Its amusing how you can look into the mirror and stare at the eyes of a perfect stranger standing ahead of you. They were Soul Mates, how and when did he change so much ?
His ways, God's ways are mysterious, and how and why he makes you meet some people, is a rather huge mystery.
Why had she ever met him, why had she smiled at him at the first meet, why had she waiting just for "one" sight of him. why had she given up everything for him, why had she fallen for him? AT ALL? The worse that he could get.
It seemed so perfect when they got married. All that her eyes could see was how madly he loved her, like each cell of their bodies had decided to be tied unto each other till eternity. Like, only.
Now was different. She had now been broken. With the innumerous ways in way she had been abused, not just physically by him, but even mentally. The burns, marks, injuries, cuts told a story of how pathetic each night with a monster had become.
He would be drenched in alcohol. She would be beaten, kicked, abused, accused. Protest? It was out of question.She was the wife, she had to "endure".
It was now , a tad-bit too late, even the brain refused to cooperate, and finally, like many an unknown face, she decided to give in.
It was that fine, cold, February night, she burnt herself, and shut the case of another grief-stricken wife, with undying love STILL in her heart.
Where she lay in eternal sleep, she still loved him, the Angel turned into a monster, like a dying man loves his life.

With shivering hands her friend tore her note- "I could have tolerated if the injuries were only on my body .. too bad, now they're on my heart. Goodbye."

Just felt like writing after reaally long. I guess I really did miss Blogger.


  1. awwwwwwwwwww my chudhdhu writes so welll :P :)) mmmm well its emotional and its the same old story in every other house on your right or on your left you hear the screams you see the bruises and you sit back and pray for your better future... this is life...! digest it or vomit it out..!
    luv you ..! come back na teri centuary hony wali ae..! :P

  2. Yes, lovey. I guess I should really get back :)
    BTW, I want the blog link of you-know-who :P
    And yes, its a sad story of every other goddamn household and it sucks how very few retaliate .. reminds me vaguely of Enslaved too :(

  3. yes then you comment on mines and then me on your..!
    mutual commentorship :P :P :P
    and yes il give you soon..! :P
    and ENSLAVED was :O :O :O was khatarnaak..!
    anywayz tc..!
    why did you delete the new post??

  4. how can love turn so ugly ? just alcohol or there are more things to it?

  5. @ Suvaiba,
    Don't get too possessive and DO gimme the link ! Haha ;)
    Haa baba, kar dengey aapke blog par comment. Thand rakhiyey !:D
    and new post was my Flickr link. Nothing as such :S

  6. @ Moi,
    I think there wasn't any love at all .. Alcohol doesn't let love sink in with it!

  7. :)

    Im just glad that we are back to where we truly belong! :)

    abt the post.
    Love hurts. It isnt supposed to, but it does. Thats the irony of it all..

    Our life is what we make of it. She chose to end it. For bad, or for good.. it is upto her to decide :)

  8. SHATAAB! Your post makes me happy. Like never before :)

  9. From all have read/heard in my life, love sounds like a monster with an Angel's halo over it's head. =O

  10. PS:- Thank you so much for your comment at my blog!

  11. Ah Hamza .. that ain't true ! Love comes in forms, and if it sounds demonic or at least appears so, it is anything BUT love.
    And welcome aboard ! :D
    Looking forward to seeing you more often.

  12. i am glad you chose this topic! Amazing write up, as usual :) m sure its not completely fiction. if it is, then special kudos!!! if its not, take care of the broken soul.

  13. Its a story of a lady .. aint it? So it cannot be a fiction :) We're all related ah..
    Thank you, Anil ! tc

  14. The best thing that you were so much into it while writing it. What pains han ? ;)

  15. Imad, welcome welcome, firstly :D
    and, its just the plight of a lady which makes me engrossed.. tch !
    And what pains? The misery. Think of it , it really is sad!

  16. When two people aren't meant to be together, they just can't be together. Life has its own rules.. Love, well, no one can understand the rules of love!
    Somethings are just not meant to be, even if they look perfect.
    Thank you for stopping by :) DO come by again!
    You have a nice blog :) I love the header! I love Pink Floyd and Coldplay :D

  17. Yes .. A lot many times, different ways as to why they deviate from their path together! Its sad when the way is as hurtful as domestic violence!

    and hey, I WILL come by all the time. Followed your blog today :) Thank you so much .. I love both of them too :)

  18. nicely written...liked it :)
    P.S. wanted to be the 100th follower but couldnt wait :)

  19. That would have been amazing :D But tsk, anyway ! Thank you and welcome here :)

  20. ohho beta centuary and page veiws bhi 10,000 beta ab treat do n MUFFIN mat lena or tum criticism se bhari hui chocolate khaty ho kya?? sari bhadas mere pe nikal do huh..? :O
    anywayz :P :P :P hes on the list ahan..! :) YOU HAVE A THING ON HIM>.! :P

  21. love the write up...
    m following ur blog now.
    thanks for passing over to my blog =)

  22. . i guess love is really mysterious,.. it blooms in the least expected time, but why does it die??? sad.

  23. @ Suvaiba,
    Page views kahi 10,000 nai huye hai behen :P Din mei sapne dekhti ho.
    Nahi na, tareef bhi karti hoo occasionally :@
    Aur farey le aaungi, chill ;)

  24. And no one has a thing for anyone. Apne chote se mastishk ka anyatha prayog matt kijiyey mohtermaa. ;)

  25. @ Kharren,
    Welcome here :D
    and I'm following yours too. We'd keep in constant touch now :)
    And love dies when the bond ceases to exist. Various reasons and all ..
    and thank you SO much =)


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