Point blank.

NO! I screamed. A scream cutting across the icy cold swirls of despair,agony and loneliness hanging above me;cutting into me like brittle and callous spikes of thorns.Invisible bands of darkness tighten across my neck and chest making every breath come out dragged and painful.My wounded heart and soul crumple up on the concrete floor in a heap of fated dust.The miasma of conflict has now subdued.The last burst of hope has forever been quenched.I AM NO LONGER ALIVE.I AM YOU.

I am what you have made me.A mortal cripple with no emotions,a hollow body devoid of a soul.But I still go on.Two legs which walk but ruthlessly stamp the inferior being and tread on their every hope and happiness.Two hands which feel but choke even a small stifle of emotion.Two eyes which see but have long since blocked out all sights of suffering and torture.Two ears which undoubtedly hear but are immune to every cry for help.A mouth which is robbed of all powers to speech by this selfish brain and finally a heart which has sunk into a terrifying void of darkness with no doors of light.

Humans now hang over the precipice of brutality and insensitivity.Their vulnerable and intensely gullible nature has often left them blindfolded to every misery and affliction in the world making them utterly egoistic and ignorant.In this materialistic world virtues have been barbariously slaughtered and those following them have long since wavered to immorality or have met the corrupt and disdainful society thus tainting and murdering his soul.Bribery and extortion have not left a single untarnished being.

The perplexing and precarious position of humans is such that they often critisize other and themselves masquerade as blameless angels.Those who consider themselves to indeed be those innocent angels are living in a false realm of sycophancy and hypocrisy.
If we indeed are genii as we claim to be then we need to look into the abyss of our hearts and in doing so we will have a truly enlightening rendezvous with our true monstrous being.The devastating truth is that not a single man stands who can still claim to be an embodiment of morals.
The pitiable heart is taking its last breath screaming for help.Alas! all turn a deaf ear to its pleas.Its voice is muffled forever;it has been choked to death. I am no longer alive.I am what you have made me.A mortal cripple with no emotions,a hollow body devoid of a soul.

By this post,I also wanted to apologise to two of my greatest blogger mates,and two lovely human beings,for my sarcastic tongue,and uncouth behavious.Forgive me,Sameera and Cindi! :) I'm young and still not mature,my heartfelt apology dears. =)


  1. Brilliant post Crystal! U said it the BEST.

    Many of us feel wut u mean thru this post...our hearts r bleeding, hurting, crying out loud, crippled, scarred.

    But humans will forever be this way, sadly. There wont be a 100% clean and moral society ever...as long as we humans breathe, there wont be a hate-less, crime-less and misery-less world. Cos that too is human nature.


  2. sissy marvelous post ..:)...i am proud ur my sis :)...

    its a good feeling to be reading this post ...so marvelous...

    i second with keshi with there being 100% clean society......but ur words have soo powerful meaning so gr8ly written sissy ..good job :)..lots of love :)..


    P.S: u never put my name in blog roll huh!..x-(..:P...come check my latest post ..:)..

  3. wow crystal ..hope ur crystal gazing can be a premonition for more ppl ..the world is evolving or devolving(whateva dat is) into a murder machine

    --> yeahhh, evil always gets to you at some pt or teh other..
    Of late, teh agony, the malice, the pain, the hatred, the mistrust, the misunderstanding has really gotten to me! it gets me into the blues, i friggyn hate it when no1 really gives a damn, n if they do, it's for a hidden-self-motive..

    "A mortal cripple with no emotions,a hollow body devoid of a soul.But I still go on."
    i feel exactly liek taht many a time: liek a zombie with no feelings.

    It takes a lot to bounce back frm that state, n to emerge out of nothingness..

    an inexplicable belief in life n trust in God is what helps :)

    loveeeeee ya aayushi..

  5. ayeelaaa...m i d only one who had abs no idea wat u were talkin abt :-s

    par achcha hai...jo bhi hai...achcha hai :P

    aur kuch nahi toh atlst my vocan certainly improved :D

  6. @ Mayz,
    Tu bewakoof type hai na,isliye you dont understand :P

    thnku thnku :D

  7. hi.
    thanks for visiting me. i'll return to ur blog and go through it :)


  8. powerful words! very much ...sad but true.& i second keshi.....dis is part of it all....if u & me r luky enuf , v wldnt b dis crippled soul ...but den i guess...all of us had been silnced & robbed atleast a few times ..
    & hey , u get all de 3 awards dearie

  9. Humans create and destroy without even thinking of the cause or next generation. Hatredness/ jealousy is all about it.

  10. yes our body is void without the spirit and the soul

  11. it was so spontaneous..but too tuf 2 sink in..sad n saddening too..

  12. @ Keshi,
    Thankyou so much,sweetie!

