And life shall go on!

I stood there, with my hands numb from the cold running water,which seemed to have been now flowing into my veins,and mixing with the now stationery blood in it. I saw a visitor come in from the door,and scream out "WAAITER", in a semi-drunken and hoarse voice. Another of the people who I dreaded. He was pretty much regular down here. I had been immersed in my own thoughts,until I realized that I was the one who he had been calling out. "You bastard,can't hear!?"
I immediately became aware of my absent mindedness and ran off to his table and politely asked him "Ji sahab?" He blurted off a name of some drink which I randomly put into my mind,and blurted out to the bar keeper. I went outside and took a gasp of air into my lungs,which seemed to purify the dirt in them that had been penetrating within since immortality. But anyway..you don't have the prettiest of lives with a so-called salary of "4 rupaya per day", nor is it easy to survive without any parents.
Time was nearing to around 1:00 a.m.
Nobody here cares about time ! I heard this song once,some rich memsaab had it playing on that small and weird machine which they call i-pod. How does music fit into such a teenie weenie thing? Anyway, the song went "Na baap bada na bhaiya..sabse bada rupaiya!" These lines seem applicable and most apt for the conditions faced by each Mumbai-ite who visits this shady place called "Baba bhai ki nukkad ki dukaan"
This shop has supplies of every thing, every damn thing you may imagine. Right from a match to a bag of cocaine. They call it "drugs" no? Even I do them. Who cares if I'm only 10? Sometimes when people spit the peek of paans in front of the shop,I don't mind licking them down. Feel like puking on this? Be it. Thats my food. I see so many kids of my age walking down this lane hundreds of times in a day. Each wearing the finest clothes,and clad in the best of glasses, munching a big bag of chips and Kurkure ! Don't I love nibbling on the left-overs of the Kurkure packets they throw away in the dustbins!!
The shop I work in is not a big one..its just one of those small shops you see everyday,selling small yet useful stuff. Each day passes in the blink of an eye..most of the time you can see my washing and cleaning the bartans until they get gleamy and shiny. My boss even hits me with a thick cane that he keeps hidden under his chair,if I don't wash them properly a
nd there is a single stain on them. I still don't mind..he was kind to keep me as his servant,when my farther murdered my mother..and even he,later died of poverty.
My boss doesn't send me to school, he is afraid I will become over smart and run away. These days, Obama is a rage. And Obama becoming the president of Amreeka really doesn't bother me. My only concern is getting a handful of grains in my lunch everyday..I would care less if the sensex crashed by ten thousand points !
You think I'm complaining..but no,I am not. I don't even want your life..a life as a selfish and ignorant brat who doesn't even know the value of the things you get in life. You well off people are so darn full of complaints,and you NEVER cherish the proper meal you may get !
But anyway..I have to stop telling my story to you now..its time that another drunkard dropped on the door, and asked for some food.

The above is a story of a small child labourer..need I say anymore.


  1. okay, u knw that u r good.

    I just hope tht we acknowledge the msg hidden underneath and thank god for his blessings.

    I love u.

  2. whoaaaaaaaa! amazing... simply superb! ur an amazing writer... don't ever stop

  3. its grt dat som1 ur age really knws abt life...u observe a lot , don u ? & u feel 4 dem too...a beautiful piece of writing from a beaitiful creation f god! wow!

    P.s. u my nt hv noticd dis typo,

    The above is a story of a small child labourer..needn't I saw anymore.

  4. the storyline is as transparent as a crystal..yes,it was absorbing at very many points..

  5. hard hitting...particularly the last para..felt like that child is asking me the question..
    amazing writeup..
    struck a chord with me somewhre inside

  6. Good going.

    Praying to God that let no child be deprived of his childhood days.

  7. baby...u rock!! nobody colud hv handled this issue like u :))
    n like shatabdi says..i love u :)))))

  8. i think ppl shud stop commenting and just read ;) someday everyone of us will be out of words ;)

  9. @ lukkydivz you are right... I don't have words to comment on this...

  10. ayu ..u r fantastic...glad u realised ther's so much pain in this world when u r only so lil (ok forgibve me for dat :) )

  11. i have to tell that you do have a flair to write stories... keep writing :) good one..

  12. i was readin this post when u commented on mine...

    n i had to read it thrice to actually take it all in...had a lump in my throat by d end of it...

    a sensitive topic so well put...

    ok now stop foolin us...u cant b 13

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  14. i agree, i have seen this before...
    just have to get to the street and see all this happening!

