Similar indifferences.

Someone sits with the fresh mehendi adorning her hands. The smell of incense prevails in the entire room, which is otherwise illuminated with golden bulbs all around. The red satin curtains draped on the antique windows, seem to be dancing along with the sound of the dholak outside. She sits and looks at her diamond ring, perched on her ring finger, looking as gorgeous as ever. There were giggles from her friends next door, all making parodies of something or the other. The outside is crowded with people, someone is making the sweets, and drowning himself in the jubilant and mirthful atmosphere which surrounded him. Someone was being critical of nealy everything her eyes met, and interrogated all about everything, and poked her nose in everything she could figure out as intriguing, and irrespective of the glances they got, enjoying every moment of it. Lightbulbs adorned every corner of the Manor House, and each part of it shouted with glee. Someone was all worried if the invitations had reached the right people, and someone was too involved in checking if the red bag or the black matched her dress. Squeals from adolescents and toddles alike, and a grandmother following them with a cane stick. They were common sights. Common but happy.

Somewhere, the walls of the house had grown numb, the white color had become even more pale, as the colors of someone's life were slowly fading away. An elderly woman shocked from the incident, sat with her lower half paralyzed, and slowly crawled from one end of the room to the other. The surroundings seemed to have been weeping with an abysmal misery. There were children here too, but even their impressionable minds had got the feeling that there was no good happening here, and even they refused to continue their game of Hide and Seek. Maybe because mirth, joy, and bliss, they had all hidden themselves somewhere, and made themselves to tough to be seeked. She was sitting on her bed, with absolutely no one around her. Just yesterday he was by her side, and she had kept her head in his strong arms, in which she could weep, she could laugh. Now, it was different, there were no comforting arms around her, just she, the stupefied her. She lost her husband. It had to happen with everyone, it was common but sad.

Life offers us complete contrasts, at times. Where someone sits happily, waiting for the wedding bells to knock on her door, someone is immune to the happiness, as her soul weeps to have to burn the corpse of the same man who she loved from her heart.
People say we're responsible for our own happiness and sadness, but at so many instances, we have no way out to get out of such times. Maybe..life's too weird .


  1. contrasts indeed... well captured.. it gets even weird when we feel one way on the inside but find ourselves surrounded by the contrasting other on the outside...

    have a nice day mate... take care... cheers...

  2. Life is all about this.. some ppl are blessed enough to have enjoy buffets in 5 star hotels and right outside the hotel, some hungry ppl search for leftovers.. stark contrasts..

    beautifully woven :)

    P.S. I was away, n missed reading ya :D

  3. the ironies of life..
    beautifully captured in words.

  4. Very beautifully contrasted sweetie... and yes life is wierd... happiness is a factor.... and when we have a significant half in our life, it gets attached to him/her by default... its not easy to recover from this, but we have no option but to live like it do we?

  5. stunned!

    truly girl u r a prodigy

    ur sanity is beyond ur age n m spell bound by that

    when i was 14 i was so....

  6. If it wasn't so poets n writers would have nothing to talk about!

  7. aayu baby!every time u impress me girl! i loved the depth and intensity of the post along with the flow of it.

    at every step life is so ironical. common but happy & common but sad.
    even there is sadness in happiness and vice-versa.

  8. Sahi hai! We're, as you said, not entirely responsible for our own happiness and sadness!

  9. life is sad indeed if we look at it in a sadder tone... hop down to my page before i turn sad too.. aayushi


  10. Very insightful... C'est la vie!

    Peace. Be well.

    Greetings Aayushi,

    Yes, I am well, thank you. I figured I needed a life. Badly. Hence the hiatus.

    Trust all is well at your end. How were your exams?

    Will catch up on your other posts soon.


  11. Well written.

    Ill visit u more.

    Anand. :-)

  12. we have to face life's contrast at various times..its just tat we overlook it...!

    nice one aayuhsi!!



  13. peculiar and contradictory is that entity called life!!!

  14. yeah life does offer Contrasts & I prefer to ignore the darker ones!
    Nice analogy.
    I loved the description of the happy part. Perfect Indian wedding scenario.

    P.S so hw were ur exams sweety & now vich class have u reached?

