Dying everyday.

Lena entered the room from the door at the back, which connected my room, (just for the night) with hers. She came in, and pulled the chords of my corset so tightly, that I felt unable to breath. But no, I could not complain or mutter a word, not because I was scared, but ever since last night that I was entrapped here, my vocal chords and the sound echoing in them, had faded away, or precisely died. The black skirt I was wearing was too short to even cover my lower half's one fourth, but I did not care, I didn't have any shame inside me left, or probably there wasn't any asset I had to hide, 'cos someone would come in and tear me apart. I pulled up the fish net stocking, which were probably a saving grace, as they did manage to cover me up an extent. Lena put some brig
ht red lipstick on my thin lips, and hurried off saying I should sit on the bed with rose petals all over, with my legs in a "slutty" manner. I didn't know what that meant,but I just sat, and started having glimpses of the past.
I was in New York, happily living with some friends in an apartment, and ready to come to Chicago for my job. Had sent my bio data and all that to an office in Chicago and the only reason I chose them was they offered a whooping big amount of money for a small job that I'd be doing for them, their only demand was they wanted a full length photograph of me. I could not manage to see through all this, and so I did as I was told by the letter I recieved from them. Two other girls had applied, all asked for full lenth photos, but only I got selected. There was no sorrow inside me to leave the girls back, except for Natalia, because she was the one with who I had interacted much. So I packed my bag, waiting for a guy to come from the Chicago office to guide me through the procedure at the Chicago airport.
After reaching there at around 2 in the night, a vague darkness was all around me, I always heard this place buzzed with activity but I had no idea why everything
around was so silent all of a sudden. Little did I know that I had been chloroformed during the way, and was now being taken off to some place called "Red light area" The guy driving the car was giving me occasional glances, as if he was about to climb on me, and rape me off. I was scared, and wanted to jump out of the car, but the other guy probably assumpted it and said "Don't cha try doin' anything gurl.." and took out a silver gun and pointed it at me. So I just kept shut and waited for this ride to come to an end.
After about half an hour I came to this place called "Red light area". Bright red and green neon lights flashed at cottage like places, and I looked at awe in the voluptous girls hanging around with elder or younger boys in skimpy outfits.
It was then did I get face to face with an ugly truth inside which I had been envolved. I wanted to scream, but words failed me. What happeneed to me next? I was taken to the "boss" who examined me from up to down, and asked a woman to take me to the changing room, and give me clothes. I had them, but for them clothes meant something which could not cover even half of you.

Without any knock at the door, a guy of 19-20 years stepped into the room I was sitting, and jumped onto me without speaking a word, and did what I cannot describe. It would be a shame for my parents if they came to know that they're well educated daughter is trapped here. I don't know how much he pays the people, but I get raped every night. My soul is torn into pieces, and these pieces are burning in a fire of lust, and sex.

I die everyday, and lose the leftover me with every passing minute, every passing second.


Prostitution is heinous, it is ugly, it is inhuman.


  1. WHAT a post! bold, beautiful and AMAAZING <3

  2. you now i love you,
    and the post reminds me of ENSLAVED
    gosh that book keep coming back to me every time..! :(
    great post btw
    batane ki zarurat ae waise :O ??

  3. Aye haye ! I knew it. I got hints on Enslaved coming time and again to my mind too while writing it :@
    and thaaaaanks jan. :D

  4. BLOOODY BRIILLIAAANT! I felt goddamned goosebumps ... extreme awesomeeeenesss!

  5. and the plagiarism part was disgusting ! The girl shouldn't have a single follower...

  6. a very good write-up aayu babes. and welcome back to blogspot.

    but seriously how could people lack ethics and morals. shame on that bloody plagiarist.

  7. aayushi, this is to inform you, i commented on that girl's post(copied) showing my disgust towards plagiarism. she has of course deleted my comment but have commented back on my blog post saying she has put that post on her blog after taking prior permission from her fried. weird no? :/ :x

  8. @ Shariq,
    Thanks a lot! And well, losers can get a life.

    @ Preetilata,
    HIIIIE Preeee! I didn't know you still blogged, sweets. <3
    Thanks a lot! I feel good to be back.

    And hahaha, she asked me whether she could copy? Then, why'd she have to copy it so stealthily, and change names and all? Such a prick. Just shows her ignorance and well, lack of creativity too.

  9. Wo... that was bloody powerful..!! lovely words.. each ripping emotions.. nice work.. loved it thoroughly.. reminded me the song from metallica- turn the page..!!! wow again :)

    n ya.. lovely blog..n am following :)
    drop a visit to my blog too..


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  11. Plagiarism makes me sick. I don't understand why someone would do that. Write your own stuff!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Hey that was something out of the world girl! Words perfectly placed and emotions radiantly laid down.

