50 posts..and it seems like 05 days..

Yeeeeeeeeesh! The moment is finally here..and SO is my 50th post. Gosh..I feel so excited as if I'm having my marriage in a few days. Lol..there were dedications...there were poems..there were chocolates..there were pictures..and there was EVERYTHING ELSE..in short a complete CELEBRATION ! ..And so..before I show you the gifts people gave me..let me give away the RETURN gifts first. :D As some of you might be aware of..I'm a big coffee and book (novel) addict..so therefore..the party will be a dedication to each of you on the basis of my liking and such..
FiRsT :-
WILLIAM WORDSWORTH..Perhaps one of the most versatile and beautiful writer/poet who existed in the world.. This goes to the writing Marvels..
Cinderella -(her poems ought to give you complexes..she was one of my first readers as well..she's the sweet-dimpled-girl who..{as per my rating} has one of the finest writing skills..*kudos* to you,dear)
Solitaire - (This "psycho" is who I'm really fond of! ;) And someone really down-to-earth and her write ups about the reality are what can actually penetrate its way upto your heart. Keep up the work,my lady!)
Sameera (the "desi" girl..whose write ups have their own charm..one of the first people who I interacted with OUTSIDE blogger)
(SID!..ah..he's the one whose so "often" inspired by what i write..so many times checked., never learns :P..besides tht..he's one magic weaver of words)
(The "Kreative Konjourer" {mind the KK thingie}..he's the FANTABULOUS writer whose got a totally different and effective style..and he'll always be there for your help)
Mayz (OOOH..this guy..I so hate him! He came here some time before me..but now we've got a lotta competition..lol. His short-and-sweet stuff is so infectious that it has some kind of magnet in it,which automatically attracts people to him!)
(the female who MAKES a HUGE difference..she was perhaps one of the first friend-cum-chweetheart who I got on blogger..the Diva..and the queen who will always and forever win people's hearts with her write ups based on REALITY)
Vinayak : (his scribblings or ramblings..please the eyes forever..the stories are totally the type you can relate to..and this hunk is the person whose story-writing skills are WOW :O) These people also get my favourite cup of coffee...which may be rare..but is perhaps the tastii-eeest ever! :D which CAFFÈ LATTE!

SeCoNd :
Second are the people who I think have one of the most down-to-earth attitudes..and have a simple way of writing out their feelings. They might not be pros who only get into writing poetry or stories,but what they write is totally based on a normal person's life. The book they get is perhaps one of those which I have always loved reading (and re-reading) Yeah..its "To Sir,with love' . Simple..yet effective is what their style is. And so these people are :-
Keshi-(When she gave her blog a title she must have had something in her mind..'cos her blog is truly a one which a VIVA might have had. Beautiful and sober {the fashion diva,she is..btw}..her style has always been the one which gets into a normal person's life)
ivkiran : (Okay..I ought not forget this beaautiful Punjabi kudi whose truly my CHWEEEETU!..its an experience in itself to read the stuff she writes..and maybe her simplicity is gonna take you up..and you gotta say WHOA!)
Chriz-(He might have been writing for double or triple the time as me {ref: Chronic Writer} but his funny will always be elegible to satisfy the laughter instilled in the 28038923 coming generations as well! KUDOS to his funny bone..{I so wish I had one as well})
Saim-(My online brother..whose also BETTER known as COMFORTABLY NUMB..his place ought to make you comfortable,but certainly not NUMB..lol. He's the big time 'Desi Girl' fan whose got a sober style of bringing himself up.
Daydreamer- (He might have named himself Daydreamer,but certainly his posts show him up as one of the most alive and borne-to-reality types..his posts will always leave you in a considerable state of thinking..where you'll be a bit lost about what's right and whats not..but still he's one adorable guy!)
Neha - (Better known as "d gypsy" or "d sinner"..she's one girl whose got an attitude of her own..and will amuse you to no extent with her photography skills..{trust me,her dps are most bootifull! :D}..she MS.CHANDOK who hardly updates her blog often,and has to be reminded by people like me everytime to do so..but anyway,she's a gem as well..MY GYPSY WOMAN..;) The coffee that I'm gonna share with these rocking people,is perhaps one of the most common..yet one of the most loved ones-->> CaffÈ Cappuchino

ThIrD :
These are the beautiful people who have a hell lotta passion and love inside them,and are writers and people who actually FEEL what they write..even if they're not the BIGGIES of blogville,they maintain a secret yet beloved corner of my heart..And so...these are the people who deserve another of my favourite book- Wuthering Heights. And just as the name might suggest..these guys have a hell lotta potential in them!

