Dark truths.

I started putting red bangles on, while Ma started settling other things in the house. Was adorned in a red sari, and even after the sveltve figure, there was something the sari could not hide. Anyway, Pooja came into the room, and told me that the people had arrived. Papa was making them comfortable as they come out of their car.
I was seated at a wooden chair, and was staring into my own eyes, through my reflection in the mirror. Brown eyes, black kohl,red bindi with black outline,red sandals.. just worth satisfaction maybe. Whatever..I moved out of the room, and went straight into the kitchen. This was a usual routine for me,and I always knew the result, and was never excited about "new" people coming in. I still don't understand why Ma instills new hopes inside her, whenever she gets a recommendation about XYZ from Aunty ABC.
There was a smell of sumptuous servings filled inside the kitchen. They are no more pleasing to me..because I've smelled them..just to often, similar to how I've worn bangles seven times before, and hidden my face with a pallu and walked with shy steps to the people. Yes, you probably would have guessed what I'm talking about, and if you haven't you probably will, in some time.
Like always, I was handed a tray of this and that (food and yet more food) to carry to the drawing room. They were seated there. One aunt, who was scanning me from head to toe, and probably taking in every detail of me, maybe even how many stones are there in the ring I'm wearing. Its disgusting that a B.tech Topper is living like this, but whatever,family comes first. And then the dreaded part of the discussion starts, they make me walk ,why? to make sure that I'm not handicapped. *Yes why not, as if I came flying in front of them*, they make me write,eat and even speak.
And then they stand up after further argument or discussion, with finishing the plates f servings clear ofcourse. They'll walk down like burgalars, who're too scared to commit their crime. I care nonetheless, because I've seen people like these before.

They reject me for their son.
All because I'm dark.

Yes sir, being dark makes me a non-human right?
Thankyou very much.


  1. hmmm, poignant post! but i guess that 'they' never heard of a sultry dusky beauty...

    dark is gorgeous!

    :)ps: funny world it is. sometimes downright stupid. and this stupidity is what makes everything that much harsher for us all.

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  3. Even I am so, :I And I just don't know what to comment! lol. But haven't faced succha a situation though even now, but just don't know what the future has in store... But this is actually what happens, courtesy our society.

  4. its one of those silly perceptions of the Human race... thankfully, there are exceptions :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  5. Im not fair...Im dusky and I know alot of men are after me lol!

    Jokes part, this is a beautiful piece Crystal! It highlights the importance of accpeting a person for WHO they r and not for what their COLOR is.

    I know this is a huge dilemma for Indian women. And even in Sri Lanka, darker skin color is shunned...most ppl prefer fairer women. If only they could look deeper into a person's heart, that will be the day we all can live in TRUTH.

    A job welldone girl! ur spreading awareness here and giving all those rejected women a voice too. I admire ya!


  6. 1st of all, I dun expect a Btech topper to go through all this, she can very well go out and make a life for herself..yes, family pressures are thr but one needs to take a stand somewhere.
    I think dark is sexy:P
    this idiocy is all thanks to the fairness creams who have ingrained in our psyche that fair is beautiful:(

    nice post..thoughtful, deals with a prevalent issue:)

  7. its so painful that even afer such advancements in hman psuchology, people aere judged by their color and nottheir charecter...and this goes worst in the case of girls...!!

    i wish this tradition is completely wiped of...!!

    And yaar, they are seriously very bad at heart coz, they first see our photograph and only then they come in person...if they dont want a dark "Bahu" then what did they do while seeing the photograph??? were they blind then???

    i wish i dont get this situation....you know i am very short tempered...;)...!!!

  8. touching ... end was good.. but that is the truth..

  9. They call it "Samaaj ka Kadva Sach"

    Hope ppl perspective change and we can only hope that way ....

    Akhen kholo apni....May be this could be a start...and again we can only hope :(

  10. they haven't seen the dusky hottie babes :P

    tension na le...aajkal dude..dudettes mein yeh sab nhi dhoondte

  11. yeah people think being dark is ugly.. only they dun know how elegant is dark..

    i fail to understand why is only the fair the lovely!!
    here is the link, i worte a post on similar thing a while back:

  12. Wow!! This is something very close to me coz i've seen this happen to someone i love a lot.

    You've touched a very sensitive cord. The theme is worth a bow!

