By reading my blog,you may see abstract topics.Each different from the other.I can't write about "darkness" and "solitary confinements" forever neither can I write on social disasters,as until and unless I make a difference how can I be cheap enough to point out those ministers out there.Yes,that golden chair of the politicians has a charm.It has some kind of magnet which makes your mind go in the wrong direction after reaching it.No,I ain't speaking from above the clouds,this is the REALITY.Aah,but thats a completely bizzare topic.I will talk about things only where I can bring a "Change".We were born as 'Citizens of India'..but where's the fire burning in our souls to "Do or Die"??..No I ain't asking you to leave everything and go and join the army forces,but try to take some initiatives in your hand.I mean to say if you see anything wrong goin' on stand against it.By this not only will you inspire yourself,but fellowmen as well.And trust me there is no feeling better than dying a death where when you turn back the pages of your life you can say "Ah,that was THE day"..Not only that,think,we observe national holidays and ceremonies on the birthday's of some great freedom fighters.[eg.Mahatma Gandhi,Jawaharlal Nehru]but then on the other side 110's of soldiers die fighting for their respective countries without even being known to the world.I mean would you remember the name of a single "soldier" who sacrificed his life? No,obviously.Maybe we can name one of those receiving a medal for immense courage but no ordinary soldier.Just look at them,get inspired by them,how they sacrificed themselves even behind staying after walls of shadows.Yes,this is Courage,and this is what we are citizens of a country for.Pointing out the politicians for the downing of India is what I'd call being a complete "Coward".Until and unless you don't make a difference how can you even dream of pointing out the politicians?People ask you where you're from,you'll proudly declare the country.But dude,if you're brought down to Earth,ain't there a PURPOSE?
And if you're still roaming aimless like the many thousands,then look around you'll get a way how you can give yourself an "Aim" and do something for your beloved Motherland.
Rise your country by your efforts.Who says YOU can't make a difference?
If you love your country,don't just say it,do something for your country.
VaNdE MaTrAm


  1. I agree to most part of ur writeUp.
    However, i do somehow think, we aren't doing so bad either. Not that I do something really out of ordinary, but still. There are a few things
    1) If one cant contribute to the country, at least dont be a burden on it. Eg. The shiv sena/Raj Thakarey.
    2) There are good indirect ways of helping, NGO's et al are surely good ways.
    In this case we are looking at the much bigger version of it, which goes beyond caste creed, and... country. Cause finally is something that we have created, god never had the concept of it. I think we need an inter galactic war to finally unite all the nations.

    Till then, Rang de Basanti..

  2. Hey thanks for posting your views..
    yeah right we ain't doing that bad..but we ain't doing that great either!..
    we're just blaming one of those "burdens" on the country..i.e in yr case Mr.Raj Thakarey..well even if we have the full freedom to give way to our views,we have no right to put mr.thakarey or any other person whose to be blamed,okay?
    Secondly,we're the 'Gen-X"..if people so love that title why don't they do anything which adds on to saying "Yeah I did something for the betterment of my country!!"..
    Thirdly,*phew* I am not talking about uniting all nations..which I can bet you is a task too hard..
    If God made the universe then even fights and wars wre made by him..
    er..jus kiddin..but look at the flipside..even they had fights among themselves :p..
    Besides..as we're generally young..we cant open NGO's right now,can we?
    so tis better that we dream "Big".and well I suppose that "BIG dreaming"..doesn't need to be defined..

    Thanks for putting your views up here.


  3. sorry 2 pour cold water dear but lets talk of the reality here...u say lets make a difference
    i say how??
    u may want 2 go join a political party with ur ideals intact---the party ideology mumbo jumbo will trash tht.
    u may want 2 make a difference via public service---the system will browbeat u into place
    u may try n work for social causes---age old blind beliefs will thwart u
    so whilst it's undoubtable tht u hv noble intentions, but slightly off the mark!!!

  4. hey..seems I hv read ur this thought provoking post at a wrong time- it is 0.45 am (mid-night) and feeling so overwhelmed !! I hv to resist the temptation to write much though. I believe in one thing, every one wants to change the world, but it starts with changing self first..into an honest citizen, honest human being. Rest will fall into place automatically. I know, it is short and curt. Hope i shall make it up with a long explanation someday.

