Only a moment.

Yes, us.
And that moment.
The delicate yet pristine affinity.
Your arms around me, soft flow of words.
They flowed, some were heard, unheard, while some only felt, yes, more words.
We only sank inside each other even more devotedly, and the sanctity of our togetherness grew untarnished with each passing second.

I continued to hear the rain striking against the rooftops, pitter and patter.
It was indeed part of the jubilation then.
It had sung a song.
Of our togetherness.
The immaculate.
The perfect.


  1. TOO freaking good! Marry me woman,seriously,marry me! xD
    the flow of words is so bloody amazing in all your posts that i feel im swimming in some kind of liquid (err, sorry am not as poetic as you :P)
    id repeat wht i always say, the one to get you is going to be hell lucky, you're going to drive him insane with those words. they're so amazing!

  2. wow..someone just proposed to you becoz of your words..ah..i wish I were a guy now :P

    rain striking against the rooftops,pitter and patter..it had
    sung a song <3

  3. you could sell multiple best sellers. Trust me.

  4. That was a very romantic poem of togetherness with a perfect setting of rain! Great !

  5. @ Tariq,
    This is not Facebook, just in case you don't remember and you make mindless comments here too.:P Log kya kahengae? :( And, I cannot marry you. I have already given you umpteen reasons for it.
    But thanks re. Bada cute comment tha, not that you are cute. :/

    @ TOSM,
    Ee. No. He's a very good friend of mine and he just kids around saying anything, absolutely anything. -.-
    Thanks a lot, sweetie. :*

    @ Shamia,
    You're TOO kind, it tooj my heart, Sham. :')

    @ Rahul jee,
    I think rains are a perfect backdrop for romantic settings. :)
    Thank you so much, Sir.

  6. Crystal, how could you write a beautiful piece like this with so much precision?
    Gazab hai! :)

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww I am sooo impressed :D I mean like u read about it and then u just wrote an epic piece. It looks like u didn't even have to try. The words, they just come naturally to u :D

    P.S I think I might write a disaster myself :P

  8. aaaaah...
    what a beautiful beautifuulll piece..!!!
    lovedddd itt!!!

    cheers !!

  9. Thanks Richie :)

    Vinati, Aye, why ain't you writing oftener? Give this a try, Fibonacci sonnet! :)
    and thaank you dost <3

    Aliza, Aarey! Why do you compliment me in such a way? I start blushing! :">
    You should give it a try! Its fun.
    And thanks re <3

    Thaaaaank you :)

  10. Crystal, there is something in your poems, your words....which touches the heart of a woman in me...a woman who can talk on literature, politics or anything under the sun...but in the recesses of darkness of the night...she is a woman who sits quietly and gazes at the stars to be free.......

    I loved the portrayal of chaste togetherness here...where love has taken a divine undertone! I LOVE it! :D :D :D :* <3

  11. The immaculate, the perfect YOU.
    This was brilliant, Crystal. :)

  12. You're soo in love :) and I stand by this. Firmly :)

    Amazing :)

  13. I don't know how to react when three of my favourite bloggers write such cute comments. :D
    Much love to all three of you, MSM, Khadeeja, and Serendipity!

  14. Sinking deeper yet rising higher! :)

    Fibonacci sonnet, interesting,immaculate :)

  15. Wow this was simply splendid crystal.. so dreamy, ethereal and romantic. Absolutely loved it.. :)

  16. oh my god after telling you about my post tum comment nhi kar skty thi... you mean fat gal..!
    i hate u
    and haan nice,good and sundar as always and more over baby i am so damn interested in the 1st comment :P
    ahan ahan ahan..! :)
    marry him no...! :P aur yaar badi chaukus ae kasam se..!
    call me in the wedidng no..!:P

  17. You and I. And THAT moment. You just made me miss that moment. Sigh. Magic with your words.. As always.

  18. beautiful as usual Crystal! tho it made me sad a bit:-(

  19. This, my dear, is beautiful. The flow of words made me want it to be never ending. The romance it portrays is heart warming and made me smile :)

    Keep writing you awesome thing ! :*

  20. OMG! This is BEYOND beautiful!!! Even the presentation of the text draws a unique mirrored shape underneath the perfect B&W 'moment'!

    "We only sank inside each other even more devotedly, and the sanctity of our togetherness grew untarnished with each passing second."

    *Jaw dropping beauty!*

    "Inspiration credits - Confused Soul"

    Does you awesomeness have no limit? I think NOT! WoW!

    To say I love this is an understatement! (: ~x*♥*x~ :)

    P.S. Be prepared for more proposals ;)

  21. .wweeeehhh..

    love it so much!! haha, just got back, and im glad to read your poem..

    AMAZING =)

    Hats off again!!!

    PS- Thanks for the greetings you posted here at your blog =)
    appreciated much!

    How I wish I had a soul worthy enough to come up with such lovely words and such crafted lines!!
    The guy wud be sooooooooo lucky to have u...
    U already got proposed I see :P

  23. you seem to Njoying the accolades all round you.. though I was thinking did you get the that comment you were waiting for??


    Keep Smiling.

  24. Ha ha the 1st comment was seriously... :D Anyways, beautifully worded dear!

  25. @ A grain of sand,
    I was so going to ask you to give it a try. Please do :)
    Thank you, baby !

