*Trrringgg*.. *Beep beep beeep* Its past 3:00 of the morning.*yawn* who the heck is it NOW? Heck with it,she wasn't going to pick up the phone anyway.Another yawn of hers and she dumps her head deep down into her pillow. *Trrinng*.The heck it was now.She picked up the phone with her right hand,and started to ruffle her curls and fringes which now seemed to have been long ago brutally kissing her.*Duh* Muffled up voice,but still in her deep and now-to-be monotonous tone,she spoke into the phone, "Yeah?"..No sound from the other end..she spoke again "The fuck it is,of you calling me at 3:00 and wasting my time,loser". Shit! It was to late to realize that she spoke the F word and called a stranger a loser on phone? What if it was some frigging relative? But well,she didn't care,and simply stared at the phone,"Hello,God dammit speak up!"..This time the call didn't go blank,a loud yet stirring sound of someone's breath quite moved her."You?"..she blurted out with anger."What the fuck is wrong with you,dude,its 3:00 of the morning,go sleep!!" Another breath of his.Was he sick or something?,she wondered."Heyyyy..its me here",so darn it now,he Finally spoke up."Yeah right,I know its you,you called me at this frigging time to say 'hey?".." "Ummmmm...not really"..he spoke real slow."Wtf then?"..she felt like hitting him,but was still calm."Nothing re,was bugged of this economics project." he said that,almost laughing.."Awesome,suck it through.I'll talk to you tomorrow,okay?".. "No",he spoke almost like he was ordering her. "What for?",she's said,losing her patience."I want to meet you"..*another of his deep breaths after that.*,it seemed like he had a sigh of relief after saying that. "Beep you,Rahul",she said,laughing sarcastically."Shut up.I'm serious"..he said with some er,kindness in his voice."So am I..haha"..she laughed on."I'm standing in front of your hostel's back door",he said,she could feel him smiling down the phone."Huh? Don't you know that arse hole watchman is on the run today..??..He just hit up Nik yesterday,cause he was bickering around with Sneha".."Come on,I'm serious,come out,please..?" "Fine..i mean,okay okay,hang on for 10 minutes,I need to get dressed up Properly..bleh".."Yeah right,take your time",he spoke on.She kept the phone down,and immediately with a goddamn speed of some insane monster,her thoughts started moving faster than a rollercoaster.Wtf did he want at 3 now? Anyway,she could trust him,14 years of friendship didn't have its barriers in meeting her chum at 3,did it? She went on,searched down the almirah,and took out a black top,and a not-so-short red skirt.She wasn't one of those fashion divas,who used to rub their asses up with make-up."Mofos",she mumbled.Well actually,she didn't need to put on the make up,her pure white skin seemed to glow whenever and wherever,but well,her main draw back was her tomboy-ish,dont-give-a-damn-attitude,as all her chum ons and teachers used to say.Well duh,who cares.Lets move on. She put on a cordrouy cap,and climbed down the secret passage that some of the girls of the hostel had discovered in their current vacations.She almost ran down,but why the fuck was she so keen to meet him today,as well? She saw him standing right in front on the back door,tall and handsome,as he always was,in a black shirt,and plain blue jeans with a cig in his hand."Yeah?"..she almost astonished him with her sudden appearence."Woo..Ms.Tomboy turning girly?..gross",he teased her.She laughed.No one was allowed to pull her legs,or even if they did,she'd pull down on them,and actually get that brat embarassed.But the case with Rahul was way different."Yeah,dog".."So whats on with this 3:00 meeting dude? What do you think I am?..your secretary"..she said sarcastically. "Chuck it,I simply was feeling lonely"..he grinned at her,as they walked down the lane.She smelt his breath down his sentences."Bitch,your drunk"..she blurted."Its gets onto me,girl,I'm sick of it,Now..whoever I love,seems to....betray",he whispered the last words as if they were a curse,well they were.She held his hand,a warm sensation ran through her veins."Chill it,she won't be back"..she tried to make him feel better."I know..but...."...."You just need some sleep.Come on,lets get back to college,and anyway holy shit,its 4:00 already".Rahul actually wasn't listening to her,she was looking at her,wondering how come guys weren't that hot to look at? He grinned at her again,she immediately caught what was on his mind."Okay dude,stop thinking dirty" she said,laughing."Hop on,get back to your hostel".They both went back,laughing and talking. Sometimes,we don't realize where their is a line between friendship and love,right? Maybe the case was the same with them,or maybe not. Next morning she woke up,SHIT,she was in the same dress,she had worn last night with Rahul.Before the Matron came to wake her up,she had to change,and well,she was good at it.Bleh! The Matron walked in,looking solemn,and serious.But the weird thing was she didn't have that "slave-drive" expression on her right now,she looked quite sad."Wassup,Mat?",she said gaping at her face.Yeah right,she was the only bitch of the hostel who had the audacity to call Matron .."Mat"..and say "wassup?"!.."I have good and bad news for you,my girl,which one do you want first?"..Aastha didn't know what to do,smile or cry."Well,the GOOD one ofcourse!"A smile came down on Matron's lips.."You're selected for the course that you had applied for!!" Bravo.woohooo...yippeee...!!!...She went and gave her "Mat" a warm bear hug.She almost had tears down her cheeks.Finally she had a destination for her life.Suddenly,she pulled herself back from Matron,as if some bolt hit her."Hey hey Mat,whats the BAD news then?",Matron's face turned white,she said nothing for a moment or two.The girl who was once the spirit of everyone's life,shook Matron,"I ASKED WHAT THE HELL IS THE BAD NEWS?????" Matron looked up to her,and spoke very slowly,with chokes and gulps."Rahull........he is........." A pause,which seemed to have taken Aastha's breath."Rahul,WHAT?",she bawled. "He's ......" Period. "Stop this nuisance,Matron!" "He got drugged last night..he's dead"


