her an open book, even if he/she is too closed"

I shot back right at him and said "D-uh! I don't need to open any of your chapters, you're already clear right from head to toe"
"Aw bad! I was just trying to find the key to lock your book!",and guffawed loudly.
"Huh..so whatever, lets get to the point..What's your name?",I ignorantly asked, not actually bothered whether he was George Bush's son, or maybe my neighbour's husband.
"Why not read the cover of the book, and tell me?",he teased.
"You're stubborn and outspoken..and yes, you really don't know how to talk!",I said.
"Lovely first lines about me. I'm so happy,girl!..what's your name then?..."Madonna or maybe Jennifer Aniston's cousin?", he said that and smiled.

Okay, I have to except, he had a very cute smile. I mean, yes, if he hadn't spoke to me like that, maybe I would have fallen in love with his smile. But for now, NO! I hate this rowdy rustic who thinks he Ramses' son!

"You're already making opinions about me. Too bad, I tell you, milady! You'll be a bad psychiatrist but a good psycho", he caught that on my face, and replied.
I mean that was some telepathy. I still don't understand how some guys really know what girls can be thinking.
Our drill continued..and went on for some two hours. Psychology is something bad to take up, incase you got a partner like his.

We gradually became friends..I mean yes, we couldn't be sure of it..but yes, friends can be a good word to suit our case. We had each other's numbers, but never called. We never visited each other's place, nor did we try to stay in touch. Nonchalant..oh yeah!
College was done in some years, and life was going great for me. Psychology sessions with some real psychos were over. My law practice was full on. Things were great with me. We had forgotten, atleast I had forgotten about him. You can call me ignorant.. but then time strikes you on the face at times..here's a Xerox of what I found while sifting through some old psychology book' of mines.It was stuck with scotch tape at the back of my book.

Subject : Get-into-the-soul
Professor : Mr. Cherriot
Written by : Singh RanVijay
Mail status : Not sent
Respected Sirs,
My subject was a beautiful girl of 21, who had captivating eyes, with something very elusive about her. She hates guys who're sarcastic on the first note, and is someone very emotionally strong to be anything like a psychiatrist, but thankfully she's taken this an extra subject, and her mainstream is Law. As a person, she was someone fun to know. She reads a lot of novels.. as I found 1 Dan Brown and 1 Paulo Coelho peeking outside from her sling faded denim bag. She's someone very independant, with a mind of her own. That can be reflected in the way she dresses, and the confidence with which she speaks. Not easily influenced, but has less friends, 'cos she's too much into judging people by their first impressions and staying by them. To avoid her loneliness she blogs,writes dark poetry, and is a big Metal fanatic. (I know its bad manners to read a pretty girl's diary, but I couldn't resist it!) Though it doesn't show, she doesn't have any parents, and just to show that she is someone happy, she wears a mask over the sadness. She's intelligent, witty, and someone who I need as a friend. I'm someone who has hundred friends, but in need of someone as honest as her. This isn't anything near to a report, just a weird confession! And obviously I ain't mailing this..
Maybe she finds this in sometime, but maybe I'll be too far away. Maybe I'll be standing next to her,....ah ! The maybes are never ending. But for now..I need a pill. I had the migraine attack again.

Maybe he was wrong about the emotionally strong part..'cos I was amidst tears by now. I looked at my side, but there was no one by me. Just a picture framed in an animal print photo frame showed up. Yeah, I had the numbers of everyone kept behind it. I immediately called him up.


  1. i will write dark poetry from now on.. may be some girl will write a post on me too

  2. i read the post in google reader. I so so wanted this was true. dunno why.. when i came to comment here i read the labels "story"
    n m sad nw.. phew

  3. a real good and worthy effort girl! i loved it you should write more :D

  4. do you actually try to involve a bit of you in your posts??

    I've always had this big doubt!