    @ :Dee,
    Thank you thank you! :D

    @ Suvaiba,
    Aap toh jasbaati ho jaate hai. I just commented. :)
    And, Tariq se shaadi nai kar sakti, you know why! xD
    Thanks re. Means alot.

    @ Zeba,
    Did I? I feel I achieved quite something in life, tee hee. Tell us how it was sometimes, with a post :)
    Thank you. :*

    @ Mishi,
    Haw. :( Why?

  26. @ Priyanka,
    Atleast it'd remind someone of their happy times, those little moments of pleasure and the warm laughter :D
    Thank you, sweet thing :*

    @ Lady Fiona,
    Finny! You make me SO happy, actually happy sounds common, you make me ecstatic :D
    The inspiration credits go entirely to CS and I am glad she asked me to give this a try ..
    now i am asking you in turn ! Please try it :)
    And thank you so much :*

    @ Kharren,
    Heeeeeey. Where've you been since such suchhhh a long time?
    I hope to see you around oftener.
    Much love. :)

    @ Red handed,
    Sooner or later you will, and the best one at that too. He will be a corker, trust me ;)
    I wish both of us get someone to dedicate this too, soon. :D
    Thanks ree

    @ Makk,
    Haha. I sure do bask in the glory. All i have anyway ;)
    And I didn't quite get what you were hinting at. Which comment?

    @ Ria,
    Hahah :D Thank youuuu!

  27. This poem is one of a kind, i espp loved the some words were heard others felt.. so loved it, beautifull poem

  28. So much love and romance here...hmmmm...

  29. Menachery,
    It was a rather intriguing manner to write in. Do give it a try
    and thank you. =]

    Haha! I guess I need to move to other pastures soon.
    Update Lost and Found asap btw. =]

  30. You are such a magician :) when it comes to words...

  31. I love that the first comment is a marriage proposal. That should tell you something about your writing -- amaze balls.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  32. Each one has experienced this, each one has one's own version of this memory and you managed to evoke THAT memory, re-evoke that pleasure for each one of us. Beautiful! :')

  33. @ TBB,
    Aw. So are you :) in a very different way.
    Thanks for solving Suvaiba's blog issue btw. You're a cutie :D

    @ Bonnie,
    Hahaha! I'd like to think that way. Though the proposal came from a very dear friend and he's bonkers. :D
    Thanks though!

    @ Nikita,
    Yes. Everyone has their own sweet tales. They're all intriguing I believe. :)
    and thaaaaank you :')

  34. Oops ~ ha ha! I thought you were being humorous by saying you are the 'confused soul' and that confusion inspired you :D I didn't realize it was someone's user name ~ must go check her out ... hopefully I can find her easily on your list :D ♥

  35. Well, D-U-H! I'll just use easy access with the link provided LoL! My brain is obviously on vacation ~ hope it's somewhere nice ;)

  36. @ Purple,
    Ee :)

    @ MSM,
    Tightest tight hug. >_<

    @ Finny,
    Hahaha I hope your mind is vacationing in some place as awesome as the Swiss mountains. -.-
    AND, I want you to try a Fibonacci sonnet ASAP :D
    Muchhhhhhh love.

  37. Came here from Fiona...you have a beautiful blog...cheers

  38. Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

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    Take a look and if you like follow me, I’ll be waiting for you: Cosa mi metto???

  39. Welcome here, Ashok and Fabrizia ! And thank you very much :)

  40. "It had sung a song.
    Of our togetherness.
    The immaculate.
    The perfect.

    Your flow of words.. BRILLIANT! :)

  41. Sounds too perfect:-)
    Romantic and well written!

  42. Shame on me for not experimenting more with forms of writing:|

    And this is perfect. Perfect for that moment when time seems suspended and love seems to be the only thing that exists.
    Beautiful Crystal.

  43. :)

    Us. Thats a beautiful word, no?

  44. I could feel the rain. I was at peace while reading this .. :) Beautiful!

  45. its indeed a beautifully composed poem ...i am like in love with the blog and your writing style...brief yet effective...here comes your latest follower......wwwwwwoooooooossshhhh

  46. just happened to pass by,
    your blog luk&feel and the pic u used for this poem literally took me to a fairy land....
    the words u used are so impact creating..i could live it through ur words....smashing work!i'm joining in through google friend connect .
    Thanks for sharing,
    your works will help me improve mine.

  47. OMG CRYSTAL...The way you've spinned words, I'm amazed.. This is sooooo brilliant...gosh :o .. and you don't like math...it should be your fav :P .. Man this is amazing crystal... I love it...totally! :D .. *hugs*

  48. Samajhdar ko ishara hi kafi hota hai.


  49. EPIC! WOW! AWESOME! Its people like you that are so good that I feel stupid when writing anything.

  50. awesome.

    intangible. it made me freeze for a while, stumbled upon the beauty of writing :)

  51. I cannot leave tonight if I can't drop here my friend, I saw your link at Princess Fiona's, and you are a true inspirations of this new form of poetry (at least to me)... I can better understand your words here, yes, they are flowing within me and I can feel it, I can feel it better inside, your words here are too powerful my friend! I have seen this a while from now but it's not too late this time! ~*Perfect Romance*~

  52. Fibonacci n crystal, girl u r awesome !!!

    I love your ease at playing with words :)

  53. Thank you Jyoti, Prime, Fahad, Iffi, Inspector Sahab, Iffi, Ezazi and Hamza.

    Makk, Abhi bhi nai samajh mei aaya. :/

  54. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!


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