Trinaa :
(My "TIIIINUUUUU/TINNIIIEEE" baby..she's the chhote baal vaali super cute bachi (mind you she's 21) whose got a extra sweet thing in her..{jhoot bolne ki bhi hadd hoti hai na,tiinnu?}..she's got some really fabulous poems up her sleave..like the FIRST one on her newly-born blog-> Tangy Truths..ooh yes..I am a fan of this poem's last lines,Tinnu! Love you too..)
HP :
(The possessor of X and Y chromosomes..lol. The faaaaaab photo vaali didi..{photographer,yaar}..she's very new-types to Blogville and she's not the poetry person..but somehow her sense of humour or maybe just her posts manage to make me smile..keep it up,Phalguni Pathak's sister..lol :P)
Shatabdi :
(There are certain people who still ought not believing that her name is Shatabdi ..but Shatabdu is a really sweet gurlie..whose got an awwesome blog template {okay okay..I know I'm obsessed with them!} She still ought to discover the writer in her!..)
Farah :
(Better known as "ThinkTank"..she's the one whose got all kinds of mysterious and enigmatic stuff up her blog..try visiting her sometime..she can certainly set you into deep thoughts..and I personally feel..her display name is so appropriate..Farah Rules)
XH : (Short and sweet..simple and straightforward..thats totally how this person is..{yes,I am a major psycho here}..he's the bike racer,and a PRO photographer..trust me,some of his pictures really leave me captivated. Don't I love his blog template too! :D..stay the same,mate..)
Macadamia : (MAMA MIA..HERE I GO AGAIN..MY MY..HOW CAN I RESIST YOU!..the song says it all..muah)
Meghna :
The person who really got me started on Blogger..the one who is to be blamed about my straightforward and rude tongue {lol..no,not really}..she's sucha cutipie..and perhaps one of the "loved" people of Blogville..but people..WAKE UP..she's not that cute at all! :P..she's like my xerox copy..:D..I'm pulling her leg thats it..she's a cool person to be with..CHEERS)
Aneri :
(A beautiful person..and a caring indvidual as well..she's one person who you'll be proud to know..Thankyou,lady!)

The guys above get some coffee which is real rare..but well..its a personal fave..so be it! :D..
Its a cup of
: Expresso Romano
Bitter it is...yet...I'M LOVING IT!

FoUrTh :

This will go to all the people who did make a difference..Akshaya (the curly headed lass,whose got SOME talent)..Divya (boootifoool and insane..yet a lover of life),Shravana (a recently discovered friend..yet to explore) Goonj (the lass whose actually "high on life"..and is actually always on a "high"..lol..kiddin'..but ANYWAY!) Vikram (the rain boy..who can actually get rains of tears on your face if you get into the depth of some of his posts) Anwesa (maybe she updates her blog once in a decade..but what she comes up with is PURE GOLD!) Arunima-(newly come up here..yet a cuteheart <3),Disguise,Shrutilaya,Cess...and so many more..oh..I'm so damn perplexed!

All these people get a cup of : MOCHA!..yes..my beloved :D *okay okay..don't remind me that all of the coffeeees I gave up were my beloved-z*

:ThE DeDiCaTiOnS :


Congrats in advance on ur 50th post, Ayu.
I'm nearing there, but not quite there yet.

Here's my little contribution to the 50th mega block buster of a post.

Walking on the long shore line,
Watching you make magic fine,
Listening to your thoughtful piece
Thinking of the distant seas!

Laughing softly at your mimes,
Yearning most for your true chimes.
Living just the way prescribed,
Its a life that you described.

Love your works of passioned art,
Thus I feel herein my heart.
Words that delve deep from the start,
Seldom can one stay apart!

Let's rejoice! This day we pray,
Fame and fortune cross your way!
Lets enjoy! The dawn is bright,
The sun outshined by your true light!


Heya Sweetheart...

first wat a mail id ...lol...I uded to had few like this kissingdeath like sorta id...but wen i see it now it seems foolishness not on my part but wen i apply for a job even this ID sourish.bio seems funny...but for that phase ..there are years .....so enjoy :D

Th pic that I was gonna send u ..I m attaching ...

now for ur blog....what I think is...

When i first started to read chemerical thoughts...I thought that this is a goth guy's blog..yeah I kno sounds so guy thing..but seriously only a guy can match up or better might try to match up ur work...coz u r better than the best I knew...it had a touch of Death metal lyrics...andWhen i got to kno that this is a new kid on the block..i was so amazed yet i was so proud of the fact that I kno sumone whose gonna thrash all the records to be the dark queen of the gothic world..
I love ur blog not beacause u r my lil sis...but because its radical..
Kudos girl!!
U rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


XH : (made that for me..cute no?)