    Anyways, was real nice writing!! I'm jealous :p

  5. nice story gal!!keep writing..:)

  6. only story? Really? or u seeing into the future about some guy you just met??? Love... this definitely is :) Enjoy it while it lasts

  7. Story which can be said part fiction and part fact, rite na.

    Nicely done 'semi-biographical' story , if i can call it that :)

  8. Yeah Rite!! Story and we believed it....

    :-D i have exhausted my vocab saying awesome,incredible n everything.. now gonna tap into thesaurus to find the write word for this post...

    now wats d word??? Ah!! got it... Preeminent!!!!

  9. I just wonder how u come up with such brilliant stories. Cos I know I cant write with this kinda depth!


  10. how old r u again? :P

  11. Psychology I feel is the most interesting of all subjects because you can't learn it just by reading books. Each individual is different and any volume of books is not going to capture it to its fullness.
    I couldn't find anything different in this blog other than the usual... Its superb as usual... :D
    Between, I don't think friendship is just about being together all the time, or calling each other once in a while. Its a feeling that exists between two individuals that exists like the air around us and can be inhaled in varying intensities but is a life's necessity.

  12. Please tell.. its just not a story and has some real life facts tooo.. :)

    Damn good.. Dint want it to end.. Hope there is a second part for the story.. the one after she called him up :) !

  13. Woah ....Super Story ...Fiction?

  14. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l... like it a lot.. fast and well constructed....

  15. Oh that was so awesome!! I mean A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! If you know what I mean!!!

    But is this fiction??? I have my doubts for that!!

    Loved it!!

    Take Care

  16. You really had me literally living from word to word here.
    And somewhere, i could feel an Ayu-esque essence in this story...
    Loved it, girl.
    Just awesome, as ever always
    You really must be having a larger-than-average skull capacity. Coz you definitely got a larger-than-average brain!

  17. nice n engaging. loved the way u have put it down.

  18. kept me engaged till the end !


  19. @ Chriz,
    Haha..not a bad idea!
    But you need to re-read ths post..the girl used to write dark poetry, NOT the guy!

  20. @ Abhishek,
    The label was of "friendship" as well..so you can never presume about whether its true or not!
    You're sad?.. why?

  21. @ Phoenix,
    I wrote more frequently earlier..now..only when I'm really clean with my mind,which happened yesterday....after a loong break!
    Thanks sweetie-! :)

  22. @ Shravan,
    Lets be honest..yea, I do! A lot of parts are so me.. but that doesn't affect the stories..right? So be it! :)
    And oh yes..gratias!

  23. @ Abhinav,
    Thankyou very very very much!

  24. @ Anwesa,
    thanks! I used to..now I write stories less frequently..:) (the reason is in Phoenix's reply)

  25. @ Rakesh,
    I wish..I wish I had it in my life! My love is plainly for my parents right now..when I am in it..I'll announce it publically..loL! :P

  26. @ Suresh,
    Yep!..you got it right..

  27. Awww...it was so wonderful to read...
    loved the narration!! all of it was so beautiful

  28. @ The Rat,
    Lol..thnkyou!..love your sense of humour :P

  29. @ Keshi,
    It takes nothing..just letting your mind go free.


  30. @ Vimal,
    Yea! yu got the friendship definition totally riight!..
    and thanks a lotttt! :))

  31. @ Charmed One,
    hehehe..thanks for readinng it so intently! :)..I wish i could write more..my head and heart start aching..:P..
    thanks alot!

  32. And yuppa..lotta real life facts!

  33. @ Anurag,
    You guess ! =D

    A mixture actually.

  34. @ Xh,
    thnkyou thnkyou!

    *bows down!*

  35. @ Moi,
    Dunno why everyone is askin me that..its a mixture..of a lot of things!

  36. @ Akshat,
    Lol..does it matter?
    thanks a zillion btw! :)

  37. @ Riversoul,
    Ryytoo!..there were loads of tinges of me innit! :D..
    I'm more-than-average happy tht you liked it! :D

  38. @ Me1084,

    thnks a ton!..and welcome here..

  39. things are not going great at my end yaar.. it wud take another 3-4 days to sort it out :( i promise i wud get back soon.. in the mean time i wud be putting a post which i have to since i promised someone i wud be otting it up! ill be back, i promise.