    **There wont be a 100% clean and moral society ever..
    But we musn't forget tht we're a part f this society as well,and hence we're partially responsible :)


  13. @ Hemz,
    Thankyou so much,m proud to have you as my bro too! :-)
    And oye..you ARE in my blogroll..and I commented also :(

  14. @ Think tank,
    **hope ur crystal gazing can be a premonition for more ppl .
    Lol.How sweet,thanks a lot!

  15. @ Jane,
    Glad to have you back,Senorita ;-)
    Thankyou so much..
    and I agree dearie..we so feel like mortal muddleheads at times..but *sigh*..life's like that!

  16. @ Mayz,
    par achcha hai...jo bhi hai...achcha hai :P

    LOL! :P
    Dumbo hai na tu? :P

  17. Warmsunshine,
    You're welcome anytime!

  18. @ Enchanted,
    I agree with you girl..

    And thanx a lot for the awards :)

  19. It's purely heartfelt.
    You know what, I could feel the emotions in every word that I read
    (that's bcoz u expressed it in such a way).
    Keep it up!

  20. aayu is awesome...again....
    emotion there in every word.

    ps: am sure both will forgive u. they will see u r speaking from the heart.

    also, me and sid have a new blog together. called Gateway of India. do visit soon. Link in our profiles...

  21. speechless...me..first time speechless.. great post for ur young age dear!

  22. very vivid imagery...comes to mind when i read the post... scarred,hurt,bleeding hearts....sounds all to familiar...things i dnt wanna remeber but nonetheless..it doesn't cease to exist... hope alls good with u :)happy dussehra..

  23. Don hav anythng to say aayu :)

  24. loved the first two paras. Brilliant. Wish this world somehow becomes a better place to live in.

  25. Amazing.

    Need I say more?

  26. Shades of Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness'
    I liked the free flow of thoughts.
    Dark, very dark...indicates light :)))


  27. **Humans now hang over the precipice of brutality and insensitivity**..takes not only the cake but the entire pastry shop!!!..wonder when will it all end..but yr post surely makes one re-think about all of it

  28. great post dear...u wrote it extremly well....

  29. Im really impressed!
    that was splendid! good job there!


  30. Nice post.

    **Humans now hang over the precipice of brutality and insensitivity

    They always have been.

    Well, criticism is good to some extend, but we should be aware of our own limits, when we criticize and a know-it-all attitude won't do any good.

    Hey, you have a heart to apologize, that's just brilliant. Very few people do that. Keep up.

    'N thanks for dropping by my blog :)


  31. Crystal, I think that you are going to be very famous one day. Keep up the writing and aim for the stars. And do remember me when that happens.

  32. Couldn't have described it in any better way
    No one can.
    Gr8 job Ayu.
    Your post says it all.
    And apologies?

  33. Interesting!...and for you...

    This is the end, beautiful friend
    this is the end, my only friend, the end
    ...I'll never look into your eyes again...

    Jim Morrison(The Doos)



  34. Wonderfully narrated......
    btw, ya tagged Crystal:)

  35. @ Arunima,
    Aw gosh! =)
    Thats so sweet of you,and I'm glad you could feel it!

  36. @ Vinay,
    **aayu is awesome...

    Lol.I ain't awesome,Vinz =)

    And thanks!

    Oh yes,I did check out that black G-O-A..;)
    Nice work

  37. @ Aprhodite,
    **..things i dnt wanna remeber but nonetheless..
    What ws wrong? :)
    And a very happy Dusshu to you to! ..hugs!

  38. @ Disguise,

    Thankyou..m obliged!

  39. @ Bhawana,
    *Dark, very dark...indicates light :)))

    How deeply did you get into the meaning of this!

    Muah..and cheers!

  40. @ Sid,
    Oh hie bro!
    Welcome welcome..!!

    Glad yu liked it,thnx!

  41. @ Aneesh,
    I didn't critisize,besides,if i talk about humans and talk ill of them,I don't forget tht I'm a human myself.

    And I wuzn trying to show any "know-it-all-attitude"..i'm sorry if you thought so.
    And thnkyou very much.

  42. @ Sol,
    **I think that you are going to be very famous one day.
    Is tht a prediction by the most lovely psychologist? Aw..thankyou,lady :-*

    And I WILL definitely remember you,if I ever reach those heights.


  43. @ Sid,
    Forget the why part,please :(

  44. @ Olivier,
    Will be down at yr blog in some time!

  45. @ M.flowerr,
    Right on!!!
    WIll be the next post ;)

  46. brilliant...u deserve all d applause in wide world
    nice chain of thoughts put froth with amazing usage of words...*deafening applause*
    but yes, that is a bitter truth of dear life...it will remain as long as life remains coz its not apart from us, its a part of us!!!
    but superb post aayu!!!

  47. crystal,

    i just loved ur play with words..and the topic too..!!

    i could very well relate..!!
    Hoping for a better future..!!



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