HP : (she designed an awesome header for me.check it out)
as for my dedication for Chemerical thoughts...the only thing I can think of is, its lot more than what it appears on the surface...wonder how many break that ice and get to dive in...

Crystal clear skies
Exceptionally her
A chemerical quest
Of a heart's desire
She spins magic
And delivers love
With silver kisses
Of a Crystal dove


"a mass of curls,
a breath of fresh air,
her smile and wit shines bright amidst a bunch of teen-girls,
she truly is a gem so rare."


She started her blog as a seed

She writes her post without greed

her posts always makes everyone happy to read

In whole blogsville she gets to have a lead

she is always there whenever anyone is in need

so i tend to write her a meed

and congratulate on her 50th feed


Hi Aayushi,
Here's my dedication for you...(and sorry about not commenting so often...I do read everything you put up thru the google reader...just haven't had time to come by to write comments :(!)

For this dear little girl...who is truly wise beyond her years. I wish more adults would think like she does, the world would be a much more peaceful place!

And a message for you Aayushi, (don't publish this if you don't like it...its more of a personal message for you) keep smiling always and don't think so much about death and all such sad things. The sad/grim things are part of life, I agree, but why not choose to always see the sun shining...even if it is only through some dark clouds, it is still shining!
Be Yourself - Everyone else is taken
-Oscar Wilde



Dear Aayushi

you have seen only 50% of the world that i have seen
Yes I am talking about numbers. Me being 26 and you being just 13
Man!But you girl amaze me each and every single day with your philosphical depth
I can't really imagine the kinda posts you would come up with when you turn twenty
The next generation are gonna talk about your blog
Mark my words! It is gonna happen and it will happen

Congratulations on reaching 50 posts. It has been a slow and steady approach and it has been good.
The number of people in your blog family in so very little time indeed shows your pulling power
May the good Lord bless you and shower his blessings for you to write and May you have a great blog future

Cheers and Prayers

SACHI : (she truly put in a lot of effort in making this for me..enlarge and see)

Trinaa :

i dont think there is anything i could say about this girl that could do justice to the amount of talent she has...she is truly god-gifted...an amazing writer...a stunning poet...a brilliant photographer and most of all, a wonderful soul...she is witty..smart..intelligent..and my baby!!! :D
well i always knew ppl from my school rock but this gal goes way beyond 'normal rock', what she actually does is shake you by your very conscience...make you get up and take notice..of all that is right...and all that is wrong...
you will make it really big one day sweetie... so let me give u a hug now..before you go so high that i wont be able to reach you...mwaaahh me baby..tc :')--


To Crystal.. Happy Fiftieth. =)
Something short and totally original for you! :D


It is such a nice word. I just like the way it sounds. All twirly and girly.

Curs are bouncy,
Curls are FUN,
Curls don't look good on everyone.
Just on a few,
Like on me and on you. ;)

PS: Guys with curls look cute too!!

A message :
Perhaps all this might seem like "friend-gathering-post" to some people..bu I'm sorry..I wasn't here to please people,or even make fiends..I just wanted a medium to share what I felt..but somehow the soft heart Aquariun in me always found a friend in everyone..(even though I may get cheated..it makes no difference) There are the people mentioned here..and oh yes..there are so many more!
PS- Check this out :
(Find yourself!)


  1. congrats on ur 50th post and thnks for puttin up the dedication ..loved the things u have done in the collage i found myslef..and dint find myself in any of the category :(...anyways congrats again :)...


  2. Congrats and keep coming more.

  3. hey sweetheart, thanks for the Mocha even though I did not send u a dedication, not that i did not want to, it came at the wrong week, i was not as jovial as my previous week and i could not find the right words for a dedication that u deserved!
    As sister aquarius, accept my sorry ass apologies.
    PS: like the patchwork u did with all the pics ;)

  4. thank you for the MOCHA..
    and that collage...it's on my desktop now :D

    congrats and post ASAP

    take care

  5. Oh dear !
    This is so endearing...I am speechless!

    This blog if food for soul..I'd forgotten to add this then you know.

    Muah princess !
    Heres to another many many 50s....!!!


  6. And oh the collage was mega cute !!!

  7. congrats..U ROCK!
    hope to say the same when u writes your 500th post

  8. And also I have meanin to tell you..I totally love this template !!

    Just try white letters n see na how it works...

    hugs baby

  9. i am bac

    heheh...sissy..u have done a marvelous stuff and bring on more 50s for us and u just rock sissy :)..