  15. # Arv ,
    Yup..you're so true on those lines..*sigh!*

    Gratias =)

  16. # яノςんム ,
    You have such an apt example.

    And thanks,lady!.I'm glad someone was reading me, and did miss me =)
    Thanks !

  17. # Heart 'n' Soul,
    You're so right! Sometimes we have no choice, but to continue living!
    Thanks for visiting, dearie.
    Missed you out here !

  18. # Poet Manque ,
    Thankyou for those words.. :)
    But I really don't think I deserve all of them..

  19. Beautifully written..
    You have shown the bright and dark side very well ..its just life as we all call it..

  20. awww... quite interesting observation, I never seen it that way. Life is a jigsaw puzzle.

  21. Ying and yang - such is life :)

  22. :-)

    but coz its weird, coz it is unpredictable, coz it is so contrast,

    life is fun.


    well, thats a way 2 look @ it,
    isn't it?

    Love u! :* miss u :-(

  23. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  24. # Trinaa ,
    Poets and writers don't always talk about vices, na?

  25. # Preetilata,
    Life is contradiction personified..
    When you are happy, thr will be sadness, when you're sad, there HAS to be happiness..and hence life goes on!

    Thankyou for the compliment =)

  26. # Chronic Writer ,
    You needn't be saddie, Chrissy boy!
    You have people's love to support you...hence SMILE ! =)

  27. # Kartz,
    Exams went well (except for Chem. and Computers =( )..but over all they were good !

    You've been good tooo..I hope!
    And sure, catch up anytime you wish! take care..

    And yes, life is like that ! :)

  28. # Anand,
    I'll be glad if you do =)

  29. # Ankita ,
    Sometimes we can afford to overlook the problems..and at other times we have to face them..so why not face them with courage!
    Thanks hun!

    (Send me details for your header yaa)

  30. # Arunima,
    Thankyou!..but we can ignore the dark sides once,twice thrice..but then..it gets tough! :)..

    Examination..aah!..they're finally over,does that say enough? :P..kiddin'
    They were good..except my dreaded dream of Chemistry.. me goes in 9th this year! ==)

  31. Moi ,

    You will..someday! =)..everyone does !

  32. Shatabdi ,

    I miss you mooooooooore! =(
    And life is like that..bad and good..both at the same!

  33. Té la mà Maria - Reus ,

    Thankyou ! =)

  34. aayu, girl, u r a genius! how wel could some one portray mixed emotions? its beautiful girl. i had a disturbed mind towards the end. quite thoughtful. loved it.

    hwz ya?

  35. yes,life's too weird.a good narrative.

  36. Such contrast of life...Joys at times, despair the next....very well described.

  37. Very well written!thts wht happens when u face stark reality.

  38. @Aayu...
    yeah it can't be ignored alwaz...
    I avoid dem till the time I collide head on vid it!
    anywaz 4get it...

    So baby u vil b in 9 th huh. Do u feel the pre-board class jitters.
    Ven I arrived in 9th i used 2 feel hell lot of pressure(read phobia)

  39. Oh gal u r ultimate!!! Too good n inspiring.... i loved it...
    i remember long bk id read a similar poem( i thin it wa william blake).
    Its like a soldier returns bk 2 his town, people bravo him n all dat
    bt after a yr.... da same person is pelted wit stones, shaved coz he'd committed a murder. The description uv givenis toooo good... keep up!

  40. life is a paradox.. and nothing but this is the truth..

    well written cryatal..kudos!!

  41. well written Crystal..!!!

    life is all about his....we can never expect anything..!!

  42. hi ayushi,
    I am yet to read this post

    started reading your blog from the first post.
    You have got fire in you
    do remain in touch


  43. did i got a false alert or u deleted the new post ????

  44. its time for your paarents to find a guy for you and marry you off

  45. Thats so true.. we are so responsible for our misfortunes. no one to blame but ourselves.. but how to get out of it.. sometimes it becomes difficult..

    Read poems

  46. I read two of ur emotions 'happy' and 'sad'...i cannot personally afford to write anything to a person of ur calibre. Hopelessness apart, u have a helluva journey waiting ahead of u. No! I don't know u but that's one weird and faith sort of an emotion, i wish it goes true for u.

  47. Thanks Sawan..pleasure tht you liked it


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