  40. had me hooked!!
    really nice one!! :) :)

  41. now that could have been so real :)

    well written mate... cheers...

  42. real or fake it seemed incomplete
    to me

    neways creatively written cheers!

  43. how did i miss this one???????? how could i miss smthn like this?? this was beautiful!!!

  44. woww someone could actually make a movie on this :)
    but seriously girl, u should thank ur stars that u had his number and knew where to contact him...or else u would have lost a good friend...
    sometimes first impressions are not the last impressions..but often we hold on to them soo strong that we overlook the changes...
    glad u found that unsent mail which set a lot of things right :)


  45. gr8 narration babe!u write really well.

  46. Now that's some narration buddy! Kudos..! :)

    Yep, me late... :( Wonder how I missed it on my blogroll!

    Trust all is well.


  47. i loved it ..

    what happened next???

  48. Okay, I have to except,

    accept , i suppose

    very nicely done, very different, liked it totally

  49. loved it..expecially the letter and the maybes attached at the end of it...
    and i am bowled over by the template..simply fantabulous...crystal is the queen when it comes to blog makeovers.. :)
    god bless, aayushi!!

  50. loved it..expecially the letter and the maybes attached at the end of it...
    and i am bowled over by the template..simply fantabulous...crystal is the queen when it comes to blog makeovers.. :)
    god bless, aayushi!!

  51. WOWWW

    i was completely hooked to the story ..

    gOod going ....


  52. I is true no Aayushi? I somehow think it is-if it is not then hats off! You have such a realistic quality in your writing!

  53. @ Sawan,
    Thats okay,mate..take your time..but DO be back! :)

  54. @ AmreekanDesi,
    Hey!..welcome hre n thanks! :D

  55. you have been awarded ..visit my blog :D


  56. @ Arv,
    Ahhann...more real? Why don't you write it and complete it??

  57. @ The Poet Manque,
    Hmmm..because I didn't write what would happen later?..I didn't want to complete it actually.
    If you want to complete this..go ahead!..

  58. Gratias Mayz!..
    And no problems..you read it now!

  59. @ Pri,
    Hehehe..why not give your hands on making a movie on this topic? :) :P..
    But yes..you are right abt the first impression part..so true!
    welcome hre!

  60. Thanks a ton,Ria!
    Welcome hre btw :)

  61. @ Kartz,
    Yup! Things are oo-kay!
    No problem wimme..:)


  62. @ oo7,
    Why don't you guess that? :D

  63. @ TPO,
    Ahann..thnks a lot,sweetie!
    Worked quite a bit on main this template! :D..


  64. @ Mithe,
    Reality is my mainstream..always!
    I rarely write fiction..though I lou reading it!

  65. Wow.... such a sweeeeeeeet read... Aayushi.... you lill writer you!! :)


    lovely story.... it left me with a smile :) thanks baby girl !

  66. shit..fact or fiction?? fact or fiction?? fact or fiction?? whatever be the case..it was WOW! :D

  67. first time here.. nd i got jus one word for it... legen.. wait for it.. dary!! ( full on barney style.. :P)

    anyways jokes apart, it was awesome!!

  68. @ WarmSunshine,
    Thankya Meher!
    Learning from no one but all of you!..my guiding lights ! :)

  69. @ Swati,
    It was a mixture! ;)


  70. @ Rozz,
    Haha..welcome here dude! :D.
    And thanks a lot!

  71. 91 comments ...nice build up...very good narration...liked it a lot.

  72. a story is like child and it must be cherished by the mother

    i believe that a few undone things have their own beauty and i hold a completely diffrent perspective

  73. just read this Aayu...amazing, beautiful...just wow!!!

  74. @ Abhishek,
    Hehehe..94th now!

  75. @ The poet,
    Yez. Respect your perspective.

  76. I so very feel as if this is closer to reality... but reality or not.. really beautifully done.

  77. Makes me wonder,is this a real life story? ;)


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