  10. thanks dear for the caffe latte..!!

    long live your blog..and your spirit..!!

    cheers mate..!!

  11. Congrats and looking forward to next 50!!

  12. u r indeed one cutie pie :)

    but that upper part of the letter was for u to read dumbo :P

    but cute...:)

    best of luck for the future may u reach ur century fast :)

    love n carez

    and haan thx for the book...do u kno i ve wriiten poem on the same title will post it soon..:)

  13. Congratulations on the 50th post!!

    cheers.. :)

  14. there you go babe.. blow the candles.. and keep blowing..

  15. wow, thatz an amazing 50th post.. and thnx for the kind words :) hope u celebrate more and more milestones with blogger :)

  16. oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! heer is didi n i am a bachchi??? wtf?? u gandi ladki...wait till i catch u!! :P

    n i LOVE wuthering heights toooooo!! ..n u gave us an expresso romano?!! haha..yeeeaaa my baby!! :D

    ps:ignore n live.
    discover n die. :PPPPPP

    tc sweetie..me will come back after exams n post another poem on TT..

  17. Thank you for your website
    I made with photoshop backgrounds for myspace or youtube and
    more my backgrounds: WOW power levelaing
    take care and thank you again!

  18. Congratulations :D
    I'll say what I say to all my favorite bloggers,
    this is JUST the beginning :)

  19. Aww.. that one was a real nice 50th post!! Guess I can use it as a reference to a few of the best blogs in bloggerville!

    Keep writing honey!

    P.S: Was that MOCHA for me?? Why don't you refer to me as Shrav!!??

    Btw, I'm sowie I totally missed your deadline! I've had some serious studying to do!! :(

  20. @ Hemz,
    And yes..sometimes everyone can't fall in a "category"!

  21. @ Cess,
    Ah..I totally understand,babe.

    Thanks a lot :D

  22. @ V,
    Haha..:D..you're most welcome! ;)

    post what asap?

  23. @ Cindi,
    the links are given in white..how they?

  24. @ Mansi,
    Thanks a ton,girl!
    And pretty picture thr

  25. @ DD,


    but that upper part of the letter was for u to read dumbo :P

    I know i know..lekin aiwai likh diya! :P

  26. @ Multi,
    Cheers to you too,buddy! :)

  27. yesh i did comment.. and your header says"cheNerical thought"
    isnt it chemerical thoughts?

  28. @ triniie,
    yeees!..you the BACHI..
    bache zyada cutiepie se hote hai na..

  29. And yeeah..me waiting for the poem..!!..:(

  30. @WOW power leveling,
    Umm..I didn't get much of what you said but..er..thnks

  31. @ Shrav,

    ***Guess I can use it as a reference to a few of the best blogs in bloggerville!

    Omg..thats a big compliment..thnkyou thnkyou! :D
    And oyee..your name is Shravan..so let it be so :P
    It reminds me of the Shravan of RDB..accha lagta hai woh meko :P..(uski acting)..:D

  32. @ Chriz,
    Oooppssss..yes..I did motive tht..
    Forget it :(
    I ought to be changing it soon..:D

  33. @ Phatichar,
    Wah wah..kya naam hai..
    thanks anyway!

  34. :) Okay, your wish!! But you put it as Shravana!! Lol!! That was weird:)

  35. Ahem!..the actual pronunciation is SHRAVANA only :P

  36. @ all,
    thankyou people..love you all! :-*

  37. the next post...ASAP
    as soon as possible.. ;)

  38. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong post! :D

    super cuuuuuuuuuute dedications!!

    and a post full of love for your friends :)

    at 13, i must say u r GREAT at photoshop ;)

  39. @crystal,
    well,congrats 4 d 50th post..n i was a taken aback when you u sed i update my blog "once in a decade".i'll try 2 blog mor frequently.but d next phrase made me smile.thanx gal,did u c my latest post?

  40. @ [V],
    Areey..I know the meaning of ASAP..lekin which post you talking about? :O

  41. @ Lukkydivz,
    I know i know :P

    Thankyouu shooo much! But how did you know I'm 13? :O :P
    And not photoshop..tis photoscape..but all the same..thankkyouu!! :)
    keep visiting more often,budddy!!

  42. @ Anwesa,
    Oh no!..I didn't mean any offence..the tongue of mines is a bit to straight you see :(

    And wwowwie..its good for the readers if you keep updating frequently!


  43. thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog...you are an aquarian like me, after all, caring and thoughtful and this post proves it!Congrats on your 50th post!

