There are times..and there are people..there are people who stay,even when times washes away.
Of what I know,I don't lie in this category. I've always been the most ugly,most rude,most obnoxious,and most ruthless (and many more in the list..) The list is never ending. But there are things and people which change you..there are people who come into your life,make you realize how much of a wiccan you've been,and then they erode away. There are the most beautiful times, and there are the worst of times. I experienced them both. But each beautiful day till now, was hidden by the black cloth of malice that I had tied around my eyes since so long. But someone stepped into this life of mines,and has secretly taken out that cloth off. He's introduced me to the light which fills the universe..and also brought home the fact that life isn't about cussing,and acting as if you "care a damn". And trust me, "not caring" is never the remedy. So I thought, but now I don't. There is a different part to me now. He came into my life right today. The touch of his hands, caressing my hair,and whispering deep into my ears,has left loud echos all over. I really never knew how unkind I was to my life (and specially the people in it) But today..His mysterious entry has changed it all. He's taken off the cloth which has been put on me since so long, by no people, but by insensitivity and ruthlessness which has been prevailing deep within my soul since so long, tying me back from all the chords which have kept me back from the zenith.. The height till which I can soar..the beauty of the people who I received as "friends"..and the wickedness of me towards life. There has been a change today. And He is who caused it.
You know the He?


Its a new birth for me today.


  1. yes,he's the only one who can change us 4 better.n its nice 2 read dat u tried 2 b a better person.

  2. Hmmm... I was very obnoxious until a little time back... And then I saw people, I began to see the beauty of things even more when I appreciate them, only if they're worth it though!! :P

    But somehow, just somehow, this God thing has never gotten into me!! Well, again, that's just me!!

    But are you serious about the Rebirth part?? Was it God or a God-like person?? Just wondering!! I go around saying... I die each night... And I'm born new each day... Its just my intelligence I carry forward!! :D

    Anyways, see you when I see you... :)

  3. more re-birth parties ! :D :D

    kiddo, more than God, its YOU ! :)

  4. huh! So were u an atheist earlier and now you are not ???

  5. god has his way of teaching us a new lesson each time... never fails to amaze me really...

  6. self realization and changing for better!! you know it made me smile :) finally!!

    love u for this :)

  7. one of ur best posts. happy for u. may u be blessed with this happiness always. god n ur loved ones are always thr with u :)

  8. God! that was so unexpected.. real nice post!

  9. :)
    We can never respect our life ans people in our world enough.

    I have realised,
    all we can do is spread some smiles and make living worth it.
    dont u agree?

  10. God has his way of teaching us a new lesson each time... never fails to amaze me really...Good job !
    Welcome to my blog…….
    Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

  11. Enlightening post! And I love ur new profile pic...really nice.

    Mebbe all the sadness and pain is the 'delivery pains' of the 'rebirth' of sanity and happiness.


  12. wen he cumes into our lives..then we change..and tat change is for the lifetym...yesh as anwesa said..we change for better..but more than it wat I feel is..watever change takes place..seems for better.

    hey I am bakk

    hav changed blog url to
    so u need to folllow it agn to get the updates dear

  13. he's the only guy who makes all the diference... he's the one who creates the darkness and the light outside the tunnel... but he's always there when you fall and rise again... and as the eternal saying goes "jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai"

    ps: Leaving for my trip today.. bye

  14. :-)

    somebody long ago said to me "if i can kill u, i can give rebirth to u too"...

    welcome to life again sweetie... enjoy this life one more time...

  15. @ Anwesa,
    He's a magician..he really is!

  16. @ Pranav,
    Hey..I ain't going to condemn you for not believing in his,'cos even I did not..but trust me,dude..there is a supreme power,who DOES control everything in our lives.
    PS-It was God+a God like person..both!

  17. @ Hp,
    Shhorry..I'm a miser =P
    Can only if you a hug? Chalega? :D

  18. @ Anurag,
    That was your conclusion out of my post? :O

  19. @ Phoenix,
    He amazed me just yesterday..

  20. @ Lukkydivz,
    You have a part their too,sweetu :)

  21. @ Preetilata,
    Thankyou soo much for the concern,dear..
    Maybe its just the presence of people like ya which makes life so worth-a-while!

  22. @ Divya,
    Btw,it was unexpected in my lfe as well.

  23. @ Shatab,

    Yes,Shatabdiee..thats all we need to do,and life WILL be better.

  24. @ Femin,
    He amused me as well! :))..include me in the club.
    And thankyou soo much..same to you! :)

  25. @ Keshi,
    I know..and I agree with you to an extent.
    Try going for a new life again,Kesh..its wonderful!

  26. @ Pj,
    Ooh..no wonder,I couldn't access your blog :(..Will be thr!
    And I agree with Anwesa and you..all that happens DOES happen for good.

  27. @ Swayam,
    I really felt that that saying DOES xist..and have a happy happy journey...will miss you..tc :)

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  29. @ The Rat,
    I like that line!

    And that definitely goes wimme! :)

  30. :)

    thats one of the best touches ever, isnt it?

    take care... cheers...