  5. ok sweets,
    m really not much of a patriotic person..so wudnt noe wat to say to ur post!!
    but i definitely appreciate ur sense of belonging to ur ctry n doing sthing bout it too!
    luved ur point of not going on n on bout sthing when u havent done anything for it urself..thts wat ppl usually do..keep ranting on what shud be done and wat not when they themselves haevnt bothered to work for it.
    excellent thot thr!
    liked ur blog!i luv positive minded ppl who love life!

  6. @ comfortably numb,
    hey.tis nt about the cold water n stuff..but hey hey..m talking about reality..
    joining a political party ain't the only way how you can improve yr country..besides..even if you do..keep yr ideals more than intact..who the hell do you think can shake you?..if your greed etc leads you to the "mumbo jumbo"..whtever..then no one can help you..:|
    you need a strong will power to be a "good" politician..getting carried away by what's going around you seems like the "in trend" these days..its up to you..if you wanna lead the crowd or merge with it..and add on to the 'mumbo jumbo'

    Secondly,public service..huh..
    look at yourself??..ever gave yr old jacket whatever to some beggar?..or done anything as in ANYTHING for 'public service'..??
    the system you talk about..woow..everyone loves to blame it if anythings wrong..but you'll not work to improve it...be frank enough..wil you open a NGO..or join the army?..i can hear a loud 'No'..when you cant improve the system..why blame it?..
    and you think people aren't working?..m sorry thats a wrong belief..even if there are people who promote the dowry etc..there are people who're against it..AND take some action..
    you think you can't improve the world..??..cut the crap..you cant improve I-N-D-I-A..then why're you calling yourself "Gen-X"..??..

    I completely respect what you feel..but if you've already lost hope..i cant help it..
    and lastly..'noble' intentions..err..no..they're just patriotic intentions..intentions that all of us should have...

    and if you still cant help India then atleast don't blame the system.

  7. hi nitu,
    hey..yeah right..
    as they say "charity begins from home"..the same's with changin' the world..:)

    thanks for posting your short and sweet comment down here :P..
    and yr always welcome for putting a 'long explanation' up here ;)


  8. Hi Echo,
    hey thanks..
    i know 'certain' people love yapping about the country's this..the country's that..it ain't improving blah blah..

    but just saying it..wont improve it..so be sharp citizens..who can actually stand for their country and declare 'I'm proud to be an Indian'..

    thankyou for appreciating my blog so much! :)


  9. @ comfortably numb,

    i have another thing to add..
    if I ain't talking about reality..what do you think this is? :O

    this ain't above-the-cloud talking,dude..
    read it properly..(my comment)..you may get your answers..

  10. Thats a very relevant+valid point which you make. I couldnt agree any more! Its only so logical to give it all back to your country....kind-f out of words cos i have always felt this...
    PS: your place is pretty cool must say and I have to go thru your furthur posts very soon...n we share another thing in common..we both are jobless(or atleast thats what your profile said:-p)...thanks for dropping by...l c u around more often!

  11. Hi Sid,
    lol..cracked me up completely.
    yr comment I mean..:D
    oh yeah..that'll be so kind of you..if you can go through the further posts soon!!..:P

    yOo..m jobless..just like you ;)

    I loved yr space as well..


  12. i loved this. i wrote a post on my old and now deleted blog about why it was important to vote... you wont believe the number of comments i got telling me why should we? the politicians are bad. the system is bad. blah blah blah...

    its always been easy to blame the system. and it always will be. what people dont understand is that they are the system. something as simple as voting, tells the party that the people of a certain area cannot be taken for granted or in the next election, the power might pass on to other hands...

    you dont have to be in a political party to be heard. you could be social workers or activists. you could educate people about their rights... the list is endless... even something as simple as volunteering at an NGO helps... the questions is, why are you waiting? what for?

  13. i was down with fever and cudnt come to the blogging pages... sowieeee.. i am a regular here bummo.