  44. happy 50th...
    my dedication is late...but u can find it on my blog!! :D

    may u reach 500 soon!! :D

  45. @ Soulbrush,
    And creative too ;)


  46. Nice to see so many dedications and your writeup on them.

    So much happiness to be seen here. Loved it

  47. hey dear heartiest Congratulations to you for the silver jubilee.
    Thanks 4 d gift & the honor.
    Ohh I was absent from blogosphere & missed to write the dedication note.
    Wish I could've also contributed something to it.

    Anywaz ma wishes r alwaz dere 4 u...in tonnes n millions.
    Congratulations baby!!!!
    Keep up & continue the good work.

  48. congrats on ur 50 posts lady!
    that was quite a long post, but was very good


  49. aoki pachaswi salgirah mubarak ho blog ji

    i cant read my dedication ayu ...
    oh btw i luv bih wuthering heights n esssssssssssspressooooooooo...muah

  50. I hate it when someone calls me shravana! Infact I've shrunk it to shrvn!! :):)

  51. and yea, I forgot! Where's the party for completing your 50th?!!

  52. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
    May you have many many more!!!!
    And thank you sweetie for your kind words!! I hope I can continue my work. :)

  53. WOW wut a post! LOVED IT.

    HAPPY 50th post hun and here's to many more beautiful connections and love in Blogville for years to come!

    All the dedications, both from you to others and others to you, were excellent n so warm! I must say u put in alot of effort on this post and thats commendable.

    Writing is a passion in many of us...and in u it's a MARVEL.

    *HUGZ* and all the best for the future too!


  54. and oyeah ur pic and the Collage of friends were super cute! :)

    Just like u!


  55. whoa! that was a super long read! :P
    waah!! i love people who say nice things about me. lol.

    and u've put up that header pic!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and that collage is awesome :)

  56. m late again... :(

    i fell sick and wasnt able to get aroun ny dedication for u...

    u have worked a lottttt on this as I can see and thanks for the coffee...

    then i thot we shud have had some tequila shots rather but i dont want ny blames of messing up a young girl :P

    sorry again and thanks as well.. keep writing, it suits u...

  57. @ arunima,
    No problemo! :)


  58. @ TT,

    Bloggy says THANKYOUUU MADAM JI!

  59. Arey..jo chhoti se black and white pic hai usmei likha toh hai tumhara dedication! :(

  60. @ Shravan,

    I prefer calling you what your name is.

  61. @ Shravan,

    I guess I already have completed my 50th?

  62. @ Solitaire,

    Similar hopes from me :)

  63. @ all,

    I'm beaming big time..

    will reply to the rest of the comments later

  64. @ Keshi,
    Aw my gawd..thanks for those LOVELY words..:)


  65. @ Keshi,
    You're thr too..you're thr too!
    Saw yourself,did you ? :D

  66. @ H-peee,
    Yeeesh!!..I put the header pic.
    How it how it? :D


  67. @ Hp,
    I also looourve people who say nice nich things about me.



  68. @ D gypsy,
    Ohho..no problems,baby..
    Chiiiill! :)

  69. And I was thinking of giving tequila shots..bt then people would..*ahem ahem* :P

  70. 90 comments! Wowie!! Now It's 91! :)

    Wish you reach 100 on your 50th post!

  71. I have already reached 100 twice :P
    Utna thrill nahi raha! :D

  72. heyy congrats dear..
    had been caught up coz of vivas!!!
    which went like vivas normally go....SCREWED!!!

  73. The new template looks SMASHING!

  74. I'm claiming that Mocha from you when I meet ya.

  75. Wow!! You've got 5000 views!! :O

    That IS a lot! :D

  76. I feel so excited as if I'm having my marriage in a few days!!!!! :D

    That was funny. :)

  77. 100 comments!!

  78. :( meko tere se koi baat ni karni..no dedics for me???
    aur meri photu bi ni hai :-(((

  79. @ Sachi,
    your dedication is thr yaar :(..
    wahich hai..check na..
    I couldn't get a pic or your blog url..islieye......:(

  80. hey congrats on ur 50th post!!!!!
    hope to read a lot more from u...keep em comin

    n thnku so much for d swt words...hugzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  81. This is one hell of a blog. I loved the template and better still I loved what is written in it :)

    Ill read your older posts when I get some time.....Wishing you happy 50 posts!

    *amazed at the achievement*

  82. There.
    I've made 110 for you.
    Congrats again.
    See you soon.

  83. Congrats on your half century!Thanks for the award :)


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