Awww fish! :D

Hello peeps!
*Phew* Finally,after I got over with my Writer's block,here I am,penning down my latest chat with my deareest Mac or Macadamia the Nut..oh yes,we're two big lovers of life,and the current scenario of people being affected by the "Committttedd disease" gives us jitters.Oh yeeah! Here's our convo,have a laugh

PS-This isn't to hurt the holy sentiments of the person who began this mind boggling epidemic (Cupid,or whaart?) and nor is this to promote our happiness in being Single.

Aayushi : you believe in singledom?
Macadamia : singledom?
Aayushi : as in being a single and nt gettin' involved in gf-bf relations
Macadamia : for me specifically... No
Macadamia :someday... maybe if I find someone who's got hritik's torso, tom's face, denzel's legs and shakuntala devi's brains.... I might succumb
Aayushi : LOL
Macadamia : :D
Aayushi : Impossible things to find,all in one man.
Macadamia : till then.. lets eat, play and be merry

Macadamia : So... I'll ask you a question first
Macadamia : K?
Aayushi : Shooooot!
Macadamia : :P
Macadamia : So.. what made you suggest 'singledom' as a topic for our combine post dudette?
Aayushi : I see too many people "falling" in love,or "wanting" to fall in love..errr..it amuses me of why people are gettin' so light headed by this disease of love
Macadamia : I agree (so kill me) Love seems to do weird things to some people. But, don't you think that's only with people who have the wrong idea of what this whole love thing is about?
Aayushi : Oh yes (kill us both for that),nearly everyone is more addicted to lust these days.No one really tries to look at the love thing from the view of it being a relationship full of kisses and crap.HECK,thats not love.
Macadamia : Dude! you are too young to be so cynical. Or am I the stupid one here?
Aayushi : No! We both are the stupid ones here\
Aayushi : So what would be the first feeling when you would meet that *ahem* someone special?
Macadamia : I don't even know anymore I'd most probably laugh
Macadamia : P.S. Do those mythical creatures really exist? Those Mr. Rights?
Aayushi : Oh gaawd,they're the type of asses who you get to witness just once in a lifetime
Macadamia : LOL!
Aayushi : that too,only for a "one-blink-and-he's-off"
Macadamia : Darn! that's shorter than a small globulet of Dippin' Dots
Aayushi : I prefer food to guys
Aayushi : :D
Macadamia : SAME PINCH!!!!!!
Aayushi : Ouch..that hurt
Macadamia : And books!
Aayushi : :D
Macadamia : And washing my hair!
Macadamia : And manicures
Macadamia : ;)
Aayushi : Ah..I would prefer marrying my hair to marrying a guy
Macadamia : Omg!! :D
Aayushi : Next ques--But then why is everyone so over-obsessed in having a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Macadamia : Are they? Hmmmm... maybe for the initial feel good factor? Freebies? Masochism? Hell who knows girlfriend Some people even like body piercings. Doesn't mean I'll go get my navel pierced. O.U.C.H!!!
Aayushi : Woow..you got the words off my mouth
Macadamia : Do you like chocolate mousse or raspberry?
Macadamia : Oh wait... i can't ask you these interesting questions huh
Macadamia : SIGH!
Aayushi : I agree.SIGH!
Macadamia : Do you think you're prejudiced again "love"? Or is it because you've seen friends go off their rocker because of this 8th deadly sin?
Aayushi : Its probably because I have seen people weeping their life out after they got ditched.And NO! I don't want to see myself like that!
Macadamia : I know what you mean. Back when I was in the hostel, our daily entertainment was the love lives of fellow boarders
Macadamia : I know it sounds callous but ...
Macadamia :Don't you think maturity has a big hand in dealing with this emotion?
Aayushi : Maturity is just the need of the hour,dude. Once you can differentiate between a true lover and a cheater,the game is all yours!
Aayushi : But then why do you think are people so in love with writing poetry on heartbreaks or maybe even the beauty of a lady
Macadamia : I think it's the whole 'emotion' thing they like. Haven't you heard of the saying "being more in love wih love itself"
Aayushi : Fish,all this gives me a splitting headache.*whew*
Macadamia : Same here
Aayushi : Lets keep our sanity,and warn these people against this deadly disease!

(The Mac 'n' Kris Anti-Love Organisation might save you from this upcoming epidemic.Please co-operate!)


  1. aayushi girl... hehe .. you and macadamia really cracked me up...

    everyone needs a partner to pour out emotionally and physically..
    some find their life partner at a very early age.. and some stay single for a long time and find them in the journey...

    some never find their partners...

    Human beings are not perfect..If they were, this topic would never ever had creepd up.. some way down the lane, we will all find some one .. and learn some important lessons from them... let us all sail together in this journey called life...

    thank you very much for that award girl.. i cant comment on that post.. dunno why..