  14. Wowwww!!!is tht a comment or a whole post??
    Neways coming to the point…I respect ur efforts in writing this post,it may inspire many n ultimately lead to some change in some ppl atleast.maybe sum1 will read this n bcum a bit more conscious abt his duties…*fingers crossed*
    But tht wudnt change this country of ours….i hear u saying now “change urself dude,n d system will change”…but alas thts just an overused idealistic phrase. The truth remains tht my changing will not change this system…I know we so wish it wud but then it doesn’t…my giving my jacket to a beggar will help only tht beggar…u talk abt a “good’ politician but alas thts a utopian dream…u talk of keeping ur morals intact...(get in the real world, u can keep ur morals intact, but u cnt breed morality in the immorals)...NGO/activism…try them n u will knw the truth…nothing works(u may get lucky n influence one case but tht becomes the exception to the rule)…..GEN-X or GEN-Y…is thr anything of note in our hands…thrs an unwritten rule tht u have 2 be of a certain age b4u cud even thnk of changing this system
    Eg:- applied 4 a passport wid a frnd of mine. Both of us had all documents in tact. During verification, the officer asked for “chai-naashta” to speed up the process…I refused, frnd gave Rs.500…he got his passport in 37 days n urs trult received it after 3 n ½ months…moral---my refusal only gave me self-satisfaction tht I did not become an ally in corruption but it ddnt change anything else. I saw a comment above talking of exercising ur voting right….not tht I don’t vote, I do but then “ is thr any diff btwn any of the political parties?”…*birds of the same feather*
    all ur views are gr8..i applaud but thts just wht they can do...generate applause n luk good n sound good..*period*
    patriotic intentions...yeah i have them too but just intentions dnt bring about anything xcept self satisfaction
    U may say am being pessimistic…I’d say am being a realist. U r saying “ghar ki safai mein haath gande kaun kare?”….i’m saying “ghar ki safai ke liye,u need a broom n water”….whr r the means dear???

  15. just a clarification...wht i meant is u need 2 be of a certain age b4 u can influence the system,let alone changing it..u can thnk of changing it but they'll remain just thots.

  16. hmmm...i think i do a lot of thot writing o these sbjects at LIBRI...

    but nys points, hwever, i dnt agree with a few...but thats just how best comes out..

  17. for a thirteen year old girl you are really a smart alec!
    and i totally agree with you.. i feel by complaining we are worse than the person responsible..

    am so proud of u dear girl..

    i wish one day to serve my country in my own way.. my best fren and my guy both are plannin to join politics to serve too.. being in such inspired company it makes me feel like i hav to do something too.. i sure will! :)

  18. I'm going to forward this post to my friends. It amazes me how so many asses consider it fashionable to badmouth India. Bloody imbeciles! Way to go girl!

  19. Hmmm...
    Well, in my case whatever i want to do is considered to be illegal by the law.
    There are a couple of hundred guys i want to shoot and some that i want to hang in public places, and then there are some who i want to parade naked in the middle of the day.
    Needless to say, i woul dbe doing a great service, but dammit, not one thing on my list is legal.
    So i stay put, and try and keep out of trouble. Now would that be considered as doing something for the nation.

    Doing something by doing nothing?


  20. yehhh babeeee... o f late i've been thinking of doing somethin, nethyn: there are sooo many unfortunate peopel out there, who ned not be victims of poverty..
    even if we statt in a small way n support atleats one to start with, it'd be awesum..

    to stand up, n stand up 4 wat is right!!

    bravo woman!
    ya're one hot-blooded safron-india chica!!
    keep it on..
    loveeee n huggssss :)

  21. Firstly,sorry to all 'cos I couldn't reply to any of these comments :-S

    off to..ahem..chuck it

  22. heyo bubbles,

    i always have thought in that direction as well!..
    *same pinch* :P

    we will definitely make a difference..dont cha worry :) ;)


  23. @ chriz,

    you okay now? :P

  24. hey comfortably numb,
    I tell you..your comment-ful POST is lengthy as well..:P
    btw I dont have much time to pore through all the Fine stuff you've written..;)..but mate,aaj jitna I read..i couldn't agree any more :)

    btw jhadu zyada expensive nahi hai..
    we just need the big dreaming for cleaning our ghar :D

    (did I sound like a halfhole?..aadhi english aadhi hindi??..er..I suppose this is Hinglish or some of my pj :|)

    i appreciate your effort to read my entire comment and reply so patiently :P


  25. Hi Neha,
    glad to see you here..firstly..

    I know..every person can't have the same views..but I'd like to know..what was it that you didn't agree with?