    God Bless

  13. i refuse to comment coz there is a whole new side to it which i think i can express

  14. @ Nachi,
    They probably wun have..or they wouldn't have done that!..and welcome jii!..:D

  15. @ Diya,
    Not necessary tht it happens with anyone whose dark..but well..it does happen, and we know it, righT?

  16. @ Arv,
    Yes there are..and thats what makes the deal "fair.."

  17. @ Keshi,
    Thanks a lot for the words,Kesh. I'm glad you aren't discouraged by your dusky color..cos so many are.
    Dusky sure is sexy..most people will agree to that..bt I dunno about "dark"

  18. @ Comfortably Numb,
    You never know what one's priorities maybe..family,education or xyz..
    thanks :D

    Psst..dark sure is sexy..only if everyone..(as in EVERYONE) understood!

  19. @ Yamini,
    Aw..keep your cool,dear.
    You won't..

    And it indeed is sickening on the groom's part to do all this..and then they act like cowards afteerwards..and it surely would be a piss off on any girls part to see anything like this..but we sure have words to tick them off, don't we? ;)

  20. @ Anurag,
    Some people need a wash by water in their eyes..maybe just tryina write this and make such people open their eyes is bizarre..

  21. @ DD,
    I know about the "dudes"..lekin families..people with conservative and sick minds..m talking bout them.
    And I'm tension free..cos m fair and lovely..lool..=P..kiddin'

  22. @ Richa,
    I agree.

    And will read your post in a minute,dost..

  23. @ Shruti,
    Thanks a ton..I'm glad it did strike a chord within someone.
    Hope it stops sooner than the time.

  24. @ The Poet Manque,
    When some ignorants understand these perspectives..and we see it happening..then you can stop commenting.

  25. ahhhh!!

    I do not think...we can really justify this..i mean the way they go hunting for gals...

    ahhh hmmm..and who r they to reject juss coz of the color.....

    well....i get angry wth these things

  26. dont worry.. they dont deserve you.
    im sure you ll meet a nice guy who can see the real person inside and not care a bit about color.
    keep smiling :-)

  27. ur header kinda reminds me of angel n demons

  28. very touching story..
    it's really sad.. that even after qualifying such higher degree at the end we r still thr only.. sticked to our old perception. but ppl r changing.. n i hope u will find some one. who will see ur heart not ur face color..

    cheer up dear.. :)

  29. @ Pj,
    I knw..I do understand!

  30. @ Amal,
    Misconceptionized thou art !!

  31. i just hope u are joking abt making u walk, write and speak! I JUST HOPE THIS IS A JOKE cause i cant settle down rite now.. i mean if this is true!! WTF! is wrong with people?!?! i just dont know wht i'd have done if something like this happened to me.... I WOULD KICKED THOSE PEOPLE OUTA MY HOUSE! (or may be i am just saying and wouldnt have been in a position to do anything at all)
    but the turth is here
    .. read this...i love this quotation...

    "Maybe you'll marry, maybe you won't, maybe you'll have children, maybe you won't, maybe you'll divorce at 40, maybe you'll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary. Whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself, either. Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's. Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don't be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it's the greatest instrument you'll ever own."

  32. Hard hitting! to think a btech topper is willing to be a part of this freak show *sigh*

  33. @ Sahityika,
    Its not on me, dear.. its fiction.. guess I should have added the tag!

  34. @ Zainub,
    Giiiirl..its FICTION. Even though it didn't happen with me, IT DOES HAPPEN.

    Btw..I actually like the paragraph in quotes. Very true!!

  35. @ Winnie,

    Sometimes life doesn't give you a choice,mate..!!..and who knows what someone may prioritize!

  36. such a thing has reduced in big cities though is still persistent in small towns. its frustrating.

  37. Naomi Camplbell is a Stunner. So is Waris Dirie. And many I can't name and have never met in real life. Just like dark South Indian beauties I have seen in real life


  38. You had to walk, eat, write...??
    That's really sad. Where the hell do these things happen..
    I assumed that things have changes now that people are educated.
    Maybe i was wrong..
    We need to have a complete change of mindset in India..
    It's tiring to hear of how women are treated in our so called "great" cultural society..
    It's a pity that you had to go through this..


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