  31. hmm...self discovery!!!....

    daily i make it a point to pray atleast once..thats the leastwe can dono??:)

  32. title mujhse churaya!! i claim damages!! :P

    n congrats on d rebirth..4 once god intervened at d right moment ;)
    ..so no more anger mera baby..lets celebrate our rebirth with fun, laughter n loadsa smiles!

    hugsssss to u! :D

  33. Touche!

    He sure does wonders,, only we realize them later.. maybe tat also could b one of his many plans.. :-)

    self awakenin is al itzz about,, innit.. :-) nice one,, Crystal.. :-)

  34. good read sissy...god teaches in many ways...i am trying to learn each time i fall..and he picks me up with a smile says...u learnt ur lesson..:)..rebirth is coming ur way :)..good :)...


  35. Hmm.. The Enlightened One... A lots of questions arise... A good post it is.

    Bt why did God took such a long time to appear before you ? YOU, A person filled with so much of emotions and understands life at suich a tender age.... I mean If God had been reading ur blogs he wud hav shown his devine form quite some time back, hain naa ? :)

  36. I hope, I wish and I pray that this is not just a phase that passes away. Crystal, I may sound preachy but what the heck, you're post is already emotional. There's too much hate and malice in the world and every person who can manage to spread love is needed. Happy Birthday !!!

  37. ive tried to believe in god..but its not something i can force myself into..besides i like thinking my life is under my control..lol..because ultimately its one for oneself

  38. oh wow!!der u go.. :D

    great news!!

  39. @ Brocasarea,
    you don't always need to pray to stay connected with him..there are bettah ways to connect with him!

  40. @ trinaa,
    Ooppsiee..shoollleey!!!!...i will pay you back..don't worry..*hugs!*..will that do? :D


  41. Gracias Muzer!
    Yes indeed..its beautiful!

  42. @ Hemanth,
    when he comes your way,you'll be as happy as me tooo..chheeeerrs!!

  43. @ Suresh,
    Lol..I don't blg about everything in my life dude..thre are certain parts which i may hide..but leaving tht apart..

  44. @ Rakesh,
    Thanks a lot for that well-wish..

    Even I hope that this phase remains...forever!

  45. @ Nivedita,
    Lol..i like that attitude..;)

  46. A very happy re-birthday to you!

  47. if you wanted to fool someone into believing that you fell into love, you succeeded! I was so sure that HE was some random faceless guy, till in the end where I found who HE is!

    I actually don't believe much in God, and I don't intend to as well, but if he caused a realization in you, NICE!!:):)

  48. Great post, Aayushi. Sooner or later everyone comes to Him, or rather lets Him into your life.
    I am not much a believer, but if people feel better with Him in their lives, it is indeed beautiful :)

  49. You know how amazing you are, don't you?

  50. Happy (Re)birthday to you.

    yes his light is the greatest enlightening for a human.

    Hey bt I wud have liked it more if u had explained in vat way(circumstances) God caused the change in ur life.

  51. Somewhere, someday... We are 'enlightened' about something which we never would have wanted to believe in.

    One refers to God with an upper-case 'G'. One also refers to oneself with an upper-case 'I'. Period.

    Peace. Be well.

  52. Do I have to miss my dear gothic sis :O

    but it is a noce change..if u be thankful to the life..u will never will unhappy..that's the beauty of it...

    I wish u the best of lucks for walking on the path of satisfaction...

  53. u knw wat buddy....by being an atheist...u strengthen ur belief in Him.i m proof to it!!

  54. God...I don't know why but my faith in him has decreased, of late. But after reading this, it somewhere brought it back

    great work.

  55. As they say, "He's the one who brought us so he'll only take care!"
    :-) Have faith in Him 'nd life rocks!

  56. @ Shrav,
    I have fallen in love with Him..its not wrong,is it?

  57. @ Lena,
    Nor am I much of a believer..but some circumstances occur..which force us into believing that the "God Guy" exists

  58. @ Laya,
    Nah. I don't!
    My pride has had a fall..I wanna learn from it! :P

  59. @ Arunima,
    You know what,buddy?
    I've discovered him..but people will fail to discover the change which is going to come in me..sure of that

  60. @ Kartz,
    But that doesn't mean we're God..
    God is IN us..but He's not US! :)

  61. @ DD,
    Alas bhai..its not true.
    That never-unhappy part isn't coming..life's tough..and my ego has made iit tougher

  62. @ Heathen,
    but sometimes believing in his makes you have a feeling inside that even when everyone turns their back towards us..HE's thr

  63. @ Shruti,
    Hang in thr..it will be back!

  64. oh u finally did meet him...he is brilliant isnt he...jus love d way he talks n holds our hand n walks us thru all d miseries

  65. "But that doesn't mean we're God.." - I never came close to mean anything like that milady. What I said was similar to the Advaita Philosophy.


  66. Congrats :)

    God bless you, sweet heart!

  67. That's absolutely wonderful!Good for you dear :)


  68. bachha ur life has just started..u realised sumthing which people don't get to realize ever in their life :)

    so maintain ur good spirit and don't think too much ..u r too young to get hypertension :)


  69. @ Mayz,
    I would have fallen in love with him if he wsn't HIM! :)

  70. @ Kartz,
    Don't think em that knowledgable,mifriend. em ignorant when it comes to all this :O

  71. @ DD,
    over analyzing is an awful disease..:)



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