  26. Hi Black Coffee,

    Aw..thats such a sweet intention..
    but I hope you put it to action as well :D


  27. Hi Maca,
    Hey..that'd be so kind of you :P

    I know..I abhor those dumbasses like anything as well..

  28. @ k10


    no comments :P

    you can help in your own sweet way ;) :)

  29. @ rantra,

    lol :)

    saffron India chic?

    woz that? :D :P

  30. Hi.
    To be honest, I did not expect this much sense from you.I regret.I wish you luck with the energy levels that continue to impress- however, one thing that I must caution you about. With time, things become "usual". DO NOT let that feeling crawl into your personality. You find something wrong- wrong it is.Stand up and say it is wrong.Maybe some of my generation kids would be inspired by your deeds.About the issue about national holidays- well there is something that I must let you read- http://sritatsatmishra.blogspot.com/2007/09/why-we-do-not-need-independence-day.html

  31. hey dear..something is up on my virtual abode. drop by.

  32. tat was a great post.....but not all can be done.........'

    coz ther r limitations....coz we have other priorities too...

  33. Hey Nirmal,
    Er..should country not come first??..

    Our first nd last priority?..:D

    thanks for the compleement btw :)

  34. I felt like revisiting RDB today. A debatable topic, but what you get out of it is voidness.

    Things have to be changed right from the root.

  35. hey equilibrium,

    Lol.Thanks,if that was a compliment
    and well..what are the things that have changed from the root?

  36. u knw dear..i so wish that am all wrong in this context but alas...
    btw...hinglish is f9

  37. hey comfortably numb,
    ah..I hope that I would be right (in the future) with my post too..

    lets see..:)

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. cool one aayushi.. you amaze me , everytime i come to this page.. you are a prodigy indeed...
    i keep on pondering where to fit your post in? will it be personal blog? philosophical? poetic? humor? venting?.. i say its a mix of everything.. keep writing girl.. you are a rocksta

  40. This made me think. I hate ppl/Indians who once outt athe country talk crap about my nation. Ok we're a bad country, still got a lot to learn but what makes you think that since you are high and mighty in some US of fckn A, my country suddenly has gotten crappier.

    Dunno why ppl worship themselves for that ?!

    Ghar ganda ho jaye toh use saaf karte hain, we dont leave it, do we ? So its upto us to make things right if they arent...

  41. time for u to come down to my side

  42. time for you to update your blog and time for you to come here to my blog

  43. @ Chriz,
    and I keep wondering how I'll have another compliment from you..:D

  44. @ Cinder,

    You took the words of my mouth
    "US of a fucking A"

    And India is not a 'bad

  45. @ Chriz,
    I haven't been round here lately.Sorry

  46. @ Chriz,
    I will.
    Dont cha worry.:D

  47. hatzz off to you!!!!!!!!....
    aweeeesoem ryt up!!!..,makes you ponder!!!!

  48. **Pointing out the politicians for the downing of India is what I'd call being a complete "Coward".Until and unless you don't make a difference how can you even dream of pointing out the politicians?

    I really agree with u here. Cos even in Sri Lanka everybody blames the politicians and does nothing abt the worsening status of the country. If we really feel something for our motherlands, then we must DO SOMETHING ABT IT THAN BLAMING OTHERS.

    Great post. Im proud of ya!


  49. well it sounds patriotic.....but for me my family comes first....
    then any damn thing..i will put hold my motherland for my family my loved ones...

  50. @ Keshi

    I'm obliged.

    Btw you live in Sri Lanka?

  51. @ Nirmal,
    Aw.Thats genuine and pretty true!
    I do hope we will actually STAND for our country.

  52. your spirit is genuine and i share the same thoughts as you do...i do hope to stay in touch with you so that we have an easier flow of thoughts!!

  53. @ Heathen,

    Oh really?
    I'd be glad of that as well =)


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