  13. aww.. the story was great, i remembered a girl named reshma in the movie MURDER 2...

    about the plagiarist, its so lame of her..

    nice one crystal.

  14. @ Supernick,
    HELLOOO And wellllcoooooome :D
    Thank you, thank you SO much!
    And whoa, I love Metallica and I have heard it :D
    You're too kind. Thanks a TON! Ima visit your blog soon. xx :)

    @ Bonnie,
    Probably 'cos they are deprived of the talent to write, and are too talented when it comes to stealing.

  15. @ Red handed,
    Gee ! Thanks a ton. =)

    @ Kharren,
    Oh yesss ! There are so many stories revolving around such issues.
    Thanks a lot, love.
    And yes, she is hideously lame indeed.

    @ Confused Soul,
    You know what? You confuse me.
    Firstly, who is this friend of yours? Give me his link NOW.
    You seek permission from a supposed FRIEND of yours and conveniently post his/her write up and call it YOUR OWN and also take APPRECIATION for it. GOD, You're a prick. It is VERY much mine, and your friend and you, both disgust me. More than offended I am hurt. Someone puts in labour into composing something and all you do is Right click+Copy+Paste and change a few things here and there stupidly. HOW VERY SMART! You annoy me, big time.
    YOU should take care. Seriously! And your alleged 'friend' too.
    And you're not forgiven. Won't be.

  16. @ Confused soul,
    I know you're apologetic and everything, but it was really really offensive. Thanks for putting it off.

  17. You know what.. I know it is offensive and maybe if I was in your place I'd have reacted the same way. PLEASE TRUST ME I didn't know it was yours to post.. And the dude is off my FB LIST ... As for the credits, I didn't take any.. I had told the author of the competition it's from a friend.. I'm sorry and you can go through a blog.. Google search..do whatever... I have always posted my stuff..and he just wanted to win.. Anyways he was just an acquaintance.. and the minute you told me twas yours, it was off my blog.. Sorry.. And it's your call to forgive or not.. But something I did unintentionally.. Can't you let it go? That's all I have to say! God bless! Peace. :)

  18. I would like to do that ! But you deleting your comments gives me a wrong hint too. And I want the name of your friend.

  19. Beautifully Described !

    yes Prostitution is Inhuman...and Plagarism is not ethical too..you did the right thing by publishing about it..such people dont deserve to be forgiven..

  20. Beautifully Described !

    yes Prostitution is Inhuman...and Plagarism is not ethical too..you did the right thing by publishing about it..such people dont deserve to be forgiven..

  21. @ Mishi,
    Thanks a ton.
    And welcome to my blog, hun :)

    andd, i do agree with you. Its not just me, plagiarism could happen to anyone of us. :s

  22. The Name was Aman Kishore..FB.. And the reason I deleted my comments was coz of all the hate comments flying by.. :( I have publicly apologised to you on my blog too.. don't get any wrong ideas :)

  23. Even if he copied your post, you should have first asked him.
    This is just my opinion but humiliating someone publicly is not a very good thing.

    I would have done the same if someone did that to my stuff but if we think on that we really shouldn't humiliate someone like that.

    You could have just asked him directly or something?

    But well may be you've done the right thing too. And I can assure you that anyone would have done the same thing. So OK.

    May be next time. :)

  24. @ Confused Soul,
    Hmmm .. I don't know anyone with that name. The whole circle really annoyed me. anyway, its okay! Its nice of you to delete the post.

    @ Daniyal,
    Firstly , welcome welcome :)
    And I know, you get ideas of me being malicious and revengeful when I do such things but i was in ABSOLUTE shock when I came across this. Hence, the irritation, frustration coming out. I know, I could act more mature but your compositions being stolen et al. It really, really hurt! Understand :)
    And oh, are my tags funny? Hahah.
    I really wish you'd commented on the article too :)

  25. Well now what can I say! Sorry again.. Now don't wanna spam your comments section.. Another request pls don't humiliate me like this publicly.. What happened was not even my fault! Really! It would be nice of you to take it off.. And I've done all I can to make it up to you, now I have nothing else to do. Thanks!

  26. Well. Done.
    Please, please don't ever do this again. That is ALL I can say.

  27. Your blog's layout confused me a little - At first I thought that the story is on different post, that is why I commented about the last paragraph (I thought it was on another post) and that is why I thought your tags are funny.
    I mean your put "prostitution" tag on a post telling everyone that your post was stolen :P.

    I am not saying that what you've done is wrong, I'm just saying that I feel like it is wrong to publicize someone's mistake, sin or the injustice he/she has done.

    I don't know if you believe in God or not but I read this quote long ago(Mainly from the Holy Quran)
    "You cloak someone's sin and God will Cloak yours"
    (Probably I wrote it wrong but you get the meaning)

    Now I've read the story and it is awesome. and for a moment made me think that these type of various cases happen each and every day.