  15. i agree, i have seen this before...
    just have to get to the street and see all this happening!

  16. thought provoking...

    this generation should change the society....

  17. honest..
    about the eating from dustbins.. the first time it happened in fronta my eyes.. i jus couldn...
    i mean.. sigh!

    nice take on it..!

  18. Heart felt post!
    Bitter truth of life.

  19. The last few lines definitely put a question to me.. And I guess that's what you intended to do as well!

    An amazing one, and as lukkydivz said, I've no words! Your too good for my comments darling!

  20. the truth well expressed.
    as mayz said.. u can't be 13..

    take care


  21. child labour.. told in a brilliant way.. aaayushi my girl..

  22. i shld have felt sad after reading this.. but i dont .. not bcs ur writing lacks anything.. but bcs it induces memories of lots of similar tales.. worse tales. and then the mind just blocks out every such memory.. and goes numb. So i dont feel sad. But the kid is right in one way.. we who get a proper meal.. we ALL suck.

  23. Whats endearing about this piece is that it makes me feel perhaps change isnt far away with the new young generaion waking up to issues as grave as this, and trynna make a difference in whatever way we can.

    Very well written dear girl.

  24. Comin here after a long time. This is vintage Crystal stuff. Nice to read after a long time...and good to see you picking up these issues.

  25. You is a BRILLIANT writer. Me jealous.

    But.. <3

  26. aayu...this is just so heartfelt
    another absolute master piece 4m dear sis:)

  27. @ Enchanted,
    Yeah..I do =)

    Thanks for pointing tht out. :)

  28. @ Praveen,
    Gracias..Em happy that you felt my message !

  29. @ Trinaa,
    Like I says..love you tooo! <3

  30. @ Divz,
    Darn !
    Thanks for that compliment,sweetu ! =)

  31. @ Farah {TT},

    Love ya!

  32. @ Nits,
    All this has become like oh-sucha-common-sight ki sadak par niklo and lo..you see one such story !

    The world's cruel ?..ain't it ?

  33. @ Arv,
    Gracias =)

    I agree with you though..

  34. @ Shrav,

    Thanks a lot,bro :)

    Em glad the msg reached you alll..=)

  35. @ Cindi,
    Em glad this post made you feel this..but..I just wrote this..you all read this.
    There'll be 5o% of people who I ain't even gonna THINK of this after reading it..the other 25% might read it..give it a thought and forget it..the remaining 25% will have 20% who'll wait for others to start something,and only a meagre 5 will come up with a step..thats how it is !

  36. @ Akshaya,
    ***This is vintage Crystal stuff.

    Lol.What? :P
    Thanks..and welcome bck

  37. I read it...and then read again and was like... "ohhhhh"

    We see this everyday and yet the way you have written it rips out the heart of the reader....

  38. Superb...Brilliantly written..thought provoking indeed :) write more often..will U??


  39. @ Toonfactory,
    I do.
    Check my old posts.


  40. whoa! That was Brilliant!
    I love the way it was written, it simply squeezed my heart!
    brilliant!(did I already say that!?)
    Oh well! nvm :D


  41. oh nice template btw!
    looks great if u can change the header a bit so that it gets well with the background!


  42. Mann I hv seen poems and write ups about Child Abuse or Child Labour but this one is prolly the best....

    Really Superbly put....Somebody told me U in the 8'th std ...*Rolls Eyes*..It's kinda unbelievable Girl....Hope you don't loose this touch in your Writing .....Simply Brilliant

  43. Hi Girl!

    Very touching... brought me to the brink of tears!
    It's pure tragedy it happens all around us and every single day!

    I hope many get your message... to help others and to be thankful for what we have today.

    You go girl!
    This post really rocks!

  44. @ Impressionist,
    Errm..I think it does ?

  45. @ Anurag,
    Haha..yes,I'm in 8th.

    Gracias !

  46. whoa! superb! ... makes you see life from a different perspective.

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  48. Poignant. Period.

    I wrote one on child abuse -

    I would like to link this post of yours with the url above. Let me know if it is ok with you. Anyway, you'll know what I mean once you read that... :)


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  50. A tad late...

    Ummm... May I know your name, please. That's how I am linking it with my post. (As you would have noticed.)

    Innocence, no more


  51. Linked... Feel free to link up mine if you wanna.

    Peace. Good day.

  52. This really touches cord Crystal...beautifully written...


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