Life..as we know it!

Sometimes its so easy to bitch about life,and easily keep questioning it on one thing after the other..the more you analyze and over analyze,the more confused and depressed you may grow up to..
Life can be so easy..life can be sucha hell lot of fun.

Thats just a recent realization after I discovered the truth in the words below,during a recent convo with a friend-->

The more you try to conquer life, the stronger it strikes back at you. Sometimes you just fall and sometimes you need to fall to let you know who you really are.."

How easy can it be to question the giver on why he did this,or why he did that..and to think of the fact that we can go on abusing everyone except ourselves over something which is wrong..
Ponder over this thought..and trust me,you'll see the concept within it..

Vinz aka Vinu aka Vinayak-->ScRiBbLeSzZ
Shravan-->Rants of a survivor
Siddharth aka Riversoul--> Silent Recollections


  1. Wow!!
    Its true to the core. Life is beautiful...even with all the deaths and the births and the fights and everything else....
    The red inked part was amazing. I always say this, Life would be so dull if there were no difficulties to fight...
    I love my life...and so do you, I suppose
    Cheers To Life :)

  2. Deep thought... well written... take care mate... cheers...

  3. i often tell something like this to my friends - u should be like a rubber ball. the hard life flings you down, the hard u should bounce back :)

  4. The more you try to conquer life, the stronger it strikes back at you. Sometimes you just fall and sometimes you need to fall to let you know who you really are.."

    Could'nt agree more!

  5. What a realization! We say my life and our life etc. But Life is a universal phenomenon. It can't be seen in its individuality. If a man realizes it, he can be at peace with himself and the world.

    And that realization is not easy and Yeah, I have not yet realized it, but m trying to...

  6. i have doing this for quite sometime now.. just the kind of most i want to read... so true.. its so easy questioning everything thats happening.. n so difficult accepting...

  7. That was a hard hitting realization... Girl, you're so young and such a good writer already :)

    That's so true :) thanks for this post darling!

  8. pretty thoughtful ......something to think naaa
    and i agree with the commenters....especially shruti and suresh kumar.....its good to read such posts from yaa ...really happy

  9. oh la la..bachcha is gaining wisdom ..u know my profile description ..gettin ovr the illusion of intelligence..it was wen i realised this

  10. The more you try to conquer life, the stronger it strikes back at you. Sometimes you just fall and sometimes you need to fall to let you know who you really are.."<<<

    powerful words there... very intense..

  11. Yeah. I'm in total agreement with this.
    You've got to fall in order to realise what you really are, what ur really capable of, and what you want from life.
    Well said girl.
    I'm amazed at ur wisdom. At ur age, i wasn't even thinking abt life that way

  12. I loved this line: "Sometimes you just fall and sometimes you need to fall to let you know who you really are.."

    I think that only being alone will let you hear those voices that were long suppressed in you. Only when you've lost everything do you move upwards, because as they say "when you've hit rock bottom, you have nowhere else to move but upwards"

    Your writing is awesome, you voice out my feelings in your words, something I've never been able to do.=D

  13. reading it again n again..
    n evrytime i find somting worth out of it

  14. That's pretty deep. But I beg to differ. I think that people should go out and do exactly what they wanna do in order to achieve their goals. You don't have to fall to realize things, you just need to know that there might be some falling involved, and should not let that affect you in any way. Oh, and one final thing. People should do things for the right reasons - for themselves, to keep themselves happy, and not to satisfy someone else!

  15. That was profound...

    It is always an enlightening experience when you think about life. Not often does one reflect so much...


  16. @ Shruti,
    Yess..you should love life :)
    Its so ...........! :D

    Cheeers to life! \m/

  17. @ Arv,
    Cheers to you too buddy!

  18. @ Xh,
    Hehe..I liked the rubber ball example! :)

  19. @ Rakesh,
    Not my statement..but f a friend's :)

  20. @ Suresh,
    Yup..it was quite a realization!

  21. @ Swayam,
    I agree..
    Easy to say,but difficult to accept!

  22. @ Mehereen,
    Thankyouuuu,lady =)
    But thank my friend for those words..and thank me for the realization =P

  23. @ Sid,
    Who said wisdom comes with age? :P

  24. @ Sneha,
    But it isn't necessary that you're in solitude when you hear the voices..sometimes the voices just come out of their own..without any special conditions!

    Thanks again! :))

  25. aqrre nahi re......life koi wall thode na hai...dhakka maro...and wo bhi maare...life is like a orange juice u drink it and u feel more thirsty :P

  26. v thought provokin baby...but made me feel sad 4 some reason.. :(

  27. happy birthay(s) to all those fella's

    and i agree with Trinaa more...

  28. @ Brat,
    Heyy..I didn't say ki you shouldn't go for achieving your goals..

    And yes..you need to know that whatever yu take up has a fall involved.BUT..if you fall you shouldn't lose hope and never try to head up again...therefore..the red line meant that..when you try to conquer life and try to get thing which aren't actually in your reach..sooooo....even if you fall..that fall ha sa reason behind it!

