When he walks away ..

That moment when you lose track of life. You're going too slow and its almost blazing past. Maybe, somewhere, you didn't try that hard.
You don't ever want to let that feeling sink in. That image, that ugly memory of you watching his pulse dying.
You want to sit, recollect those innumerous , silent conversations, maybe even attempt to fix his gaze in your mind. Even when the world falls down on your little shoulders, you want to believe he will come to your rescue. You simply do not want to break away from those hands that have held you so warmly through out your life. Its amazing how a moment turns life upside down. A moment brings the tint of life from white to gray. The man was your Hero. The way he defined perfection, and demanded it too. How, when you were small you wanted your Ideal Man to be like him. Yes, he commanded respect too. But also let you get away with the mischief, sometimes saving you from bash ups too. He was stern, only because he wanted to save the fragile, little you from a cruel, tragic world.
He never gave up on you, but now you have a haunting image ahead of you. It appalls you, threatens your memory and you want to erase it. But too late.
You see the same man struggling for life, breathing his last. That broad frame of his, as it now shrivels to skin and bones You want to believe it never happened, close your eyes again as if you woke up from a nasty dream. Its not your past, you cannot shut down a door at it.
You only weep as you see your Father's corpse being carried away, being buried away ..
You want to believe it never happened, and then again .. you have to.

The loss of a father is perhaps, one of the greatest and most severe. Keep my friend's father in your dua/prayers today. Please :)


  1. May Your Friends Father Rest In Heaven AMEEEN !

    And you wrote awesomely about having the importance of a man called "Father" In our Lives :)

  2. Summa Ameen :)
    & Thank you , Imaaaad! He really is one of the most prominent people in our lives.

  3. May the departed soul rest in peace.

    This post was scary. When a loved one is being carried away from your lives for ever, you feel so helpless and so annoyed with yourself at the same time. The moments you ignored them/ hurt them play in your mind almost like a movie. Along with the moments they loved you and pampered you.

    I still can't believe its almost one year my granny is gone.

  4. Richa,
    Firstly, welcome back love :)

    Its the helplessness which perhaps hurts THE most! Like, why'd it ever happen and how you can do NOTHING about it. but then i guess, c'est la vie, its just life and we all move on :)
    And I'm so sorry about your dadi/nani .. Guess we've all lost someone really special. Lost mine too around 3 years back.

  5. indeed. dads are our heros.

    beautifully written!

    im following you back =)

  6. Thanks a ton :)
    and indeed they are..

  7. aayu i dont know what to say..!!
    its hard to imagine things and imagine life without that one person..!
    and dont make me emotional..!
    mmmm btw wheres the conversation wala post..!
    and the pic :) <3 <3 the post pic..!

  8. Ali Zafar ki photu hai jaani ;) Amazing kaise nahi hogi :)

    And I am totally shaken by Taiyaba and Mantasha's loss baba .. feeling helpless since sooo effing long!
    And behenaaaa, humne bhi dekha dekha kisneee comment kia ! Haye haye ! Hahahaha

  9. And jaan, pyaar tumhara hai, humko sharam waram nahi aati. @reply to your post. ;)
    and woh conversation with Fara is up next. Bahut sad ho ra hai blog mera, kuch nayepann se nawaazna padegaa ! :D

  10. May his soul rest in peace !!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog n giving a precious comment.
    I really appreciate that.

    I am following u too n looking forward to new posts.

  11. a loss is a loss, who ever tht be. may your frnd has the strngth to just hold to his/her life. may he/she make the lost soul's life immortal by re-living his ideology.

    i wish u hadn put tht smiley at the end of the post.

  12. Ur post gave me shivers! Keeping ur friend in my prayers...

  13. @ Jyoti,
    Your comment and follow on is much appreciated too. Take care =)

  14. @ Sawan,
    A loss' miserableness is exclusive to him/her who experience it. And the emoticon was there only as a mark of sincerity for everyone to pray .. Sorry if you thought if was not required!

  15. @ Nidhi,
    Yes, please do. :)
    And welcome here ...

  16. Omg. May his soul rest in peace.
    Beautifully written, this post was.
    Awesome blog, there. You just gained a follower. :D

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