  1. Hmm. Surprise ending leaving the reader with lots of questions....

    Good story telling. Keep it up.

  2. Loved the way you portrayed their friendship.. Hey but you should have made it a happy ending :( Friendships are always bright and sunny :)

    A good read girl, couldn't stop till i finished it :) Nice flow!

    Blogrolling you :)

  3. *SIGH*

    I hope it is not for real..and hey one advice for you if u can really call it an advice ...let ur readers breathe when they read ..coz such an interesting posts many people won't read properly only for the reason that you have not distributed it in paragraphs ....!!!

    btw it was a thrilling post :P

    happy blogging !

  4. Are tum sabko kyun mar deti ho ..awesome story inspite of the poor guy dying ..like always... ur bitches blog is mad..just mad..n i lurv it

  5. aaila!!! shit..maar dala usko ladki?? pich pich...awesome as usual my talented baby..ab kya bole tumko..speechless hi kar deti ho!

  6. You really cant be 13.....
    Just can't. I've never ever seen anyone with enough mental maturity to write stuff like you do, and still be as young as you. I mean no offence, lady, but its high time to come out and tell us who you really are... Are you 13 or 31?

    Death creeps out many a sober soul, but you talk of it like it just walked out the backdoor of ur house, after chit-chattin with you for hours on end, abt who's life it Fucked up today.

    Honestly, i refuse to believe that ur 13.
    Your posts are so Gr8, so mature, they just cant be the handiwork of a 13 yr old teen.

    Ps. One of my nxt posts will be targeted at you.
    No offence really. Just targeted.
    You'll probably like it.
    And how to follow ur Blog?
    Where is the follow option?
    And why you not followin my Blog?

  7. What just happened?
    He drugged himself cos she 'spurned' him so to speak? (Even though is was a small incident to call it being spurned by her)

    Or was it because the 'ex' had betrayed him?

    Or this heroine has some jekyl and hyde syndrome and drugged him later in the 'early morning' after she er...transformed?

    I knew the bad news was about that guy before matron said the good or bad news. I thought he must have got knocked down by a speeding early morning vehicle when walking back sleepless and drunk.

    When matron said teh good news \, I again for a moment thought that maybe the bad news was that the good news did not matter as she had been rusticated because of her 'misconduct' previous night which someone had noticed. (Yeah people can act weirldy narrow in this world, especially in stories ;) )

    But drugged? Where did that come from???


  8. i remember coz this was d first post of urs i read n i love it then n i love it now :)

  9. girl,i wonder what makes u write such stuff at this tender age.it scares me sometimes!!

  10. That was some narration all right... Quite the raconteur.


  11. This is a new version of ur old post!!! :|

  12. WOW!! That was some freaky story!! Loved the end, what a spirit!! I should get so badly sloshed someday and try some shit like this!! :P I know I'll hang around a little while longer though!! Haha... had "fun"

  13. ??!!.. he did NOT have to die mannn!
    not cool :(

  14. Oh my God. :'(

    It was depressing, this post.

    Well written.

    Life isn't a fairytale though I wish it was.

  15. nice post...
    Two things
    1.Shouldn't a PS come after the post.
    2.shouldn't it be 'chimerical' thoughts

  16. well,ru really 13?i doubt it..wats riten cannot b comprehended by a 13 yr old..it drew into me..love after death? i'm still recoverin..