  2. tum dono hi pagal ho :P

    lovely conversation a lil scary too..if all girls gonna start singing singledom songs...it won't be loong wen i have to opt for gayhood :P

    ouch ..jus thinking abt it hurts a lot.... lol

  3. real nutty convo:D
    I differ slightly...have no prblem wid love, have a prblem wid ppl who look 4 love @ every corner of life:(
    love in itself isn't bad , its just tht one needs to wait for it to find u:D
    n yes singledom is blissful..period!!!

  4. pros and cons are on both sides.. single or mingled...and then grass does appear greener on the other side.

    As u said, its more about rcgnising who's what and what is what... the only problem i have with people is that they can name nything love and love nything ...

    nyways, nutty convo.. :P

  5. ya,dats y they say we "fall" in luv.

  6. This makes me wonder,

    (may I dare say I'l ask this for from all those suckers who're deep down in the disease you just mentioned),

    do you both deep inside never ever want to be loved (in the disease kinda way) or to fall in that same disease...to never knw what its like, and only keep all of you to yourself ?

    p.s : You better not say yes and contradict yourself - then this post wouldnt have its meaning or authenticity !

  7. Our main motive was to bring forth the point tht love has its meaning,not that we're being immune to being loved..but the fact that we want to get into it,when we know and are sure tht we got the right person and stuff.

    And btw,this post has its own humour touch..just take it in that feel,please!

  8. ROTFL... that was so hilarious and it absolutely makes sense... long live singledome...

  9. hihi....some conversation...i do agree to an extent...the mr right i have in my head never seems to come along... :( and im not one for compromises...so better alone single than alone in a relationship... :P

  10. nice convo...thou a lil scary comin from girls...i thot normally guys had this kinda singledom freedom thing runnin in their head...interestin...

  11. :D
    I'm actually grinning here... both at the post and the reactions girlfriend

  12. @ Chrissy,

    Hey..we're glad of tht..aren't we,Mac? :D

    And..ahh..no body's perfect..but the perfection cn be brought abt by being in love with one self also,can it not? :)
    And oh yess...we do find a someone special..but..you knw!! :D

  13. And you needn't mention the thankyou for the award,Chriz =)
    And hw come you're nt able to comment down there?

  14. @ DD,

    Oi..ekdum sahi pehchaana!


    Don't worry,everyone doesn't have similar notions..*every person is special..lol
    **...it won't be loong wen i have to opt for gayhood :P

    Maybe its better....mmmmmmm :D

  15. @ CN,

    Lol.Thankyou! :D

    No NO!
    Don't misinterpret what Mac n me meant..we're not against love..we're against the desire in people "to be" in love! :(
    And ooh yes..singledom is blissful! :D

  16. @ D gypsy,

    ****the only problem i have with people is that they can name nything love and love nything ..

    I AGREE!

    And thanks,buddy!

  17. @ Cinderella,

    First things first,we never called people in love "suckers"

    Ofcourse,we do want love,but hello...we never said we're immune to being loved by a better half,but no,we didn't want people to go with the trend,and fall in love for the sake of it!
    Thats it.
    This post has its own humour touch,and it doesn't intend to abuse any person in love 's feeling.Therefore,maintain the humour.Thankyou.

  18. @ Aphrodite,

    ****so better alone single than alone in a relationship... :P

    well said! :D

  19. @ Mayz,
    Guys or girls..singledom rocks,yar!

  20. @ Mac,

    OOOOH yeah,babe!
    Everyone's thinkin' like..as if we've gona bonkers!..lol

    When you putting this up on yr blog?

  21. cute, i would have preferred more to see the conversation

  22. @ Bhawana,
    Ah :D

    You do see it here,dont you? :)

  23. hello...u had posted a comment on my bro vinay's blog right?

    well, he has exceeded his upload/download limit for the month by mistake...i am doing his poem posting for him...i don't think i can do his tag for him!! :)

    he says to tell u, that he will take up the tag when he can access net sometime in college itself...do rview his work again soon...he values it very much.

    thanks, take care. bye.

  24. ola!

    for the post..it was done brilliantly..the pics n all..as for the content..cupid's arrow has been stuck in my ass for too long now! :)

    y did u change ur pic..the other one was so wow!!


  25. being single rocks!!!!

    Status :- single since last July/August. Do I have reason to cElEbErEtE...?

  26. singledom is so pleasing..it's nice to back here.But i miss love too.

    rolled you

  27. haha this is too cute!

    Mac n Kris collage looks as hot as the anti-love organisation is! :)



    TO be honest, Im BORED with falling in love and all that romantic gunk. Now I roll my eyes when I see a couple!


  28. ohh craap...another love post...


  29. or trying to undersatnd love..

  30. and a post with two cute bloggers..