  29. @ Sourish,
    Orange juice naii..coke! :D
    I don't feel like drinkin' more n more orange juice..bu yes,coke! :D

  30. @ Gypsy,
    Arey..but what ya guys feeling sad? :O

  31. Hey ayushi...
    thanx for the wishes and the inclusion of that greeting in your post...!!

    and regarding the post..a good thought, actually...
    every falls will remind you what you are and that itself can inspire you to become what you want to be,..!!

    Short post but thought provoking..!!

  32. deep thoughts in the post :)...

    and birthday wishes to ur friends :)..


  33. Awwww!
    So SWEET!
    So nice of you.
    Thats such an awesome b'day present!
    And i gotta give it to ya! You've got gr8 talent with photoshop!
    Way to go girl!
    Awesome Ayushi!

    You wait for my 50th post!


    I'm gonna make a poster out of that gift, and am gonna hang it up on my wall
    And i'm gonna show it off in my Blog too

  34. hmm lil WISE aayu baby :)

    and wow!!

    help me with photoshop :| :|

  35. happy birthday to the three!! :)

    good thought too :)

  36. ye ye so true so true lil aayu.

    and happy budday to d 3 rockstars :)

  37. so much wisdom for the young age :)
    but really true words :)

  38. Sometimes you just fall and sometimes you need to fall to let you know who you really are..
    brilliant line ..!!

  39. I actually seconded Brat's thought!! But when I saw your reply for that, it was pretty clear!!

    Nice realization, as long as it keeps you happy!! :):)

    Gracias for the birthday wishes!!
    :):):) that really made me go awww..!


  40. wishing them all a belated happy birthday...

  41. I have been visiting your blog missy!

    Hi :)

  42. @ Vinz,
    Arey..you don't need to thank me for the birthday wishes..=P

    And gracias..

  43. @ Hemanth,
    They're your friends too.ree..=P

  44. @ Riversoul,
    Hahaha..this ain't photoshop my brother =P

    And I'd be 50 times more glad if you hang this up in your room! :)
    And oh yes..I'm gonna wait for your 50th post!..*waiting and waiting!*

  45. @ Divvu,
    Not photoshop,dearie :(
    Its another photo editing software! ..but thankyou!!

  46. @ Redemption,
    Thankuu..and welcome here :)

  47. @ Shrav,
    That was my intention..no need to thank me! :)

  48. so like me.. so many questions abt life.. one after another. whn one mystery is unfolded.. next day u find a new puzzle.
    its all in mind. u think life is simple it is.. if u think its complex. it'll turn complex.

  49. thanks Crystal.. sometimes it is necessary to read them, lines.

    Happy Buddayss!!

    Sagii :D

  50. hmmm..makes sense sis!! ill think abt it..:)

  51. Nice and deep thoughts kid!!!
    really weel done
    n don u think u r missing a saggi from the list???

  52. wise.. and deep!!
    life.. we're meant to ponder over it..!
    :) makes the journey beautiful!

  53. i soo want to think so too.. that life with all that it has to offer is beautiful.. but sometime, like as of now, its sooo difficult :(

  54. I agree with u Crystal...thats why Im letting myself fall right now...cos I cant seem to get back up no matter how hard I try...lets hope that I'll be bak on my feet again some day soon.

    this is a great post btw.


  55. r u really 13 or jus foolin everyone arnd to believ so??

    this post is way too mature for someone whoz jus 13

  56. totally zonked!!!

    You 13...gosh...amazing...mindblowing
    ....i am short of words...it is a good thing I dropped by....

    i guess a writer in the making huh??? :D

    C ya...

  57. whoz tis frnd u r tlkng abt be??

    Reality.....hard face actually :)]

    Happy Budday guys.....ufff...main always late latief...

    BTW< wassup tese days?? U not well or somethng....baat shaat nahi karti..????

  58. @ Divvu,
    Arey meri darling..abhi your birrhday is door..tere liye toh special card hoga na!! :)))

  59. @ Divya,
    Life is diff..lekn if we take it one day at a time..is not all that easier!

  60. @ Mayz,
    I dunno why you always come up with this thought..you cn believe me to be of 31..thoughts will remain the same!

  61. @ Meghna,
    Ahem..m I supposed to answer your ques?

  62. its not meant to be conquered at all.. its just meant to be lived!

    nice background!

  63. Rightly said,H-PEeeeeeeeeee...=)


  64. Hey buddy!

    You are too cute to be on this planet..
    The core of the post is ultimate truth of lyf!
    tc...keep visiting my blog

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  66. Hey!
    I dint need to ponder over coz i had been into a similiar situation sometime back...No doubt about it that its a colloborative mistake which leads to misunderstandings or problems but we also play a role in it....So......

    Liked the line... You need tooo fall..... its true.... if you want to get Up confident and strong!

  67. Whatever life throws our way,we must be glad to be alive and whole.

    Belated birthday wishes to the trio! :)


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