  17. kept it unread for the past two days in my reader as i wanted to read wen completely free.. not a bad decision...

    CT u rock... Aastha is d every day girl with the rite blend of tomboyish-ness and girlishness...

    same cant be said abt the story... its special in its own way...

    keep thinking...

  18. aw..thats sad!
    I didnt see that coming! very well written however!


  19. @ Meher,
    Aw..friendships are not always sunny and lovely,no? :)
    Thus..it was just the oother side of the coin potrayed here !

    Thanks a ton,mate.
    You're already blessed with a follower :P

  20. @ Peter,
    What an advise..will try writing boring posts agli baar se :P

    Same t you!..happy yappy blogging ! :)

  21. @ Farah {TT},
    Yuuhooo..wuhhoooo..I'm a serial murderer..LOL ;)

    Thanks dearie!
    Be regular here n thr !

  22. @ Riversoul,
    Ahem !
    Death creeps out many a sober soul, but you talk of it like it just walked out the backdoor of ur house, after chit-chattin with you for hours on end, abt who's life it Fucked up today.

    I am completely against the belief that death is something dark and horrendous..Its a phase of life..it HAS to come..and everyone HAS to go thru it,so why bite your nails up raw when the D-word is mentioned ? And a post targeted at me..
    1) Why would I take offence?
    2) I really don't think I'm that popular or someone like Shahrukh's twin..
    Duh! =P
    I'll be waiting..anyway!

  23. @ Stupid,
    Aw man!
    You're never ending questions..I so LOVE them =P
    1) He died because he was in a addiction f regualr usage of drugs and cigarettes
    2) She didn't "Spurn" him =P
    3) You think a lot
    4) I hope I gave you the answer to your questions =D

  24. @ Mayz,
    Yup..jst as Anindita said..its an old post,with a new version! :D

  25. @ Divz,
    Need not worry,baby..everything's okay with me :P

  26. @ Pranav,
    HAHAHA..try try!
    You might shit out something beautiful! :P

  27. @ Abhishek,
    I put the PS right on the top..b'cos I DIDN'T want ppl to miss it in any case..and soo..
    As a matter of fact..chimerical is a word,and chemerical isn't..Chimaera was a fictional name of a town used in Harry Potter which had imaginary characters which a person dreamt of..and so by mixing them I got the name "Chemerical thoughts".

  28. @ The Rat,
    I'm glad you took that step,and you weren't disappointed.

    Gracias..and do come here more often :)

  29. @ Stupid,
    Jekyl and Hyde syndrome...Rotfl !

  30. Wow..... Hats off to ur philosophy, Ayu.
    Honestly, how old ARE you???
    That cant be the thought process of a THIRTEEN year old!
    And why have you got your name as demise on Orkut?
    Think happy things little girl!

  31. Philosphy nahi hai..reality of life hai-->death !
    Demise matlab pata hai?
    It isn't something THAT sad..and please..leave my thinking to me atleast =P..

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. good story with spooky ending, are you really 13?? start writing a book.

    ps:loved the template:)

  34. nice blog yaar keep it up ji

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  35. hey m done wid d 100th post...thnx a ton for d links :)

    now come n grace us wid ur presence :)

  36. ahaaa kya likhaaa hei..I believe u r 13...pagalpan ki umar....I am 17..crazzy as ya...u rock gal..

  37. but i salute the way u hav put it re..sach me stopped me and made me think

  38. phew!!
    baap re..
    it was gud sai mein

  39. @ I'll try ,

    Ohho.I'm totally tired of answering that ques !
    YES. I am 13..and gracias,fer liking the temp. ! :))

  40. haven't I read dis b4???
    n if I rem correctly...d guy survived last time..ryt???

  41. I echo wht comfortably numb says...Last time, you had even invited ways to complete the story!! See I remember! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

  42. The ending was quite predictable...bt still u succeeded in building up the curiosity till the end.

    Though I personally felt that the "bitching thing" was 2 much....so much of slang language.
    May b am nt used 2 reading such stuffs.

  43. @ Mayz,
    Don't mention it! :))
    Me coming..

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. @ CN,
    Ekdum sahi !! :))
    Just gave it a weird twist..

  46. @ Scrib,
    Oi ! People have sharp memories..grr ! :(
    yes..ekdum sahi..just gave it an awkward turn this time!


  47. hey well written...another blogger who kills off the characters she creates...he he...bravo gal...good stuff...liked the flow and the ending comes bang!

  48. amazing... really gud... love the style

  49. @ Sandeep,
    Ahhem..not always,broda!


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