    Hundreds of souls die with shame everyday.
    Hundreds of minds go insane.
    And this is the world in which we reside.
    And Those innocent souls are going to die - May be today - or - tonight.

    Thank You for writing such an awesome article :).
    You can ignore any of my opinion if you don't like it.

  28. i do respect your opinion, Daniyal ! I do respect you for writing it too :)
    And hahaha you really lost me there when you said the tags confused you. NOW I get it!

    and I do adhere to what the Holy Quran says. BUT you should try and understand how I felt. When you compose something, you put tons of effort, love, dedication in it and when you see it redistributed like this it twinges like NOTHING else. I have removed the part criticizing CS but I realllly don't think I had a way out! I was impulsive and felt immensely angry .. and please feel free to say whatever you wish.
    Anyway, lets give this topic a break.

    And I reaally liked the latter part of your comment. Very honest and beautiful.
    And trust me, it is better to have critics than flatterers :) I respect it. Thanks a lot.

  29. This is just amazing.
    it left me speechless. You have penned it all down so beautifully! it's so touching, so sad..
    I loved it totally!
    You write so well :)

  30. This is very, very nicely written:)

    However, I would like to add on that prostitution has also scratched the souls of those girls who walk into this field out of no choice. Poverty and the burden of responsibility towards family makes a woman do anything. Even sell her body and and let her soul ripped off every single night.

    I love how you put forward your thoughts :)

  31. @Priyanka: I don't think that Prostitution is the only way ever. It is just a bit easier way but not very easy for a person who has a bit of pride. Forced Prostitution is a very different case, in it, you're forced to give in.
    But doing it willingly is not very acceptable by the rules of our soul.
    And the rules of God, which we abide by.

    There is always a way when there is a pure will and a an utter desire to acquire it. - And the way is what you choose, It can be the way of the ones who did the good - or - The way of the ones who did the wrong.

    The choice is always yours - You're never forced.

  32. @ Philo,
    Thank you SO much. You're very, very kind. Love :]

    @ Priyanka,
    Gracias :]
    Mmmm. A lot are duped into participating. Most break free, tragically, a lot don't.
    However, most have a choice. Selling your body off is morally incorrect.

    @ Daniyal,
    Check the list. A lot of them are of women who had no choice. But I do agree with you, doing it willingly DESPITE having other options is the worst crime, ever.
    You're not just an avid reader, but an avid commentator too! Lol :D

  33. I feel like that on many occasions. An Avid Mango. But Mangoes Died a few months ago :')

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  35. if men are allowed to express their emotions, the most natural way - i had a drop of tear in my eyes as i read the last line.

  36. crystal,
    change the URL in the soul sister column just turned it to


    and you have an option for that, just discovered..! :P :)

  37. It was a very strong post, must say. The characters, the story line, the issue...everything was beautifully expressed.
    Good work! :)

  38. Thank you for your comment :)
    I have done a follow up :)

  39. Love your style. There is something very daring about it. Touches the heart. Forces you to think. Excellent topic. Glad to get to read your words. And I mean that. :-)

  40. @ Sawan,

    @ Suvaiba,
    Okaa babiiies :P

    @ Vinati,
    Thanks a ton. <3

    @ Philo,
    Oh yaaaay! Checking it out in a moment.

    @ Zeba,
    That's a HUGE compliment considering how well you write. <3

  41. Brilliantly written...
    thoroughly enjoyed it and it was captivating !!!
    Good job ..

  42. Superb Crystal! It almost feels like you actually met this woman and she narrated her story to you...and the missing details lets the reader to make his/ her own interpretations...

  43. Thank you Sugar Cube!

    Thanks alot lot , Siddhartha. That was the intention :)

  44. Prostitution is inhuman, no doubt about it. everyday, many women, adolescent girls are thrown into this profession and made to earn for people. so unfortunate. Curse it is.

  45. This one's as good as something can ever get! Wow! Seriously, Wow!

  46. Bingo ! One look @ the title and I was so lost in the post ! A strong article decorated with a hint of sympathy and haplessness. I so loved it ! Words keep flowing in your posts, not allowing reader to go away :) Let me dig what more you have got in the store ;)

  47. @ Richa,
    Ditto ditto.

    @ Anuranjini,
    Gratias gratias gratias !

    @ Strange,
    Thank you thank you! That's a huge compliment!

  48. plagiarism, what is this all about Aayu ? I need to know, I know you must've told this story so many times but juts this once, do it for me too. I so want to know.

    And And And this write-up is one of ts kind, Your intricate detailing always paints a picture and prostitution seriously is heinous. I'm so full of pity for this character right now. My heart goes out to her.


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