  31. Seems like love is on everyone's mind!!!

    BTW, I added your name to my tag.


  32. aah..ur post reminds of bridget jones diary and completely agree with u...
    I hated that movie..coz the movie made it look like all single women have only obsession in life...FIND A MAN!! and their life seems to start and end with that!

  33. wow:) two intelligent girls here:)

  34. I thot people like me(read guys) are supposed to be happy about their single status...if u guys are happy being single-doesnt that disturb the girl-boy ratio;-))...(i heard there are more guys than girls n this planet!!!)...interesting convo though!

  35. Haha..you make me smile every time I drop in here.Keep up the intellect.

  36. ohho....toh yeh sab chal raha hai?? ANd tell me...whoz more interested in guys than u??


    JK :P

  37. even if i have to overload my bandwidth limit, i'll do ur tag on thursday or friday ok?? pleaseee come and give me a proper review aayu...

  38. sis did u miss me...but i missed u :)...

    hahahah committed disease lol :P...

    better be single then get into trouble huh!...

    i to need ur id to chat with u sissy and am waiting for ur id since long :(..


  39. awesuummm convo!!!!

    had a few myself...well as nutty as it may sound, true isnt it?

    and 2 ppl who say, "grapes r sour"..
    I wud say,
    "better safe than sorry"


  40. The Mac 'n' Kris Anti-Love Organisation -- can i join it??

    yes, masochism. That has to be it. Why else would anyone be willing to die a gruesome, painful death?

  41. Hi dropped in from Saim's blog.Had me laughing...well expressed and I partly agree.
    I think its totally pointless to sacrifice your freedom and peace for someone just for the heck of being in the committed lot. I guess when there is real love and you wouldn't mind all the sacrifices or mutually agree about the independance of the other, then its fine. Its crazy to keep bickering about who should go where with whom and when and blah blah blah.

  42. waaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaah...2 lovely gal..n an even lovelier conversation...thanks 4 d warning..i shall refrain from turning round corners 4 a while :P

  43. @ Anu
    Yuppa..I did comment on his blog! :)..Aw..thts sad..and oh yes.you cant :)
    And..its okay,no problemo! :)
    You take care too.

  44. @ Swati,
    No no...if you got true love,then let it remaain buddy! ;)

    And thankyouu so much..and well,I wanted a change you see!
    I'll change it back to the old one in some time..

  45. @ Keshi,
    **Mac n Kris collage looks as hot as the anti-love organisation is! :)

    Lol.thankyou! ;)

    And lol at rolling eyes on seeing a couple..some people are happily unmarried and the other are unhappily married! lol

  46. @ Ekta,
    I AGREE!
    People show woman striving fr it..but we're nt like tht dude! ;)

  47. @ Sid,
    Lol...is it?
    I hope not!
    Cos the M-K are gonna take tht ratio hiiighhher ;)

  48. @ MeghD, :P

    ***ANd tell me...whoz more interested in guys than u??


    Abeeeyy...I'll tell you who...

    You you you you you


  49. @ Hemanth,
    Srry bro..I'll give it to you,in one min..!!

  50. @ Express,
    and 2 ppl who say, "grapes r sour"..
    I wud say,
    "better safe than sorry"

    Yeaaa..i agree! ;)

  51. @ HP,
    **The Mac 'n' Kris Anti-Love Organisation -- can i join it??

    Moosht welcome,dude! ;)

  52. @ Akshaya,
    Hey! Welcome here..
    ****I think its totally pointless to sacrifice your freedom and peace for someone just for the heck of being in the committed lot.

    I totally agree with you,Akshaya.

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  54. lol.......i wish girls wud follow iT!

  55. sissy wer is the mail u said in one min huh!..:(...still waiting...my mail id is itzme.hemu4u@ymail.com


  56. my god aayushi... u n mac r hilllllarious here

    i am still laughin


    i am waitin for the day whn u n mac really fall in love, lts see wt u wud have to say thn...LOL

  57. @ Sag,
    Oh yessh!
    I wish fr tht too..:D

  58. @ Hemz,
    I'm so sorry,my bhai! :(
    I dropped my email id dwn your blog..finally! :D

  59. @ Divz,
    Lol..thnkyou thnkyou! :D
    And hooot picture,my dear! :D

    lookin' fab..

  60. **some people are happily unmarried and the other are unhappily married!

    yeah and that suggests LOVE STINKS. lol!


  61. Aha.....so we have new caped crusaders, eh? ;-)
    But yeah, people these days seem to be obsessed with getting into relationships.
    The way I see it, more people are beginning to lose confidence in themselves.
    Besides, the two biggest attributes that drive the "human" kind are jealousy and plagiarism (as a means to deal with the former) :D

  62. Good open hearted chat about love. In Love, there is two constants, two vowels and two fools.


Yes,you've got the permission to add on to the insanity..